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Bendi is the last iPad stand you'll need, and it works wherever and whenever you do! Read more

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Bendi is the last iPad stand you'll need, and it works wherever and whenever you do!

About this project

Bendi is an iPad stand exactly like no other stand, and the only one you’ll need. Bendi works wherever you want it to work: on a table, on your desk, in the car, or even on a plane. It even works with all the major tablets, not just the iPad.

Bendi allows you to position your iPad however you want. We use a strong suction device to hold your iPad. Bendi is equipped with a bendable arm, allowing you to move Bendi exactly how you want. All parts for Bendi are manufactured in the United States. In essence, Bendi puts your iPad exactly where you want it, all the time.

Bendi will have many optional attachments, such as a window suction cup, and magnetic base. Attaching Bendi to a surface using the clamp is effortless, and with the magnetic base, it's even easier! 

Bendi ships with a desk clamp for most everyday use. We also use 1/4" threads on Bendi, to work with any of your 1/4" accessories. The base of the arm attaches to the desk clamp, magnetic base, or even a tripod. At the top of the arm, you have the option of removing the suction cup, and attaching any 1/4" device in place!

Bendi is compatible with iPad, iPad 2, HP TouchPad, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, Eee Slate, and Galaxy Tab (both generations).


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