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Your pledge helps put Erica Leigh's heartfelt music in the hands of all those whom it was MEANT FOR... including YOU! :-)
Your pledge helps put Erica Leigh's heartfelt music in the hands of all those whom it was MEANT FOR... including YOU! :-)
147 backers pledged $8,106 to help bring this project to life.

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      Craig & Nancy Monson on March 27, 2012

      Go Erica !! Mimi and I are very,'very proud of you. It's nice to see how well you are doing and we predict that "puzzle heart'" will be a big seller for you. It is very interesting how your career in being a singer/songwriter parallels that of Celine Dion..About a year ago we watched an hour long video about Celine's career and were amazed in the similarity of your career journeys. Wish you best of luck. All our love,Mimi & Bumpa , Sugar & Spice xoxoxoxo

    2. Missing avatar

      Cathy Stenquist on March 27, 2012

      We are so very proud of you Erica! Congratulations! We cannot wait to get our copy and see where this takes you! All our Love, Mom, Dad, Camille and Angel xoxoxoxo

    3. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Sweetser on March 6, 2012

      I've always been a fan -happy to share alittle support! Can't wait to hear the finished project!
      Heartfelt wishes for success! Cyn-Dee

    4. Missing avatar

      Amy Hickey on February 29, 2012

      Erica, Congratulations on this album. Can't wait to hear it!
      Best of Luck!
      The Hickey Family (Brian, Amy, Conlon and Caitlin)

    5. Erica Leigh Creator on February 20, 2012

      Thank you Peter! how nice I hope so! I really appreciate the vote of confidence! :-) best to you!

    6. Peter Hollens on February 20, 2012

      Hey Erica! Lisa sent me your way, I'm a fellow struggling musician, and I just had to leave you a comment and tell you how much I enjoy your tone... It's beautiful! You will easily make your goal. I'm guessing a total pledge of around 9k. YOU GO GIRL!

    7. Cathy Georgallas on February 15, 2012

      I remember after your first Over the Top concert I asked you for your autograph. I knew you were destined to become a star. Good Luck. I can't wait to hear the album.

    8. Erica Leigh Creator on February 14, 2012

      Thank you Sarah & Dana! Well, you guys are the reason why I am able to follow my dreams and try to do amazing things- your support makes me feel so hopeful. I can't wait to have this album finished so I can book tons of gigs and finally re-connect face to face with awesome people like you! :-) Gee, holliston alumni sure know how to represent! haha! THANKS!

    9. Dana Evernden on February 14, 2012

      Erica, you're fantastic!! Can't wait to attend one of your upcoming gigs in the Boston area!

    10. Missing avatar

      Sarah Lewis on February 14, 2012

      Good luck Erica, we all know you will do amazing things! Keep it up :)

    11. Erica Leigh Creator on February 14, 2012

      Thank you gentlemen! Sharing my music and feeling your support is the most meaningful experience of my lifetime... I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all the support! Day One WOOOHOOO! they should call this kick-butt-er because you are helping kick some serious butt! Thank you THANK YOU! love you both!

    12. Mark Stenquist on February 14, 2012

      I'm with Cam on this one. Best of luck with your fundraising!

    13. Cameron Femino on February 14, 2012

      ERICA! Your such an amazing human, it has been a pleasure to watch your musical journey... PLEASE don't ever stop!