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A dark satire about an albino man using vandalism and journalism to change his world while evading his fanatically religious siblings!
A dark satire about an albino man using vandalism and journalism to change his world while evading his fanatically religious siblings!
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Bonus Time!

Posted by Eric Adams (Creator)

Greetings, humans!

After a few months imprisonment in my Scrutiny Chamber, all LACKLUSTER WORLD story pages are done, done, DONE. Drawn, quartered, drawn and quartered, inked, lettered, edited, re-edited, re-re-edited, and I dare say, perfected. I've been over every word, panel, and page innumerable times and they have passed the Eric Adams Seal-of-Approval.

Here is a photo of that Seal:


Alright, so, the story may be done, but I do have one thing left to finish, but it's a minor thing: Bonus material.

A lot of it is already done, too. What remains is just two pieces:

  • 1. Find and scan more old character sketches and concept art from my files.
  • 2. Write a short essay about the influences and origins of LACKLUSTER WORLD.

It's fun and terrifying to look through your old work. Check out these amazing masterpieces from 2003 & 2004!


Yeah, I know. I was exaggerating. They are neither amazing nor masterpieces, but I think they are cool to see and I hope you'll think so, too. It's funny how so many years later this stuff looks stylistically identical to the final product. Just look at what I mean:




Alright, maybe things did evolve over time. And, that's really the point of including bonus material. This book is likely to be the final statement I ever make on these characters and it just wouldn't be complete if their origins and history weren't included.

By the way, you just read the fancy new cold-open of the LACKLUSTER WORLD collection! For those of you that have read LACKLUSTER WORLD in issue form, exhume your copies of #1 from your longboxes and compare. I hope you will agree the time to upgrade this work was worth it in the end.

While you do that, I'm going to work on that essay I mentioned. I actually would be working on it right now, but I remembered, Oh, I did a Kickstarter all those years ago. We were all so young and innocent and full of life and optimistic about our bright, shining futures back then. Those disappointed people deserve an update.

So, there you have it. The Update has happened. The next one will be the big Good News one and won't be far off.


-Eric Adams

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Peal on

      Hey there. We’re approaching the end of the year. Think we can get an update on what’s going on?

    2. Sean Pace on

      Is everything all right? Just checking in as haven't heard anything in a while.

    3. Joshua Koerner on

      So over sixty days ago the main body of the book was DONE, and there was only one MINOR function, that of preparing the bonus material. That consists of 1. a short essay and 2.finding and scanning early material. As far as the essay is concerned, it should be done in an hour.. It doesn't have to be drawn, inked, colored, corrected, redrawn. You type words, they appear, essay done.

      As far as finding and scanning early material, OK, take a month. Give us whatever you can find in a month, scan, scan all night if you have to, but scan in a day, two tops. Done.

      This should have been in our hands October 1st at the latest. Instead, another broken promise.

    4. Bethany Morse

      This is great news! Props to you for keeping at it and reaching this point. Thanks for not abandoning this project. I am sure the wait will have been worth it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Katrina Boehmer on

      Congratulations ERIC!!! So very happy you are almost finished!