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theOUTlet doubles the amount of outlets where you need them, when you need them, with the simple push of a button!
theOUTlet doubles the amount of outlets where you need them, when you need them, with the simple push of a button!
theOUTlet doubles the amount of outlets where you need them, when you need them, with the simple push of a button!
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    1. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Tim Beevers,

      We don't mind eating the cost if it makes the product meet standards and maintains high levels of reliability. Now it's just narrowing it down to a design that meets those specs! We're looking into winding details like what you've mentioned, different classes, potting cups, etc...Leaving no stone un-turned!

    2. Tim Beevers on

      Sorry for your loss;)
      Sounds like you need a more efficient transformer. Finer wire, tighter winding, more reluctant core: more expensive :(

    3. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Stephen Thompson,
      Definitely don't hold it against you for sharing that feedback. We too wish that the project had been delivered a long time ago. That being said we have continued to keep our focus and push through all of the road blocks we've run into, while being as transparent as possible with all of our backers. Right now we are close to getting ETL approval, which is our last major step before production. Based on leadtimes for production materials, production queues, and shipping we hope to have a small quantity of units in the U.S. before the end of the year. As we get additional information on what quantities and dates we can achieve we will continue to share with all of you. Again we thank you for the patience and understanding.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stephen Thompson on

      Just read the latest update and while it seems the project is moving forward it's not clear _when_ we can expect to actually have the product in hand.

      Simply put, am I going to have product in hand this year? I don't really enjoy having to give this feedback but I have to tell you I'm extremely disappointed by the realization of this project.

    5. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello @King Heiple,
      I just resent you a survey through BackerKit, which is where you can enter your shipping address. Please let us know if you don't receive it or need additional help.

    6. Missing avatar

      King Heiple

      How do I change my shipping address?

    7. Missing avatar

      Nash on

      I believe all the backers understand the challenges of starting a company. The problem we see is that this product would become outdated by the time we get it. As we are already seeing many similar addons on top of existing outlets... hoping you guys find a better strategy to delivering backers by region basis. Good luck.

    8. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello @Chris Friedrichs,

      We regret to hear the negative sentiment you’re sharing but understand the frustration. Please keep in mind that we are Kickstarting a company not just a product. We are in this for the long run and theOUTlet™ is how we are getting our start. Starting a company, inventing a product, and manufacturing something that has never been made before is no small task. The efforts we are applying to filing international patents are not distracting our efforts from development on theOUTlet™. As mentioned in some of the other comments we’re working hard to ensure theOUTlet™ is a reliable high quality product that we can ship to all of our North American backers as well as future customers around the world (because we clearly aren’t spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to ship solely to the number of backers we have in Kickstarter). We are submitting regular updates to keep everyone informed and are being transparent about everything that happens, as it happens.


      We are on the same page with everyone that wishes this product had shipped sooner. We want it more than anyone…That being said, we sought support on Kickstarter to raise funds and gage interest from the general public. We have proven that there is demand and raised a small portion of the money we’re spending on development to help along the way. We look forward to getting product into your home and many others but continue to ask for your patience as we continue our startup development process.


      theOUTlet™ Team

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Friedrichs on

      This is the never ending story of BS.

      I ordered these while I was still in the architect/planning phase of building my new house (Jan '16). In the meantime, we finalized plans(Feb 16), got a permit(Mar 16), built the house (Mar-Dec 16), and moved in 8 months ago.

      Instead of worrying about filing patents in 7 countries, how about you worry about actually delivering a product in the U.S. where I'm sure most of your backers are located?

    10. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello @Joseph Ours,
      We're pushing things along as quickly as feasible as we have been throughout the project. We've obviously hit a few bumps in the road (big ones in some cases) but we've been transparent about all of them with our backers. We're trying to post updates every 2 weeks to keep you informed of what's happening and why some of the delays are taking place. With product being tested by ETL there are very few steps left before we can start manufacturing and shipping. We're getting close so hang in there!

    11. Joseph Ours on

      So when is this going to ship? At this point, I leaning to asking for a refund.

    12. Eric Forti Creator on

      @ Kyle Michelle Jones, Thanks for the "plug"!

    13. Kyle Michelle Jones on

      As a backer and close friend of Jeff and Eric, I am amazed how this product went from discussions around the poker table, to samples and prototypes, and now I have actually seen a working version!! I was over at Jeff's house on Friday night and watched him take it out of the packaging and install it into his kitchen. I've never been so excited to see an iPhone charge in my life! I'm so happy for both of you!! Plus, I cannot wait to receive my own.

    14. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Philip Silva
      Thank you for the positive feedback! We understand that there is frustration about the delays we're experiencing, but are also appreciative for the understanding from backers like yourself. Creating a brand new product from the ground up certainly has its challenges! We can't wait to deliver theOUTlet to all of you and continue to grow our little startup company.

      Keep an eye out for our next update posting soon :)

    15. Philip Silva on

      I just want to give a shout out to the creators for continuing to push on and keep everyone updated. Creating brand new stuff is hard. I have backed a bunch of other projects where the creators just gave up, stopped communicating, and disappeared. I applaud the effort and look forward to eventually enjoying the product. I believe they will eventually deliver.

    16. Eric Forti Creator on

      Thank you for offering up a creative solution to @David's concerns! We're certainly open to a win-win compromise if you two are able to come to an agreement. Happy to help where it makes sense.

      Regarding the factory and tooling dollars (without getting into too much detail) the factory was very honorable in handling the situation. We couldn't have asked for a much better turnout in that regard. They clearly believe in theOUTlet and want it to be successful as well. They've put a lot of time and resources into this product. As far as how much of the product is still left to be refined we believe that we're in the home stretch. The last design change they suggested was on a call this morning and it will be done by the end of the week (so definitely not a big change).

      Our impression is that we're getting into the very minor tweaks and we don't have any more major changes. Once we get into functional & ETL testing that will be the determining factor. We are planning to test theOUTlet well beyond what some of the ETL standards require so that we're extremely confident in its performance.

      Hope this answers your questions but if not feel free to continue the dialogue and we'll fill in the blanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Shep on

      How many did you back? I think I backed 2-3 of the USB guys, I have since realized I have more spots to put them in. I might be interested in buying your pledge off you, so long as @Eric is cool with that.

      In addition to paragraph above, random question that you may have answered before, I don't recall what it was though:

      The manufacturer is requesting a LOT of retooling, design tweaks, etc. For the first design you guys have made (if that's even right, might not be), this is very much expected. What I am wondering though is the financials of that. Is the factory footing some of the cost, or does it all fall on your hands? I would hope the factory is at least bearing a sizable percentage of this. After all, if they are truly interested in a profit, they will want to produce, rather than haggle over details for a few months.

      Also wondering if there's any insight to how much of the design is still to be refined. Are these changes major, minor, somewhere in between, niceties even? I'd imagine the changes get less and less "major" as they are made, what I am not sure about is how much more refining is to be done.

    18. David Speicher on

      I can send pictures of outlets with USB all ready done. I do not need these now. Learning that these products take a year. If you need them sooner then figure something else out. Thank you but refund as do not need now.

    19. Eric Forti Creator on

      @David Speicher,
      As covered in our previous messages together, we are working hard every day to bring theOUTlet to life with the best design possible and have been communicating our struggles and successes along the way to all of our backers.

      At this time, we are not offering refunds. All of the funds collected have been used, as promised, to fund the tooling and other project expenses. We know you will love theOUTlet as much as we do when you receive your order in the coming months.

      theOUTlet Team

    20. David Speicher on

      Please refund money as my remodel is done and will not be needing these as I bought wall plugs with USB. Thank you.

    21. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Scott Levey, We're sorry to hear that you haven't been receiving our updates. The last update we sent was posted 6 days ago. I've posted a link below for easy reference. We're trying to post updates roughly every two weeks. Perhaps the emails are going to your spam trap?

    22. Scott Levey

      Any news... It has been almost a month>?

    23. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Shep, Thanks for all of the positive feedback. We're trying hard to be transparent and have backed our share of projects that didn't do a great job with updates. So we're setting our own standard!

      As far as the 20A version we do plan to make both a USB and non-USB version. The tricky part with the 20A will be the TR modules. Technically they aren't a requirement for commercial applications, but we're not sure how we'll handle that in the design and testing. The prongs on a 20A take up more space in the housing and are more complex. That's part of why we're waiting until we get some more funds raised after we start shipping to get professional design help.

      Have a great holiday and New Year!

    24. Missing avatar

      Shep on

      Echoing Kent's viewpoint -- regular updates, even with zero progress made, make for happy backers. Of all the projects I've backed that I haven't received yet (about 50%), The Outlet is the one that is doing the best job of keeping everyone in the loop. It is good to see the continual progress (and yes, even setbacks) that your team is facing as this product progresses.

      That being said, you guys have done a great job of that already. Scrolling back through the list of updates, you have an almost spot-on average of two updates per month since funding was successful. (If you count May 31st as a June update however, it is exactly twice a month.) That's a great benchmark to try and maintain as this project progresses.

      This 20A version you mention, will it too come in a dual USB configuration? Only backed the 3x Dual USB tier, would like to pick some more up once they're on shelves, but I could hold out if a 20A version is made :-)

    25. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Patrick Renfro,
      We've already designed the 20A version but next steps would be to apply the tweaks we've made to the 15A and get ready for tooling. Since we'll be waiting on tooling until we've got funds coming in from the 15A we've haven't progressed the 20A too much further. It's in the lineup though!

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrick Renfro on

      Thanks for the update and looking forward to the final product! Have you been developing the 20 amp version as well?

    27. Eric Forti Creator on

      @Kent Jones, Thanks for both the advice and the support. We struggled with waiting for the update and in hindsight agree with your advice. We should have posted an update to keep everyone in the loop. We'll not repeat that mistake again!

    28. Kent Jones on

      @Eric Forti, It's a bit disappointing that we won't be able to enjoy such an awesome product for a few more months but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

      If I can give any advice on keeping your backers happy it would be to continue giving updates and keeping us engaged even if there isn't much to update on.

      Good luck! Can't wait till January.

    29. Eric Forti Creator on

      David Speicher, thank you for the feedback on the packaging! On the left side of the front panel we've included images of an electrical plug and of a USB plug along with the numbers of each port included. For your recommendation about colors would you suggest that this section contain different colors vs. just the green shades on the boxes?

    30. David Speicher on

      I would have the usb ones that either accent the usb part of the package or have it in a different color such as red

    31. Elles

      Congratulations Eric..good job. I'm really looking forward to this, it's such a great idea and looks to be a great product. Good luck!

    32. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello Kirk,
      Thanks for all the feedback! The Shark Tank thing is tempting but we need to figure out if it makes sense for us, and if so when! For the plates we've got a unique challenge in that the front prongs actually go through our faceplates vs standard faceplates that go around the plugs. Because of this, our plastic material will likely need to be a fire rated material (like the rest of the plastics in our design). This will limit our options, but also ensure that our design is as safe as possible. We'll review the materials available within the V0 category and ensure that we pick the most useful one for our applications. Your comments about sanding and painting are definitely something we'll be keeping in mind.

    33. Kirk P

      I re-read your campaign. Considering color, we were directed by our architect when we built our house to buy the bakelite face plates. They can be lightly sanded and spray-paint primed then painted with the room color or wallpapered likewise. The bakelite ones are harder to find now because "everyone" wants nylon, but the nylon ones don't paint up as well. We never painted the outlet or switch itself but that just makes it easier to recognized since you can't find the face plate. I trust your face plates will be paintable.

    34. Kirk P

      If you make it to Shark Tank, let us know the broadcast date.
      I think your project may benefit a little from the ST exposure, even if you do leave "hat in hand" rather than doing cart wheels. An investment of $400K would be nice; after that you probably need a contract with one of the hardware chains for a couple 100K units. You should be the Pop-Outlet Kings on Shark Tank.

    35. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello Scott Levey,
      theOUTlet is not currently designed to fit into 2 or 3 gang boxes. Ganging theOUTlet didn't make sense to us because opening two side by side would create conflicts with all of the plugs. We've thought about having theOUTlet fit into a 2 gang box with a regular switch, but as soon as we enable ganging, people can gang theOUTlet together as well. We're brainstorming on how to accomplish this flexibility without causing issues. Any input you've got around this would be helpful!

    36. Scott Levey

      Are there any plans to make it gang able?

    37. Eric Forti Creator on

      Richard C, absolutely!

    38. Richard C

      Will the USB port charge my Apple iPad?

    39. Elles

      Actually I disagree with the comment by Matthew Cornelisse. I have many ways to use a USB outlet, and do not want to use these outlets with a USB..they are going into a hard to reach place, one where I could use an extra outlet.. not able to reach with USB. I think there is more use for your OUTLET without USB.. esp if they are not fast chargers

    40. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello Elles,
      Thanks for the congratulations! We're pretty excited too

      theOUTlet can fit into boxes of different materials that are the proper size. We just showed a plastic box because they're significantly easier to cut open! We followed your discussion on Facebook with John (the electrician). He mentioned that theOUTlet won't fit into a "handy box" (and that not much else does either). Here's a reference to a handy box on Home Depot site: You can see that they are VERY small boxes. On the other hand, as John mentioned, there are typically larger metal boxes installed in big apartment buildings that our product would fit into. Here's an example of one of those as well:

      Please let us know if you have more questions!

    41. Elles

      Congratulations on being funded. I am glad. Does this have to go in plastic wall box as you show, or does it also fit into metal standard box already in wall? Thanks

    42. Eric Forti Creator on

      Matthew, thank you for your insights. The 20A USB version is the next one on our engineering roadmap. And your USB C comments are well noted :)

    43. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello Brian, Kickstarter has been very successful for us and we are very pleased with the outcome and support :) The 20A and GFCI are already in engineering, but we have not decided yet if they will be launched on Kickstarter or directly to retail.

      We hope they will be on Kickstarter, but I can't tell you for sure just yet

    44. Matthew Cornelisse on

      Let me know when you have a 20a USB version. Would like to install in the kitchen island.

      May I suggest after initial offering it may not be worth offering a USB and non USB version. You could keep less designs and considering it is already 10 times the cost of a 15a plug spending a little more for USB just makes sense. Especially if you make it with 2 jacks. A USB 3 and usb C. USB C is going to be the next big thing but few plugs offer it yet.

    45. Missing avatar

      Brian P. on

      Thanks @Creator for your response. Do you think the GFCI and 20A will be additional Kickstarters?

    46. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello Robert, yes, you did it correctly and good for you on grabbing the special (lower) pricing on the higher tier in the process. :) We are noting your account with your free OUTlet's.

      theOUTlet team

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert ReGester

      Hopefully I have upgraded correctly. I switched from 3 to 5 units.

    48. Grant-Michael Huber

      Never mind. Found the answer

    49. Grant-Michael Huber

      How would I install a theOutlet?

    50. Eric Forti Creator on

      Hello Richard,
      We just created a quick image to help walk through the upgrade process (the instructions we provided are actually from Kickstarter themselves, so apologies if they weren't clear). Here is an image to help walk through this:

      Per your question about upgrading, yes you would need to upgrade to a higher package to take advantage of the free unit offer this weekend. So if you're currently at the 3 pack you would need to upgrade to a 5 pack or higher.

      Happy to help with any other questions, just let us know if you've got more!

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