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With the Epiphany onE Puck, your phone will never die again. This compact heat engine will simplify your life and benefit the world!
With the Epiphany onE Puck, your phone will never die again. This compact heat engine will simplify your life and benefit the world!
1,175 backers pledged $132,739 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. AlkalineCandy on May 11

      Some decent honesty would be nice!

    2. Topher on April 29

      What steps have other people taken with this project? I've seen some action from folks in the US. Any backers from Canada have any suggestions on next steps?

    3. Missing avatar

      Doug H on April 27

      Please refund us all; this is getting really sad.

    4. Tony Vu on April 18

      Almost three years later... what's going on guys?

    5. Missing avatar

      David M. Ihnat on March 25

      I gave them too much time. I, too, demand a refund.

    6. Topher on March 14

      Funded April 2013... we're coming up on the grand anniversary of one of my all-time worst KS projects. Can't wait to continue to receive no communication, no refund, and no product.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shawn Rothrock on February 29

      Please refund my money.

    8. Jon Steel on February 21

      Where is my refund ? I signed the petition and this company needs to refund the backers or deal with a a criminal complaint. Do the right thing and refund your backers NOW.

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin Gerstenberger on February 4

      I have neither received any reply to my communication nor any refund or even product. This is so sad and annoying! I signed the petitions and responded to the newspaper article. Shame on you at Epiphany.

    10. Mark Nordlund on January 27

      I have not received a refund either. Signed petition

    11. Missing avatar

      Satoru Tankyo on December 25

      You have an obligation to respond to the refund. Take the early refund.

    12. Missing avatar

      Charles Syms on December 19

      Signed the petition, refund please

    13. Missing avatar

      alexander haven on December 9

      Signed the petition, I want a refund.

    14. Heri Sim on November 18, 2015

      What's your US Patent Office number? Don't mean to be rude, but I really think you are a fellon.

    15. MIkeal St. Ayre on November 15, 2015

      At this point, I would agree, and state that a refund is desired. Sadly, I expect no more than vapor.

    16. Bianca Fliss on November 15, 2015

      For the records: I want a refund as well.

      Who has managed to get refunded? Which steps did you take? What can I do to get a refund when I am not an US citizen? I am thankful for all leads. It's been long enough. I want my money back.

    17. Missing avatar

      sufiya on November 13, 2015

      Signed the Petition. I want to state here that I need the refund of the money I backed.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ernest Allred on November 10, 2015

      Refund for everyone. Nothing to show from this project.

    19. Casper Wong on November 4, 2015

      Refund, give me back my money.

    20. Betsy Lipes on October 23, 2015

      Signing the petition. I want a refund.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Feng on October 15, 2015

      Signed the petition as well and would also like to state I would like my money back.

    22. Summer Vale on October 11, 2015

      Just signed the Petition. I also note here for the record that I want my money back NOW.

    23. Rob on October 11, 2015

      Please refund my $130 US$ thanks.

    24. Missing avatar

      Satoru Tankyo on September 16, 2015

      Update information if you really develop a product!
      Otherwise, you're a cheater.

    25. John on August 21, 2015

      @Tracey Tayor - great work on driving that article!! I'd like to officially ask for a refund as well, just for the record! :)

    26. Tracey Taylor on August 20, 2015

      Still, pharmac, if he doesn't deliver on the project promise, he is obligated to refund his backers.

    27. pharmac on August 19, 2015

      NIce article, great that his words have been published. Would make it a better case with the AG that he is willing to refund. Problem is his phrase "as long as it takes" ie., "as soon as I want to". There is no miracle, there is no advanced technology, there is no flash of inspiration. What there is not worth printing here. Next I expect to hear how his plans were stolen, that there was a fire, that the prototype mysteriously disappeared, that he is being hounded by power companies to keep this product suppressed....

    28. Chad on August 15, 2015

      I've messaged him on Facebook and through his company contact, no replies.

      Good luck in contacting him.

      Keep filing complaints through KS, his district attorney and his BBB

    29. The Psion on August 13, 2015

      Article on page 27:

      Does anyone have Tom Joseph's e-mail? He said he's refunding about 25 people who have e-mailed him. I'm sure many more have been contacting him, but I want to try this latest avenue to get my money back from this scam.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ethan on August 2, 2015

      One question...... Why isn't Kickstarter the one pushing these things through to the FTC? Why is it left to the backers?

    31. Missing avatar

      Ethan on August 2, 2015

      Better head for the Bahamas Tommy........the Feds are coming, the Feds are coming!

    32. John on August 1, 2015

      @Scott Alan Sumner I'm not aware of anything that has changed fundamentally in the USPO in the last 12 months, and like you, I've searched on ever variation I can think of to find any filings to no avail.
      I'm firmly in the "costs me nothing to lie to backers" camp.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Seely on August 1, 2015

      Money back or jail

    34. Scott Alan Sumner on August 1, 2015

      Interesting. Nothing on the USPTO site for this.

    35. Scott Alan Sumner on August 1, 2015

      It certainly is an approach. However, I'm going to simply ask for my money back. If that is ignored, I think that is telling.

    36. Jim Paterson on July 31, 2015

      I'm curious is this is Tommy's attempt to keep out of the Fed's cross hairs now that they are taking interest in projects that are scams....

    37. John on July 31, 2015

      Let's see those patent applications now that you are protected Tommy!

    38. James Bailey on July 31, 2015

      Guys don't let this post get your hopes up, this is just to try and put off action / lawsuit / bringing his other 'projects' at Epiphany into disrepute.

      I've made several posts before you can scroll down to in comments, but basically calling Epiphany a 'shirt company' is being kind. They have been doing the "give us money for future projects" rounds since at least 2008, with nothing to show in any area other than one solar demo model the cart around to shows.

      Things we know for sure:
      - The 'prototype' shown in the video is a battery, with no engine inside at all. I think they may have even said as much, but quick energy density calculations can prove it anyway.
      - All of Epiphany's "awards" are just "pay to be given a meal and award" nights.
      - People have visited their premises and can see no manufacturing at all, its just an office with a couple guys and a blackboard.
      - Filing for patent protection is a common excuse for not publishing details, but a basic 'stirling engine' has been around for 100 years, only 'efficiency tweaks' would be patentable and don't need to be shown in a demonstration . This also does not excuse zero communication.
      - All of their 'social media' presence was created with bots, click on any of their 'likes / subscribers' on twitter and such and you'll see they're all random accounts from foreign countries.
      - The "retired army general" who said he supports Epiphany has never heard of them and refuses all communication if it's about them.

      So whatever legal recourse you plan on taking, don't let this "update" slow you down at all. I wish I was in the USA and could contribute something more to help exposing the fraudsters.

    39. Missing avatar

      Bruce Panttaja on July 30, 2015

      Man, that was one expensive t shirt and sticker. It's a shame too because there are a lot of other KS projects I would support, but now they all look like a scam!

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