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With the Epiphany onE Puck, your phone will never die again. This compact heat engine will simplify your life and benefit the world!
With the Epiphany onE Puck, your phone will never die again. This compact heat engine will simplify your life and benefit the world!
1,175 backers pledged $132,739 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mark Nordlund 3 days ago

      Seemed like a good product and would use it but communication has been minimal

    2. GDC on March 9

      Still radio silence....

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan F. on December 29

      Its Dec. 2016 . Its 1½ year since your last message, where you last apologized for not updating us and promised change. You lied.. I respectfully ask for a refund.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lise on December 9

      Sadly, also a request for a refund

    5. Clint Lively on December 1

      Another request for a refund.....

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Anderson on November 27

      It would be great to sue them for this. Anyone want to for a group for action?

    7. Jason Lien on November 6

      Please refund me as well.

    8. Missing avatar

      ike on October 12

      I am willing to participate

    9. Chojin on September 25, 2016

      I am willing to partecipate, too, but I don't live in the USA

    10. Missing avatar

      Unrequited on September 22, 2016

      @Scott Allen Sumner I'm interested. Also sent a message to them with this link. We're all legally due refunds if we want:

    11. Sasha Albertini on August 25, 2016

      Willing to participate, but no longer live in the USA.

    12. Scott Alan Sumner (deleted) on August 23, 2016

      I'd like to start the process of determining if this meets the requirements for legal action. I've formally requested a list of backers so we can use them for potentially certifying. If you are interested, please post your willingness to participate.

    13. Chad Mercer
      on August 7, 2016

      I want the product, but since that's not happening, I want a refund.

    14. Rolf Schmid on July 22, 2016

      Refound, please!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kerry Casler on July 19, 2016

      Another request from me for a refund

    16. Chojin on June 13, 2016

      Refound, please!

    17. AlkalineCandy on May 11, 2016

      Some decent honesty would be nice!

    18. Topher on April 29, 2016

      What steps have other people taken with this project? I've seen some action from folks in the US. Any backers from Canada have any suggestions on next steps?

    19. Missing avatar

      Doug H
      on April 27, 2016

      Please refund us all; this is getting really sad.

    20. Tony Vu on April 18, 2016

      Almost three years later... what's going on guys?

    21. Missing avatar

      David M. Ihnat on March 25, 2016

      I gave them too much time. I, too, demand a refund.

    22. Topher on March 14, 2016

      Funded April 2013... we're coming up on the grand anniversary of one of my all-time worst KS projects. Can't wait to continue to receive no communication, no refund, and no product.

    23. Missing avatar

      Shawn Rothrock on February 29, 2016

      Please refund my money.

    24. Jon Steel on February 21, 2016

      Where is my refund ? I signed the petition and this company needs to refund the backers or deal with a a criminal complaint. Do the right thing and refund your backers NOW.

    25. Missing avatar

      Martin Gerstenberger on February 4, 2016

      I have neither received any reply to my communication nor any refund or even product. This is so sad and annoying! I signed the petitions and responded to the newspaper article. Shame on you at Epiphany.

    26. Mark Nordlund on January 27, 2016

      I have not received a refund either. Signed petition

    27. Missing avatar

      Satoru Tankyo on December 25, 2015

      You have an obligation to respond to the refund. Take the early refund.

    28. Missing avatar

      Charles Syms
      on December 19, 2015

      Signed the petition, refund please

    29. Missing avatar

      alexander haven on December 9, 2015

      Signed the petition, I want a refund.

    30. Heri Sim
      on November 18, 2015

      What's your US Patent Office number? Don't mean to be rude, but I really think you are a fellon.

    31. MIkeal St. Ayre on November 15, 2015

      At this point, I would agree, and state that a refund is desired. Sadly, I expect no more than vapor.

    32. Bianca Fliss on November 15, 2015

      For the records: I want a refund as well.

      Who has managed to get refunded? Which steps did you take? What can I do to get a refund when I am not an US citizen? I am thankful for all leads. It's been long enough. I want my money back.

    33. Missing avatar

      sufiya on November 13, 2015

      Signed the Petition. I want to state here that I need the refund of the money I backed.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ernest Allred
      on November 10, 2015

      Refund for everyone. Nothing to show from this project.

    35. Casper Wong
      on November 4, 2015

      Refund, give me back my money.

    36. Betsy Lipes
      on October 23, 2015

      Signing the petition. I want a refund.

    37. Robert Erlick
      on October 20, 2015

      Update, please!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Feng
      on October 15, 2015

      Signed the petition as well and would also like to state I would like my money back.

    39. Summer Vale on October 11, 2015

      Just signed the Petition. I also note here for the record that I want my money back NOW.

    40. Rob on October 11, 2015

      Please refund my $130 US$ thanks.

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