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A modern edition of the 19th century classic, with a digital library of shapes and dimensions.
A contemporary edition of Edwin Abbott's 1884 satirical classic, carefully designed with a visual appendix of new diagrams, and enclosed in a foil stamped hardcover slipcase.
Independently designed and published by Epilogue Press.
A contemporary edition of Edwin Abbott's 1884 satirical classic, carefully designed with a visual appendix of new diagrams, and enclosed in a foil stamped hardcover slipcase. Independently designed and published by Epilogue Press.
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    1. Stéfan Németh on

      Still not received my book, wrote to Epilogue Press emails here and on their webisite, still nothing. I was really excited for my Deluxe version...

    2. Epilogue Creator on

      @David, happy your book arrived, and noting your preference for a hardcover version. @Prof, thanks for the kind words, and glad it has reached Japan. @Adrien, @Andre, @Jean, @Stéfan, @Daermine, I've reached out to you individually to try to track down what is going on with your orders. Hope to resolve all these loose ends soon. @Raul, still working on the Library of Shapes, shooting for spring 2017 launch.

    3. Missing avatar

      Adrien Pritchard on

      Hi Chris! Hope all is well. I still haven't received my copy. Any updates?

      -Adrien :)

    4. Stéfan Németh on

      Hello Epilogue,

      first of all congratulations on the design and the printing production. I wanted to inform you, however, that I never received my deluxe edition of the book. I also wrote an email to Epilogue Press and never received a reply. I hope this will be addressed soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Grover on

      My book arrived yesterday! Yay! Thanks at last. Looks good but hardcover would have been desirable methinks.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jean Doctor on

      Hi, still waiting for a book and for a response to my previous comment. I also sent an email to Epilogue Press and never received a reply.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andres Ojeda on

      Haven't received my book yet.
      Andrés Ojeda
      Bogota, Colombia

    8. Missing avatar

      David Grover on

      I haven't heard anything still. Can you please reply to let me know what is happening. I donated to this project at the start.
      Dear Epilogue,
      I haven’t received my copy yet.
      Has something gone wrong?

      David Grover

    9. Missing avatar

      Adrien Pritchard on

      still patiently waiting for my copy... any updates?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jean Doctor on

      Hi there, I filled out my survey several weeks ago and still have not received my copy. Should I have received it by now? Thanks.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Grover on

      I haven't received my copy yet. Should it have arrived? thanks.

    12. Missing avatar

      Raul Pegan on


      I finished the book, great job with that. Part of the reason I backed this project is for the website. Did development stop?

    13. Missing avatar

      Daermine on


      My book hasn't arrived yet (in Switzerland). Has it been sent?


    14. Missing avatar

      Prof on

      Number 357 just arrived here in Japan. The book is so beautiful I didn't want to take the plastic off. Thanks for getting them out to us.

    15. Epilogue Creator on

      @ Reinhart, Oliver, Marcus, Felix and Sean: thank you for the kind words, and for supporting the project. We are so glad the books arrived safely and that you're enjoying them. It's a thrill for us to know they're out in the world, and we can't wait to do this again with another great piece of content.

    16. Reinhart on

      No. 124 was waiting for me on my desk at the office here in Vienna this morning. Let me say 3 things about it:
      1.) it's a great book
      2.) it's an awesome book
      3.) it's an incredible book

      like Oliver (the vienna poster before me): a happy backer

    17. Oliver on

      568 just landed on my desk in vienna - no problems with packaging at all and no damage to the book. looks great! great campaign and now im off reading. a happy backer.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marcus Stade on

      I got my books in Sweden today, and I absolutely love them! Fantastic work, you should be proud!

      I can echo Simon's notes on the packaging. Lots of room in the box for the books to move around, and now padding. The books are perfectly ok though, but I wouldn't be surprised if others like this might not be. Still have the box if you want me to take a pic and send you.

      Anyway, excellent work. Look forward to backing your next project!

    19. Missing avatar

      Felix Lau on

      Canadian backer, just got my copy today. I am very happy with how the book turned out. Looking forward to your future projects. I do have a question regarding the shipping though, a while back I received an email saying that the original shipping price that I paid was more than what it should have been and that you guys were looking into some form of compensation but I don't remember exactly what the result was.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sean Davies on

      Another UK backer here. Today I received my copy of Flatland. It is gorgeous. You've done a fantastic job and you should be proud! I can't wait to see what you're next project will be. Once again, well done!

    21. Epilogue Creator on

      @ Simon and Nick: Great to hear they are making their way overseas. Thanks for the packaging feedback. We'll double check things with our fulfillment partner, and will be putting more research into packaging for the next project to make sure things arrive in good shape.

    22. Simon on

      UK backer, also got mine today - very impressed with the final product, looking forward to reading it! Less impressed with the packaging used to ship it, however - the box was twice as deep as should have been needed and no padding inside to prevent the slipcase from knocking around (thankfully though, no damage at all to report). Also it wasn't even sealed - anyone could have got access to the contents without 'breaking' any sort of seal at all! That said - it's in my hands now, which is what matters :)

    23. Nick Palmer on

      Received my copy in the UK today. First appearances are good, looking forward to getting stuck into it soon.

    24. Epilogue Creator on

      @ Prof and Jane T: international orders went out today!
      @ BobRudell, e Ian Maurer, Stephanie, Collin, Michael, thanks for the kind words!

    25. Missing avatar

      Prof on

      Any idea when the international shipments are going out? It would be great if you could provide some estimate of a shipping date. Thank you!

    26. Missing avatar

      BobRudell on

      Received my copy a week ago and it is every bit as advertised. Very nice job...great treatment of a neglected title. Thanks!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jane T on

      Any news on posting the rewards to the International backers?

    28. Missing avatar

      e Ian Maurer on

      Received my copy & it is Gorgeous! Much thanks!

    29. Stephanie

      My beautiful book arrived a couple days ago. The cover turned out great, and the pages feel really good. Looking forward to reading this! Can not wait to see what the next book will be.

    30. Collin Olan on

      It's glorious! Thanks so much Chris. What a process and the end result turned out fantastic.

    31. Michael J. Hudson on

      Got it yesterday!
      My 10 year old daughter is now reading it and is living it. My geeky daddy self is very happy!

    32. Missing avatar

      Stacy Holcomb on

      I first connected with this book in my second year of architecture school. I'm looking forward to enjoying it again in this new context.

    33. Epilogue Creator on

      @Steve: Thanks for the sharp eye. Keep the feedback coming and we'll make notes for the next printing.
      @Sam and Martin: Thanks! Glad you're happy with it!
      @Brian: We didn't get tracking numbers aggregated to send out to each of you, but if there is a problem we should be able to track down the number, and then track down the book.

    34. Steve Lionel on

      Received my copy today. Looks nice, though apparently I misunderstood the size - I had in mind it would be larger, but the video clearly shows the actual size.

      The table of contents says "Foreward" but the section is titled "Forward". Really should have been "Foreword" in both places. Ah well. Looking forward (!) to reacquainting myself with this classic.

    35. Missing avatar

      Brian Mulnix on

      Is there a way to track the books in shipping? I haven't seen any shipping notices.

    36. Sam Lowry

      Great work folks! I'm happy to have such a nice version of Flatland.

    37. Martin Sherman on

      Got the book today. Looks awesome! Definitely one of the nicest, coolest books I own. Nice job guys!

    38. Samantha Cohen

      Also, meant to say the books look awesome in the recent update!!

    39. Samantha Cohen

      @Epi: my bad! Haha every project I've been a part of that has used KS surveys have always said that the answers are final and and changes have to be requested by pm. Is there a certain option you can choose when making a survey to allow them to remain open? Could be helpful info for future creators since it seems to be an uncommon choice!

    40. Epilogue Creator on

      @Simon, I just sent a direct message to your Kickstarter profile. Reply with your new address and you'll be all set.

    41. Simon Hsieh on

      Hi, since I filled my survey last time, I actually moved house. When I try to redo my survey, I can't find my survey email. I am backer no. 440, can you please email me at Thanks.

    42. Epilogue Creator on

      @Marco, apologies for being slow on the response. @Samantha, thanks for stepping in to help out. One thing to note is that the survey responses for the poster/book survey sent last summer are still editable so that backers can update them if necessary.

    43. Marco Riccardo Fossati-Bellani on

      @Samantha: No, Epi hadn't responded yet. Your response helps! Thanks

    44. Samantha Cohen

      @Marco: not sure if Epi has contacted by pm, but as the surveys were sent through the KS system, they can only send one to each user. Also, answers on KS surveys can't be adjusted after initial submission. So, if your address hasn't changed then you don't need to change anything as that poster survey is still on record. If your address does change, you would need to contact Epi by pm (found under contact when you click on creators name on campaign page). You might also want to do this if you'd like to get your book at the launch party rather than by mail. There was a question about this on my book only survey (not sure if it was on multi-reward surveys) and is also mentioned in the most recent update.

      Hope this helps!

    45. Marco Riccardo Fossati-Bellani on

      I never received a survey asking for my address. It hasn't changed since the poster was mailed; do I need to do anything?

    46. Missing avatar

      dybm on

      Still on track to ship soon?

    47. Missing avatar

      Nathan Kellenicki on

      I'm hesitating filling out the survey purely because I live in the UK, but I'm visiting San Francisco March 12th-20th. If the party is happening that week, then I would absolutely choose to go!

    48. Epilogue Creator on

      No date set yet for the book party. Sometime in March for sure. Bring as many people as you like!

    49. Missing avatar

      Matt Stuckey on

      Is there a date for the launch party? Can we bring a plus one?

    50. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lye on

      Fill up your forms! The books are coming. :D

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