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The Ultimate Compact Titanium Everyday Carry Knife. Precision CNC Machined. Built To Last A Lifetime.
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Slower than expected

Posted by Magnus | (Creator)

It's been almost three weeks since the last update... sorry!

I had no idea it had been that long until a couple of Backers highlighted it in the comments - so thank you for bringing it up.

There is good and not-so-good news...

The good news is that we've shipped around 40 Flixx knives over the last couple of weeks (and this is why you've seen, in the comments, some people receiving theirs).

The not-so-good news is that we are having some ongoing issues with some of the blades (even though 40 or so have shipped ...we've actually produced a while load more than that).

It is an issue with the machining and I've been fixing and tweaking pretty much every day over the last few weeks (yeah, I know, I should keep you updated more ...rather than just giving you "radio silence" while I try to fix the issues - I will do better!).

The issue is that we end up with a poor-quality finish in the plunge-line - that's this area highlighted in the photo below:


So the arrows in the above photo point to the area were we are getting a poor finish. And by this I mean, once the knife is almost done and cleaned-up, we see a series of small "dots".

It's extremely frustrating because we have everything else pretty much going perfect - it's just this little plunge-line area.

I'm continuing to work on this and, hopefully, we'll find a solution that doesn't end up in writing-off so many blades.

On the plus side...

ALL the scales are finished and ready on the shelf for assembly.

ALL the pivot-screws and other hardware are ready (we tumble these so they match the look and feel of the scales).

The assembly stages, when we do have blades, have been going incredibly smoothly with almost no issues.

So, yes, my sincere apologies for the lack of updates and the lateness of the Flixx knife - I want to make sure you're getting a flawless knife though.

To impossibly high (but a little late) standards,


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    1. Charles Anderson on

      Could you send a picture of the dots? Do they compromise the integrity of the blade? It might be cool to have the dots, especially if they're different on all blades. It might make each knife with them more unique.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Ammerman on

      Thanks for the update Magnus. Have you figured out the problem causing the plunge line issue? Also, the blades that have been made with the issue; are they able to be fixed or do new ones need to be made? Since some have shipped, I'm assuming the issue didn't effect all of the ones produced?