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The Ultimate Compact Titanium Everyday Carry Knife. Precision CNC Machined. Built To Last A Lifetime.
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Flixx Update (with video)

Posted by Magnus | (Creator)

Three things in today's update...

#1 - We are going to be a little late in shipping - but only by a little bit!

Production is in absolute full swing and the milling machine has been running around 18 to 19 hours per day for the last 5 days - it's all happening quite fast now.

I screwed up a decent number of blades a few weeks ago while I was getting the process up and running ...and so I had to order another sheet of metal for production for the blades. Unfortunately that metal is delayed (strange because the company has always provided good service in the past).

It may possibly put us back a week (I'm trying to see if they can ship it in faster).

#2 - Assembling of knives will start properly today/tomorrow ...and this means we will have some shipped by the end of this week (not sure how many at this point - but likely a few dozen). I will give another update soon once we have started shipping.

#3 - I just did a blog post on my website which includes a video or two of the making of your Flixx - and so you can go here to check it out:

To impossibly high standards,


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      Jason Ammerman on

      Those videos were crazy cool to watch. I'm good with a small delay as well, but gotta say watching these videos and seeing the pics in updates is ramping up the excitement to receive the Flixx.

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      Michael Rieger on

      High standards! All that counts. Don't care about delays. Do it the right way.