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$4,799 pledged of $6,500 goal
$4,799 pledged of $6,500 goal

ICYMI: the RED ANGEL DRAGNET Relaunch has Reached its GOAL!


I just wanted to send one final note to the backers of this original R.A.D. campaign to let you all know that the new, relaunched campaign has hit its goal, which means that the book WILL be printed. If you were reluctant to visit the new campaign page because you didn't want to back another losing campaign, well, there's no need to fear; the book's on its way. I announced a couple of contributors to the backup story material today, and we'll be announcing stretch goals very soon. What's more, most of the same rewards are available at the same pledge level or less as part of the new campaign, and international shipping has been revisited (it's cheaper, now). Note that the book is larger now, with at least 104 story pages.

If you pledged to this earlier campaign, remember that you were not charged for your earlier pledge. Neither we nor Kickstarter take your money for an unsuccessful campaign. Also keep in mind that your pledge from this campaign did not transfer to the new one, so please check out the new page and consider a pledge.

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