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High Resolution Audio - Bluetooth 5.0 - 52 Hours Playtime - Beautiful Design - Secure Fit - Instant Pairing - USB Type C
High Resolution Audio - Bluetooth 5.0 - 52 Hours Playtime - Beautiful Design - Secure Fit - Instant Pairing - USB Type C
High Resolution Audio - Bluetooth 5.0 - 52 Hours Playtime - Beautiful Design - Secure Fit - Instant Pairing - USB Type C
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    1. EG
      11 minutes ago

      Haha ikr @Daniel

    2. Andy Chau about 11 hours ago

      They did say mass production is on and waiting them to arrive at warehouse.

    3. Daniel Letourneau about 13 hours ago

      Please, for some, stop complaining its starting to be embarassing I would not be surprise if someone would threatened to jump a bridge if it takes another week for the shipping
      Don’t sorry it will happen soon just be mature and understand the work behind all this

    4. Missing avatar

      juho choe about 17 hours ago

      as I said before, STOP saying FINAL

    5. Mitch Malik about 18 hours ago

      I'm unable to change my order for the classic edition in the backerkit.

    6. Jane Medefesser about 18 hours ago

      Any update on ship date? Has anyone received a set of earbuds yet? I have not ...

    7. Missing avatar

      Aymen about 19 hours ago

      Delay Delay Delay Delay Delay Delay
      EOZ this is what we got from you
      You just promised people then you don’t keep your promise

      The most important thing now is shipping date.
      You already said 15.08 but i see only postpone

    8. Patrick Oxholm Snede about 19 hours ago

      @James My guess is due to the fault with the 'original' color the production has been set back a little? Maybe also the variety of colors make the process a little slower, since days will be dedicated to a single color.

      Nevertheless I think they should tell us. It's not like we don't understand, we just need insight 😊👍

    9. Missing avatar

      James Ducker about 20 hours ago

      So much for an August 15th shipping date, or even a couple sentences to let us know where things have got to now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kelly Kaita about 22 hours ago

      In China they work 24/7

    11. Missing avatar

      Kian Kirchhof
      about 23 hours ago

      @Kelly wouldn't that assume they work weekends?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kelly Kaita about 23 hours ago

      So I would assume 6000 units have been made. When can we expect the first shipping. So exciting

    13. Missing avatar

      Medo Hammook 1 day ago

      I just wanna say Hi to ya'll !

    14. Chiu Chiu Sam 1 day ago

      @Budiman: Yes I totally agree with you, when I access to my Backer kit, it also said "Your order has been locked" I can't edit!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Budiman 1 day ago

      Hi, I have one pc with classic, but couldn't change anything in the backerkit survey except for shipping address. I understand from the comments that some of us managed to do so, but no matter what devices I used (Mac, iphone and WIndows), and browsers (safari, chrome and IE), there is no edit button for pledged items: You can no longer change your add-ons and responses, and Sorry, your order has been locked down for processing. Please check from your side if there is anything you need to do to unlock the survey for all of us with classic option. Thanks.

    16. Chiu Chiu Sam 2 days ago

      Really looking forward I can get this before my birthday.... next month!!! ✌🏻🤗🎂

    17. Missing avatar

      Shikhar Shah 2 days ago

      @EOZ team

      Love you guys. So looking forward to delivery, but I too am a little over-eager now.

      Please take some time to provide insight on what the final product brings as features - just so we have that closure.

      But importantly, please provide final shipping notice. August 15th was what we were last - if there are further delays, so be it. I, personally, support you, and I know you’re doing what’s best for the product and the backers- but please give us a clear idea.

      Thanks guys, all the best!

    18. EG
      2 days ago

      I rather wait than get a semi-good product..eoz air keep it up! Waiting for my all black version and thx for the update :)

    19. Dennis 3 days ago

      There is no “long delay”. For crowdfunding of a tech project the delay is normally longer.

    20. Chan Kuok Kit 3 days ago

      They should have at least given out some extra freebies as compensation for such a long delay in delivering the product. Just saying.

    21. Doron Naky 3 days ago

      What’s funny is that in a week or two everyone will get their buds and go silent. You only know how to complain. And now you even suspect they bs you with the antenna. Come on a little bit about how antenna works before writing any comment.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sandrine Morin 3 days ago

      @harish it takes time to reach their warehouse, than they can start to ship

    23. Ray Wong 3 days ago

      Maybe, only maybe, the antenna locates in part of the bid and the plastic stem of the ear holder. Only this explains why interference found in silver colour edition even the eoz Air applies external antenna design.

    24. Andy Chau 4 days ago

      The question is... Noir editiom has the same silvery or chrome coating om the antenna

    25. Missing avatar

      Paul Mooney 4 days ago

      On the contrary @Tsz Long TONG, if the colour of the ear hook WAS causing interference then it must be an antennae. The chrome colour likely has some metallic pigment whereas the other colours do not.

    26. Missing avatar

      Harish Anandhajothi 4 days ago

      I thought you said mass production is "on" and that the shipping company can ship batches of 1500 same day. What's happening?

    27. Missing avatar

      Rasmus Kamp Jensen 4 days ago

      Hello, I am using some tips from the company Comply Foam for all my in Ears and would love to use them together with these as well, Wil they fit? Thanks and best regards Rasmus

    28. Missing avatar

      Tsz Long TONG 4 days ago

      the outer antenna is just BS then

    29. Missing avatar

      Harish Anandhajothi 4 days ago

      I guess the silver colour needs a chrome plating or some metallic plating needed to achieve the color which EOZ must have found to cause issues in reception.

    30. Andy Chau 4 days ago

      I didnt choose the classic version but out of interest wonder....if the antenna is external....and have a peoblem becoz of the colour of the hook. How come the other version with same hook colour got unaffected

    31. EG
      4 days ago

      Im not defending the creators but just stating facts..if you see the top few most funded projects.. ESPECIALLY the coolest box project its been close to 4 years and is not delivered yet and it cost much more than this product. So yeah

    32. EG
      4 days ago

      WAIT! The shipping date first put on reward tier is done when the reward tier is created (is during the campaign so it a super early guesstimate only and we shldnt look to that date).. next there were some manufacturing and processing and etc defects so they told us and they DID rectify it. Now thirdly the finished product is supposedly almost done and they encountered some hiccups during what i can say is a stress test (obviously before they can start to give to us). And thats what QC and final tests are for. And this is a prototype to a finished product obviously will have delays and specs tweaks and such.. so yeah kthx

    33. Alexander Koh
      4 days ago

      9099 backer are waiting EOZ Air half year, don't know need to waiting until when, Maybe until Christmas Day?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jos Janssen 4 days ago

      Pfff, some of you really need to grow up

    35. Missing avatar

      Korndech Pattanasittiwong 4 days ago

      In my opinion
      First,You delayed again

      This error,you should detected that before you tell the delivery time (15/Aug/2018)

      Should backers waited earphones for 1 year?

      Second,All Kickstarter project must delayed?

      It’s excuse
      If you can’t make this in time
      You should have assessment time better than you tell me for wait this product

      Last,And should other colors be delayed same classic edition?

      If you can delivered,you should delivered to other color backers before

      Should backers be waited?
      Can’t you deliver all product in this time?

    36. Missing avatar

      Kazuma 4 days ago

      Why is the Noir Edition not affected?
      CLASSIC EDITION and Noir Edition seem to use the same antenna.

      Is the outer antenna useless? FAKE?

    37. EG
      5 days ago

      @Ron Kolman

      Many KS campaigns (tabletop games, gadgets, wallets etc) do have working prototypes literally. You can touch and test them at physical Kickstarter stores arnd the world (correct me if im wrong) and also at conventions (GameCon for games or in this case, it was at some major IT convention)

    38. Martin Howell 5 days ago

      @Marc Jusino

      In the original Eoz One the aerial would have been in the lanyard, not the earbud and therefore not affected by the colouring in the shell.

      Hope that helped.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brandon S 5 days ago

      @Marc completely different connection when it comes to true wireless. It makes absolute sense if you understand the difference. Just saying

    40. Missing avatar

      Spyro Branikas 5 days ago

      Will you relaunch ordering and if so do you have rough estimate about it??

    41. Missing avatar

      Marc Jusino 5 days ago

      To be honest I find it a bit hard to believe the latest update that the classic edition is having connection issues when you clearly have no issue with the classic edition on the EOZ one headphones. Just saying.

    42. Missing avatar

      ElKubano 5 days ago

      I can't update my order since it's locked. I've got 2 EOZ Air and one is "Classic Edition" ... How to update my color choice ???

    43. Missing avatar

      Kazuma 5 days ago

      Why is it possible to find a defect on the day before shipment?
      The appearance is very important.
      What have you been testing so far?
      Can not refund even if there is no item of color I want?
      Without a classic color I had not become a backer.

      Not received a report as to how many millimeter drivers and what chips are loaded.
      If you say World's Most Advanced True Wireless Earphones, the chip must be QCC 5100.

      Not reply to any of our questions at all and unilateral reporting is very bad.

    44. Wayne Huang Zixiang
      5 days ago

      Thanks for the update team!

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Mooney 5 days ago

      Classic version is the all silver one (except the first part of the ear hook)....check the campaign page to confirm the colours available.

    46. Chiu Chiu Sam 6 days ago

      But "Classic version" is it = "Black version"?

    47. Chiu Chiu Sam 6 days ago

      I'm looking forward to get their email.

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Mooney 6 days ago

      I was also a backer that chose the classic so had to change my preference. It was easy...after clicking on the link to the backer survey (in the email from EOZ that I was sent), top right of the page is a link "View Confirmation". Click here and you can update and confirm your colour choice.

    49. Missing avatar

      Phate 6 days ago

      @Ron As far as I know, Kickstarter already demands, that you have to have more than just concept art to open up a project on their website. But if you already had a fully working and as you suggest finished prototype, nobody would need Kickstarter to develop and improve a product. It is much easier to get a bank to finance your product if it is already finished. Because of that improvements and changes to projects have to be allowed. Otherwise Kickstarter would be useless.

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