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The Quadrantid Swarm encourages you to explore sound design and music with a direct and inspiring set of synthesis and sequencing tools
The Quadrantid Swarm encourages you to explore sound design and music with a direct and inspiring set of synthesis and sequencing tools
The Quadrantid Swarm encourages you to explore sound design and music with a direct and inspiring set of synthesis and sequencing tools
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    1. Carsten Aniksdal 5 days ago

      I'm just an early bird, not super, but still!

    2. Paul Boos
      6 days ago

      Same here - I was a super early bird... Of course Late July/August is when many French take vacation for 2-4 weeks. I wouldn't expect eoWave personnel to not have a vacation (would have been nice to give us a short notice that was what they were doing if it is the case). I think our built up excitement is what is causing the tension.

    3. Missing avatar

      Locksley 6 days ago

      @ Carsten Aniksdal
      I got a survey the 16/7 and I am a Super Early Bird; no news after that though.

    4. Carsten Aniksdal on

      I didn't get a survey yet!?

    5. Missing avatar

      Jens Rosenfeld on

      Any news on a possible shipping date? thanks

    6. Carsten Aniksdal on

      @MuddBird Thanks man, I was hoping for that - there is just enough space for it :)

    7. Paul Boos

      Filled in my survey - I presume these are shipping from France (congrats on the World Cup win BTW), any estimation for how long that will take?

    8. MuddBird on

      @Carsten, as I understand it, the q-swarm already is a eurorack module. It just comes in it's own, standalone case/mini skiff. All you have to do is remove it and plug it into your system. Of course, then you have to figure out what to do with the q-swarm mini skiff.

    9. Missing avatar


      Thanks Paul ;)

    10. Paul Boos

      Boscher, on a video at Superbooth I seem to remember they said that the machine only needed a few software tweaks and it would be going to production. They estimated something like late June to start shipping. If you google Superbooth 2018 and eowave I think you can find out the info...

      That said, it would be nice to have some additional info posted here for the backers as well. (Maybe some additional vids as well! I'd love to see one being assembled.)

    11. Missing avatar


      I would be nice to have an update ;)

    12. Paul Boos

      Just after I wrote that I ran across one that was posted recently... Some fantastic sounds! Hope a couple of others show up!

    13. Paul Boos

      Curious has anyone stopped by your booth at Superbooth 18 and taken a vid? I've been trying to find one on YouTube.

    14. Carsten Aniksdal on

      Is it possible to get this as a eurorack-version? Or do I have to dissemble it upon arrival?

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Yes, how are things progressing? Tell us, tell us, tell us! :)

    16. Paul Boos

      @eowave I think we'd love to see how things are evolving. I love seeing how the hardware gets made and hearing about software dev. Even early manual peeks are awesome.

      I know I am excited to combine this with my Ants!, Volcas, SQ-1, and soon to be arriving SoftPop. My own little music experimentation lab :-)


    17. Paul Boos

      just a curiosity question - ever thought of cork siding? (Like they use for cork flooring.) I really don't know how it would be done, but it feels like the organic nature of cork would fit the feel of the QS.

    18. Joachim Kieras on

      Hello Eowave,
      any news about the development of the quadrantid swarm?

    19. Missing avatar

      Locksley on

      Just to reinitiate, I would if I had the choice have woodpanels. I like the use of something organic on something completely electronic.

      So you don't think we have forgotten or don't care you know ;)

    20. eowave Creator on

      Hi @Mudbird - it is a mono output at eurorack level, so some kind of attenuator such as a mixer, audio interface etc will be the best option before sending to speakers or a recording device

      eowave team

    21. MuddBird on

      Quick question about audio output? Will it be stereo (or mono) line level, or mono eurorack level?

    22. eowave Creator on

      Hi Baruc,

      We haven't changed the documentation since the kickstarter has launched, and the photo and explanation of materials used was always with perspex sides. HOWEVER! We have been rethinking this choice and might offer a choice of 'Wood or Black' when we send out address requests. This also might be a one off for the kickstarter campaign, meaning that the stores won't get the wood panels and the QS that the backers receive will be quite unique. There will be an update on this very soon


      eowave team

    23. Jonathan De Qualia Baruc on

      Hi there

      I've noticed since my pledge that documentation and promotion of the Quandrantid has been wood panel-less. Are they being shipped like this? If so, what would it take to get the wood paneling back?

      All the best


    24. MuddBird on

      Still curious what the shirt will look like. =] Thanks.

    25. eowave Creator on

      @Locksley thanks for the questions! Exactly, it is a digital VCO that produces 8 tones, and the waveform is different across the 8 instrument modes. We use a pic chip, audio is 16bit 32kHz and we use a 24 bit DAC - there is a small amount of aliasing, much less than on our Weather Drones module which is where some of the inspiration for this design came from. The wavefolder is at the end of the digital audio path and doesn't add any aliasing

    26. Missing avatar

      Locksley on

      Let's kick off a last question before the 'end days'!
      So we got a digital? VCO that will produce 8 seperate tones. It sounds good in the examples but what is the chip that generates the tones? Are the tones then sent through a DA and what is its specs (16bit 44kHz?) - how are our aliasing?
      Aliasing can after all be used as a creative tool, I just wonder what to expect.

    27. eowave Creator on

      @Locksley thank you for the question! It is part of the main oscillator and also tied to the fundamental frequency, except it doesn't pass through the wavefolder or character - it can be easily filtered out with the high pass filter, or can add to the depth in your sound design using a low pass filter

      eowave team

    28. Missing avatar

      Locksley on

      Since no one asked: Where is the 'added sine wave', eh, added? Do we have any control over it and what not?


    29. eowave Creator on

      @PaulBoos - the QS is semi-modular - meaning that while it would be fun to have some modular devices (including the Ants! perfect) it will work really well completely standalone, or with MIDI or CV. CV clock sync should work well with the clock in of the Volca, just not the power supply part itself, but you would always want to plug them in separately anyway

    30. Paul Boos

      @eowave - thanks for the answers... No worries on any of those answers; it was more of a curiosity question. This is my second foray into gear that could thought of as relating to modular synthesis (the first being Ants!); most of my stuff is either pre-wired analog or digitally controlled stuff, so i was unfamiliar with the Eurorack standard. (Don't worry, I won't pull my backing, this looks like an incredibly fun piece of gear to play with...)

    31. eowave Creator on

      Hi @PaulBoos yes an EU/UK/US set of adaptors will come with the power supply, which is a wall wart type 15v - I can't vouch for the compatibility with other devices but I don't think it will work. Volcas use a 9v type, this is 15v and the power going to the Quadrantid Swarm itself will be 12v as per eurorack standards.

      As per the mounting hole - this isn't something we can do on site, you would have to find a way to modify the case (not recommended!) or use some type of stand for live performance. There are lots of keyboard stands for smaller instruments on the market that should fit the purpose

      All the best

      eowave team

    32. Paul Boos

      I have a few questions (just because I'm thinking how this will get incorporated into my set-up).

      What is the power needed for this (and is an adapter expected to be included)? I'm hoping it might be compatible with the recently funded vixen mixer; same power as a Volca.

      Any chance there could be a threaded hole in the bottom for placing on a mike stand? Seems like I might want the option to mount it similar to my AirSynth for live performance.


    33. eowave Creator on

      Coming next week @MuddBird

    34. eowave Creator on

      Thank you @Aitor Bartolome

    35. Aitor Bartolome on

      Great sound and cool design. Congrats!

    36. MuddBird on

      Do you have an example of what the shirts will look like?

    37. eowave Creator on

      @MuddBird it is 42hp

    38. MuddBird on

      How much hp does the module take up when racked?

    39. eowave Creator on

      @DavidBlevins Thank you for the support! We will take the font suggestion under consideration

    40. eowave Creator on

      @Locksley The sequencer is a simple 8 step sequencer, you can send the CV sequence to other devices by selecting the 8th waveform on the LFO, and patching a cable out of the triangle waveform and into your device. You cannot change the length of the notes - but you can change the attack/release on the envelope and the decay of the percussion sound separately. There is no gate output, but you can use the ENV out to trigger an envelope or anything else in your modular or analog system. The design is focused on a simple but creative approach - the best way to achieve complex sequencing would be with an external MIDI or CV sequencer

      Thanks for the question!

    41. Paul Boos

      @eowave thanks for the answer... Sounds very cool! The MIDI clock in makes it extremely useful to me...

      This really scratches an itch of mine for something that can expand on some the ideas I have been building since I got Ants!

    42. David Blevins on

      OK, I just signed up to get one. This sounds fantastic, but -- please change the font that you're using for the front panel controls. It looks "cheap", not to put too fine of a point on it.

    43. Missing avatar

      Locksley on

      I'm guessing it is an eight step sequencer; is the length of the note in each step adjustable?
      The touch keyboard, does it send out CV (is there a gate out, forgot to look before writing this?)

      Looking forward to March!

    44. eowave Creator on

      @PaulBoos Thank you for the comment. You can synchronise the Quadrantid Swarm with your devices in two ways. The first is MIDI - we will be including a MIDI extension that plugs into the 'MIDI' socket on the QS. When you send a master clock, the sequencer will stay in time with your other devices. The second method is a voltage based clock for analog devices. By patching a cable to 'CLK' the sequencer will also stay in time. When using the analog clock, you will also need to patch in a 'RESET' gate, to keep in musical timing (1 bar/4bars/8 bars) with your other devices

      You can also send note information via MIDI to control the pitch of the QS, and likewise, you can send control voltage from analog sequencers

      We will be publishing a thorough manual with the device that will run through all the options with examples on how you can use them, but if you have any more questions please do ask away!


    45. Paul Boos

      This is a super interesting device - congrats on the originality.

      What kind of options do you have synchronization with other decides (for example, to keep the sequencer locked in with say a drum machine). I'm mostly MIDI in my set-up, though I do have some Volcas, the Patchblacks MiniJam Studio, and Ants! I'm having a little difficulty in discerning what the options are (maybe because they feel a little overwhelming?). You mention MIDI with a cable, so just wondering how that works - MIDI clock perhaps?

    46. eowave Creator on

      Thanks @MuddBird! The wood panels are nice, but hard to quality control. We might release the design for the sides so that in time you can cut your own? No stretch goals planned for the minute. Thanks for supporting us!

    47. MuddBird on

      I backed even though I think the wood side panels with the logo (prototype1) look cool(er). Excited!! Any stretch goals in mind/planned?