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An innovative fashion watch that everyone, including the blind, can touch to tell time. Telling time shouldn't require vision.
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Updates on Eone and the Bradley!

Posted by Eone Timepieces (Creator)

Hello Eone Supporters! 

It's been a while since our last update and here is what has been happening to Eone :) 

1. Shiping the final batch of Bradley pre-orders

This is our number one no-ifs-and-or-buts-about-it goal. We won’t tackle anything else until all 4,500 Kickstarter and website pre-orders go out. To date, we’ve shipped about 3,900 timepieces and have about 600 Bradleys left to ship.

For those of you who have yet to receive your Bradley, we would like to thank you deeply for your continued support. We hope you understand that we are committed to sending you only the highest quality products. We are expecting to receive the parts during 2nd and 3rd week of March and our target is to resume our shipping around the end of March. We will email once again in 1~2 weeks with updates! 

2. Bradley at the Grammy Awards!

Without the support of our 4,500 Kickstarter backers, we would never have been able to bring The Bradley to life. We wouldn’t have made it this far without each and every pledge. And now a prolific songwriter, instrumentalist and singer who has been blind since shortly after birth is a Bradley fan - all thanks to an unknown backer who got the Bradley for him.

Check out this tip we received through Twitter:

That's right: Stevie Wonder!He performed with Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams at The Grammy Awards, and he wore The Bradley to the performance. To the generous Kickstarter backer who sent Stevie Wonder The Bradley, thank you! 

3. Bradley nominated for the Designs of the Year 2014!

The Bradley has also been nominated for the prestigious Designs of the Year Award by the Design Museum in London. If you happen be in the London area, the Bradley will be on exhibition along with a lot of other cool products at the London Design Museum from March 26th to August 25th.

Feel free to write to us at if you have any questions, comments or just to say hi! 

Yours in inclusive design, 

The Eone Team

Packaging and shipping will resume at the end of this week!

Posted by Eone Timepieces (Creator)

Thank you to all of you who sent us another round of encouraging messages despite our delay. Past 2.5 weeks have been a challenging time for Eone to find a new, reliable packaging partner in the midst of delay with deliveries. 

However, we are very happy to announce that we have decided upon a very reliable new packaging partner after visiting and examining recommended packaging companies in Hong Kong. Once we have finalized our partnership agreement and transfer of our units, we will resume packaging. This should happen by the end of this week, and shipping will take place beginning January 27th. 

We will be shipping out about 150 units a day (still a bit slower than we want to be), so the final shipping will be done over 2 weeks between Jan 27th and Feb 7th

We greatly appreciate your continued patience, and please let us know if you don't receive a shipment confirmation email by the end of the 1st week of February!

P.S: For our international backers, once again - we need your phone numbers to properly track your delivery. We have had a couple of packages lost because the delivery person couldn't contact backers when they were not home (or at the office) and just left your package outside. Also, in some cases, the address was simply entered incorrectly. Without being able to contact you, there is no way to ensure proper delivery in case of these circumstances.

Important Delivery Update II

Posted by Eone Timepieces (Creator)

Hello Eone Backers, 

We wish everyone a wonderful start to the year. Year of 2013 was no doubt a memorable year for Eone, thanks to each of you! 

We hate to relay this update regarding shipment, but we would like to ask for your understanding as we would need about 2~3 weeks of additional time for shipment. We have encountered some critical challenges with our packaging company in Hong Kong, forcing us to search for a new one. Their work quality deteriorated drastically with the larger number of 2nd batch, which is 10 times the amount of the 1st batch. Many of our Bradleys were packaged haphazardly and arrived damaged.  After trying to resolve the issue with their packaging quality control team, we made the decision to find a new partner in order to ensure that the Bradleys are delivered to you safely. 

Our efforts to address this issue is underway. Our co-founder, Nick, flew to Hong Kong to visit potential new partners. Nevertheless, it seems unavoidable that examining and transitioning to our new partnership would take about 2~3 weeks. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to package and send out the rest of 2nd batch internally at Eone, but we are afraid that the speed would be quite limited and it will require 4~6 more days. The rest (3rd and all-titanium batch) will be shipped in about 3 weeks. 

Delivering the Bradley to you as soon as possible is our utmost priority, therefore the Eone Team is fully committing our time and efforts to do so.  

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  Please write to us anytime at or send us a Kickstarter message. We will respond to your comments and questions to the best we can.

Again, thank you very much for your support and patience!  

The Eone Team 

Shipping has resumed!

Posted by Eone Timepieces (Creator)

Dear awesome backers, 

First of all, we can't thank you enough for all of your encouragement, support and patience since our last post on the shipping delay. Quite contrary to what we expected, we have received so many encouraging emails and messages. We feel fortunate to have such wonderful supporters.  

After a long holdup from U.S. customs, we have begun shipping The Bradley to our second round of Kickstarter backers! Our first 300 Bradley Timpieces have finally arrived and we will be processing 200~300 pieces every day. Please see below for our new timeline. 

  • If you're a 2nd batch backer, your Bradley will be shipped between December 23th~31st.  
  • If you're a 3rd and all-titanium batch backer, your Bradley will be shipped between January 2nd~10th.

We apologize for the long shipping window due to the Holiday Season. Our office building and FedEx won't be open on Christmas and New Years. (arrggg..) As our apology, we included a small 'thank you' gift :) 

You will receive individual emails with a tracking number when yours is shipped! We would greatly appreciate it if you could be patient and let us know if you don't receive a tracking email by the end of your shipping window indicated above.

Have a wonderful Holiday, everyone! 

Yours in inclusive design, 

Team Eone

P.S: below is our favorite photo of the Bradley from Korea. 

Unfortunate delay in delivery

Posted by Eone Timepieces (Creator)
Hello December batch backers,

We know many of you are excited to receive your Bradley soon, and we are working our hardest to ship them out to you as soon as possible. However, we have been hit with some last minute unforeseen circumstances.

Our bulk shipment of 2nd batch Bradleys from Hong Kong has been caught up by the US Customs and Border Protection for inspection, and has yet to be cleared. This process normally takes 1~2 days, but for some reason it has been 4 days and the shipment has not yet been cleared.

We have been in communication with the carrier, but have been told that nothing can be done to speed up the process once it's held up by US Customs. I'm sure those of you who have travelled abroad have experienced how tedious the customs process can be. Usually it takes just couple of days, but if unlucky, it can take a week or two. However, we are hoping to have the Bradleys ready to ship in a couple of days!

Unfortunately, this will affect the shipment of 3rd and all-titanium batches as well since we won't be able to process these until we send out 2nd batch.

We are extremely disappointed to announce this unforeseen delay and we will do everything in our power to expedite the shipping process once our shipment is cleared by the US Customs. We're very excited with the products that we have and believe it’s worth the wait. We hope you will think so too!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Yours in inclusive design,  

The Eone Team