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This PREMIUM faux-leather planner will guide you in setting & accomplishing your #1 goal in 100 days. Begin YOUR journey to freedom!
If you're ready to CRUSH your #1 goal in 100 days, The Freedom Journal's unique step-by-step process will guide you there. Knock over that one big domino and start a chain reaction of AWESOME in your life!
If you're ready to CRUSH your #1 goal in 100 days, The Freedom Journal's unique step-by-step process will guide you there. Knock over that one big domino and start a chain reaction of AWESOME in your life!
7,063 backers pledged $453,803 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonny Gardiner on

      I never received this. I've actually forgotten about it but was reminding by your emails now asking us to back the mastery journal. Im in Australia. Is there a reason I haven't received it??

    2. Magaly Chocano on

      I believe I filled out the survey weeks ago and still haven't received the journal. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nicole Gordon on

      When will these be shipped. I noticed the charge went through on my card several weeks ago, but I've received nothing and have not received a notice of shipment either. Please advise.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben Shaw on

      Is there any information on shipments? March 17th and I still haven't received one and I can't find an email updating me. thank you

    5. Missing avatar

      Valesco Raymond on

      It is now March 14th and I have yet to receive the Journal. I backed this project in it's second week. John Lee, big fan my friend, but when can I expect to receive the journal?

    6. Ruggie on

      Just got the book. LOVE IT!

    7. Benji Walklet on

      Loving the journal so far - thank you! I love 5 minute journal too, but this is definitely a step up in my opinion.

    8. Missing avatar

      Norman on

      I'm excited to receive mine. Is there a way to track the package?

    9. Alexandra

      My journal has also arrived and is beautiful! Thank you!

    10. BarbTUSA on

      My Freedom Journal arrived in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much for the prompt delivery! May 31 is 100 days from now. I am looking forward to reporting my success story on Wednesday, June 1!

    11. Scott Panfil on

      Any chance of delivery before Valentine's Day? Seems like an odd romantic gift, but I want to support my wife's goal to run a half marathon on May 29th (very coincidentally, almost exactly 100 days away from Valentines Day)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Gauthier on

      So excited to receive this journal and to be a backer!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dylan Tyack on

      John Legend Dumas, you fire me up daily brother, much appreciation and respect from down under in Australia.
      One day you'll be interviewing me on EOFire as a result of the influence you've had on my life.
      All the best mate. Looking forward to feeling that journal in my hands!

    14. Missing avatar

      amy hayes on

      I upped my pledge per the promise of a copy of "Booked" by Josh Turner. How do I access it?

    15. Missing avatar

      amy hayes on

      How do we who upgraded per the "Booked" promo get our "Booked" book?

    16. Missing avatar

      Norma Gerrell on

      I am so excited to be a part of Fire Nation! I cannot wait to get my Freedom Journal and start this process.

    17. Missing avatar

      Leslie on

      Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment!!! So happy to be a part of it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Well done EOFire! I bet you sell a million, and change a million lives.

    19. Patrick McGuire on

      Congrats John and Kate. Totally deserving. Thank you for putting forth the quality you do in everything you do. Again, congrats and thank you from an obsessive loyal listener.

    20. Missing avatar

      johnny fernandez on

      Same problem as others with the digital download. When I received the survey, there was a link to the downloads and a code. I did not record that information before completing the survey. Now I cannot re-access that information. Help! Thank you.

    21. Montessa Metsker Young on

      I sent a message through kickstarter to JLD. He has responded by email with a link and password. There was also a new message sent out by Kickstarter with this information in my inbox.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Solano on

      I can't wait to get my hands on THE FREEDOM JOURNAL

    23. Missing avatar

      Chantelle Streete on

      Hi John ... I intended to upgrade to the $39 level from $2... I prefer the physical book. But looks like a missed the campaign ending by a few hours ... GRRRR. Is it possible to still get the upgrade? CONGRATS .... WOO HOO!!!

    24. John Lee Dumas 2-time creator on

      Hi Freedom Lovers! What an AMAZING final day!

      Answers regarding digital rewards:

      1) You received details of how to unlock your digital rewards when filling out your survey.
      2) You received a message with details of how to unlock your digital rewards.
      3) There are reward level specific 'updates' with details of how to unlock your digital rewards.

      For those who purchased a physical Freedom Journal, as soon as Kickstarter receives the surveys from the backers, they will send me a backer report, which I can then send to my distributor and the orders can start going out.

      We are pushing hard to get addresses as soon as possible, but Kickstarter told me to expect 2 weeks, so if you are in the US you'll hopefully have your Freedom Journal at the end of February (hopefully sooner) and a little longer for international.

      If you are still having issues message me directly.

      If you didn't receive your survey email, message Kickstarter directly, their support is REALLY good:

    25. Michael Turbanisch on

      Love it - Congrats to you Kate and JLD - I am glad and proud to be a part of thar Projekt

    26. Shawn Manaher on

      Way to go John & Kate! Such an inspiring journey! Way to make it happen!!!

    27. Richard Lerma on

      After 33 days, I can now recite the acronym for SMART...I've sub consciously internalized the meaning and will forever link my #1 goal with this great word! Thank you JLD and Kate! You two rock! Can't wait to receive my copy of TFJ

    28. William Garrett on

      Redundant post but I am having the same issue with electronic download link.

    29. Missing avatar

      Susan on

      Same issue for me - did the survey before hitting the download link.

    30. Missing avatar

      bryan long on

      Same problem here? will we be receiving an email regarding these downloads?

    31. Richard Gabbrielli on

      Same problem, didnt click the link before survey...

    32. Tucker Ferwerda on

      DITTO: I need the password again. I can't find it

    33. Missing avatar

      Shel-lee Davis on

      Same problem as others with the digital download. When I received the survey, there was a link to the downloads and a code. I did not record that information before completing the survey. Now I cannot re-access that information. Help! Thank you.

    34. Christine Stebbins Dahl on

      I have the same trouble - no link to download the remainder of the product.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jack Boghossian on

      Once I confirmed my shipping information, the next page showed me that my information was confirmed; right in front of this page however, I saw an EO subscription pop up offer that came up offering some free content. After I signed up and closed the pop-up window, I could still see the confirmation page, but there were no links in sight. After I closed out of that page, I checked my Kickstarter account and my email inbox repeatedly thinking that I could find something there, but to no avail.

    36. Missing avatar

      catherine leach on

      same problem for me - super excited to get access - any help appreciated

    37. Eric Transue on

      Submitted the survey and now can't get back to downloads. Anyone know how to access them again after submitting the survey?

    38. Liana Lehua on

      Aloha all! Does anyone have the link and password to the downloads, please? I thought I'd be able to go back to it after completing the survey. Thank you!

    39. Tytti on

      Hi Jason! I have it here and rather not put it into comments. If you are on FB please click me to your friend and I will send you the password immediately!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason Gillies on

      Does anyone have the password for the downloads? The browser closed before I could view it, and I can't find it elsewhere. Any help is appreciated.

    41. Missing avatar

      Carla on

      Is anyone else having trouble downloading the audio version?

    42. Elena Harman on

      I was your 6,000th supporter!

    43. John Lee Dumas 2-time creator on

      @ Cullen Pope: thanks for the kind words, means a lot!

    44. Cullen Pope on

      Hi, thanks for the great content/topics on the podcast JLD and your work with Kate on all the other projects. It has been a really inspiring to focus on goals as an excellent way to start the new year.

    45. John Wrot! on

      Well that's a pretty cool number! : )

    46. Missing avatar

      Yunxin Ouyang on

      Congrats to such a huge success!! I just wonder if I will be able to receive my journals by the end of late April? I fully understand that there are A LOT OF backers and it takes time to ship out all of the journals, and unfortunately I am relatively late to this project... but I really want to give this to my friend as a birthday gift!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Thomas Cavanaugh on

      What was that recent update about giving one as a gift? My friend's birthday is coming up and I believe this would be a great gift but I seem to have gotten rid of the email update.

    48. Agnes Green on

      I'm new to your projects but I am very excited to be on board. This is a great project, Kudos to you and your wife for creating this project.

    49. John Lee Dumas 2-time creator on

      Great questions everyone! is where you can grab the 30 day PDF... delivery on everything else will begin when the campaign ends on Feb 5th!

    50. Missing avatar

      Nikita Mattison and De'Aysana Mattison on

      Im jumping up and down right now. Im so glad I ran a cross the podcast featuring you on "The Model Health Show! And to back my first project Thank you sooo much for the loving gift!! �

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