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We're building a new EN World after we were hacked in December.  Please help us do that!
We're building a new EN World after we were hacked in December. Please help us do that!
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1,459 backers pledged £53,786 to help bring this project to life.

What happens now?

As you know, our Kickstarter ended successfully yesterday.  I took the evening off to celebrate Valentine's day, but it's back to work today!

Here's what happens next:

1) Kickstarter takes 14 days process all the pledges.  The majority will have been processed instantly, but some will have returned errors.  This can happen for a number of reasons (I have embarrassing memories of my credit card being declined trying to check in at Gen Con a couple of years ago because my bank decided there was no possible way a hotel in the US could be trying to use my card and locked it on grounds of "suspicious activity").  So if your card was rejected for a reason like that, you might need to make a quick phone call to your bank/CC company/what-have-you to let them know that it's a genuine transaction.  Alternatively, some cards might have expired since the pledge was entered, and need new details entered, and so on.

2) After 14 days I then have a solid list of all the successful pledges.  That's where I have to start work -- I'll then be sending out surveys via email requesting information from you.  Depending on your reward, this could be shipping information, t-shirt sizes, and so on.  One piece of info I will need so that I can easily deliver the electronic elements of your rewards to you is your EN World username, so in the next two weeks please make sure you have that ready (if you don't already!)  The PDFs and subscriptions and badges and so on will all be delivered to you via custom pages at EN World containing all your swag ready to download at your leisure!

3) Then I begin fulfilling pledges.  Most of the electronic ones will be processed first.  I'll put in the bulk orders for the dice, t-shirts, etc. and order any softcover books I need to.  I'll be keepin you updated via this Kickstarter update email thingy on all that.

4) Some of the rewards, as you know, are a long way ahead (as far ahead as 2014) so you'll be receiving things periodically for quite a while!

Thank you again to everyone!  When you do get some of the swag donated by third parties, please return their kindness by mentioning their products online and visiting their web pages (maybe even buying something else from them!)

Thank you again!  This has been so much fun that I want to do one every month!

- Russ


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    1. Leif on February 15, 2013

      Russ, I know this may have really thrown you for a loop, but my handle on ENWorld is Leif. Congrats on the success of the kickstarter!


    2. Steven Baker on February 15, 2013

      We all liked your website, but you should also view the Kickstarter response as a thank you to YOU for your service to this community. I am a lawyer in the USA, so if you ever need help here please ask.