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Explore Mega-City One and beyond with the official tabletop roleplaying game for the galaxy's greatest comic!
Explore Mega-City One and beyond with the official tabletop roleplaying game for the galaxy's greatest comic!
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Posted by Morrus (Creator)

Apologies for the double update today, but we just got final approval from Rebellion to share some really exciting news, and we wanted to tell you as soon as possible!

Our Plans For 2019

We have a range of products planned for 2019, all of which will require the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook. Today we'd like to tell you about four of them. 

We do need to make it clear that these four books are not stretch goals in this Kickstarter -- they are planned releases for 2019. However, to use them you will require the core rulebook offered in this Kickstarter. At this stage, we can't share release dates. We also need to clarify that the covers below are not necessarily the final covers, and may change before release.

Judge Dredd....

As you know we intend to work out way through Judge Dredd's chronology. We begin in 2099 with The Robot Wars (which is part of this Kickstarter). The next two story arcs are Luna-1 and The Cursed Earth.

Not final cover
Not final cover

Luna-1, a city on the moon ruled by a triumvirate of uneasy powers. Here, people come to start a new life or escape their old one, but even the moon isn’t free of the reach of the Judges.

The law knows no bounds!

Join Dredd as he takes on the Luna, Sov-Judges, politics, and the scum who’ve left Earth behind.

Patrol Lunar City One, and learn about the Luna Judges, STUP-Guns, and Zipper Bikes. With information on the Space Corps, along with the rest of the solar system, including Titan Penal Colony, this supplement expands your Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD game into space!

  • Rules for zero-G combat and manoeuvring
  • A full city guide to Luna-1 and it’s political intricacies, espionage and betrayals.
  • The rest of the solar system bound between the pages of a book, from Luna to Titan and beyond, the reach of the law is never-ending.
  • New equipment, characters, and profiles of Judges from other nations—or what remains of them.

In the future, even space is no escape from Judge Dredd!

Not final cover
Not final cover

Outside the walls of the teeming metropolis known as as Mega-City One lays a vast, radioactive wasteland of lawlessness and lunacy knows as the Cursed Earth. Muties, dinosaurs and mad generals make their home out here...and other things to make even the toughest Judge flinch.

Out there, the Judges hold no sway, and desperados rule. The ruins of the American dream are sparkling slivers luring out treasure hunters, thieves, and exiles. One day, every Judge might take the Long Walk— a pilgrimage to Lady Justice seeking to bring law to this lawless land. The Old West was tame compared to the Cursed Earth, and even the worst habs of Mega-City One seem safe juxtaposed to the war-ravaged horrors waiting beyond the walls of civilization…

Are you foolish or brave enough to walk the Cursed Earth?

  • A full guide to the places and people that populate the blasted world left by the Atomic War.
  • Dozens of NPCs ready to challenge you players with might trickery, and sheer weirdness.
  • A detailed look at the Long Walk—a Judge’s final patrol.
  • Expanded rules for Mutants and mutations, along with new careers for those who live in the wastelands.
  • Two adventures—one for Judges and one for those who prefer to play as Mutants
  • More critters and varmints than you can shake a Lawgiver at.
  • And much more…

... & The Worlds of 2000 AD

We are really excited to announce the first of many of our "Worlds of 2000 AD" sourcebooks. These setting books do not repeat the core rules found in the Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD hardcover; they detail other 2000 AD settings, including all the careers, equipment, new rules, races, and more that you'll need.

Not final cover
Not final cover

Nu-Earth, one battlezone among many that proves mankind brought its penchant for war to the stars. On a planet devastated by biochemical weapons, the very atmosphere itself kills. The Norties and the Southers gear up in protective suits, hurling themselves into an eternal war over a ruined world, determined to kill each other to the last man… but the last man standing may not be a man at all. Instead he might be the last surviving member of the Genetic Infantry—Rogue Trooper.

Genetically engineered to be impervervious to the hellish chemicals on Nu-Earth, Rogue Trooper scouts the insane territories of a ruined world, seeking vengeance for his fellow GIs, wiped out in a massacre arranged by a member of his own side. He doesn’t just seek vengeance for himself, but for three of his dead friends, their personalities wired into his weapons and equipment. The classic 2000 A.D. stories of war and human folly comes to RPGs at last. Join the Gentic Infantry.. Kill for a cause, even if that cause is only ensuring that your friend’s deaths count for something.

  • Full rules for creating and playing Genetic Infantry as well as Norts, and Southers, the two sides of the eternal war of Nu-earth.
  • New equipment and vehicles with which to tread your opponents into the toxic mud of Nu-Earth,
  • A host of personalities to meet and fight with or against, from the sinister scrap dealers who scour battlefields taking whatever they please, to the power mad generals who their men as pawns.
  • A history of Rogue Trooper’s adventures including ways to incorporate them into a campaign of your own
  • More carnage than a single planet can contain!
Not final cover
Not final cover

Earth in the 22nd Century, a planet devastated by atomic warfare. The fallout from the nuclear slaughter created mutations in thousands of survivors and their children. These mutants become pariahs, cast-offs, relegated to the ghettos on the margins of society or worse. But they are allowed one job. The ugliest and most dangerous job around s: bounty hunter. Pure humans won’t hunt down the scum of the galaxy, they leave that to the S/D or “Strontium Dogs.”

Most mutants poisoned by Strontium 90 are horribly disfigured, possessing no special abilities. Some few, however, have powers to accompany their strange appearance. One such mutant is Johnny Alpha. Resistance hero, warrior and champion of the forgotten and downtrodden...not to forget inescapable pursuer of justice.

Join Alpha, or build your own crew to hunt the worst criminals across space and other dimensions. It’s a dirty job, and society’s decided a mutant has to do it. Life isn’t fair. You got the wrong end of the stick. Your only way up is to run down the worst of humanity. Join the S/D and see the galaxy. If your lucky you might even make some money before your head is blown off by a variable-cartridge blaster!

  • Rules for mutations and disfigurations. Not every mutant gets powers like Johnny Alpha, but that doesn’t preclude them from being a Strontium Dog.
  • A surreal setting: part space opera, part spaghetti western - at once comedic and tragic.
  • Rules on manipulating, or being manipulated by, time and different dimensions.
  • The Galaxy’s Most Wanted—an index of the perps, killers, robbers, and war criminals your kind must hunt down.
  • Travel through space-and time to get your quarry: dead or alive!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jamie Murphy

      I don't know if you're taking requests but I would like to suggest ABC warriors as your next one. It was always my favourite strip.

    2. Morrus 9-time creator on

      We'll tell you more as soon as we can! Right now, all we can say is we're already working on them (we have a full manuscript for one and we're halfway through another) and that we plan to release them in 2019. Other than that, hang tight for more info! :)

    3. The Baragoon

      Awesome news! Also wondering how these source books will be made available.

    4. Terry Willitts on

      This is awesome news!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      wayne bennett on

      So stoked to see someone giving this great material a suitable production. One question i have is how is this going to be released? Straight to store sales or another KS?

    6. Missing avatar


      It's great to see the new content planned to support the game, especially from the earlier days of the galaxy's greatest comic. However, this project is 17 times over its funding level; is there any way to get something back to backers to show appreciation of their support? I admire what you did with the stretch goals as it allows the game to have as few delays as possible, so I'm not lobbying for more stretch goals. Maybe something like reducing postage rates or discounts for the upcoming books.

    7. Scott Arlow on

      For Sale - one kidney (don't tell the Organleggers)
      Money urgently needed to buy loads of game add-ons for Dredd RPG