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Breathless in Zion is a documentary that will serve as the world's premier expose' and epitaph on air pollution. Read more

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Breathless in Zion is a documentary that will serve as the world's premier expose' and epitaph on air pollution.

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Breathless in Zion: Utah's Battle for Clean Air is set to be a riveting documentary that will portray the complex political, topographical, environmental, and health issues regarding the horrendous air pollution problem enveloping the greater Salt Lake City area. In the film we examine the devastating impact this escalating problem is having on the health of children and local residents in the surrounding communities. Also to be explored are a broad range of conventional and cutting edge solutions for this quagmire, and an exposition of how Utah's unique geography and ultra conservative political landscape have contributed to an ongoing crises that during certain times of the year leaves Utahans with the most dangerously polluted air in the nation.

Conceived by director and producer Niles Urry and news anchor Monica Bellenger, this full length documentary is geared to be the world’s supreme expose' on air pollution, and carries a model of solutions that can be implemented in communities worldwide struggling with their own air-shed quandaries.

Urry commenced filming for the piece in January of 2009 during record breaking "RED AIR" days." Shot exclusively in progressive digital film on the Sony Cinealta camera line, the piece maintains a resolution and crispness much higher than the traditional documentary. We estimate that over 75% of the shooting has been completed and many segments have been edited and already leave a strong impact on the viewer. Our award winning production staff has decades of experience and is well suited to the task of cutting the production to a 90 minute feature film suited for the big screen.

To date, we have interviewed many of Utah's mayors, politicians, and legislators, and even the governor of Utah himself, in addition to some of the worlds leading authorities on air pollution. Stunning episodes have been captured with Salt Lake City school children who are sometimes kept inside from recess for days on end due to unacceptable and down right dangerous air pollution levels. Other interviews attained include: oil company executives, scientists, medical patients, activist and environmental groups, and ranking members of the Utah Medical Association.

Breathless in Zion's strong commercial appeal and highly relatable subject matter make it suited for the movie house as well as television broadcast. We will be running extensive marketing campaigns in a multitude of directions starting at the grass roots level, and reaching a pinnacle with movie houses, television and cable networks, national/international distribution channels, and film festivals around the globe. Additionally, we intend to distribute the film to Utahans in conjunction with local non-profit organizations to raise awareness, and simultaneously spark greater community action. Copies will be made available through such groups as the Utah Moms for Clean Air, the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and others, and our partner EnviroNews Utah will be running a sponsored version of the film online at www.EnviroNews.TV in their Documentary Showcase.

Through private screenings and the presentation of various segments, we were able to reach our phase-one filming and production goals, and we have gained a wonderful network of assistance and support along the way. We aggressively utilized the social media sphere from almost day one through our alliance with the Facebook pages known as "Utah CleanAir", and with them, we have amassed the largest following of clean air enthusiasts in the state with a network of nearly 10,000 strong and growing.

At present, we are entering into the final phase of filming, and the second phase of editing as we move to meet our completion goal of September 1, 2013. During this final instrumental phase it is our hope that more prominent individuals, companies, and organizations affected by this issue will join us with their active participation. It is our aim to debut Breathless in Zion on the big screen in December of 2013, which without fail, will correspond directly with RED AIR season!

The EnviroNews/EnviroFlix partnership represents a unified goal towards environmentally driven media messages that educate individuals to the stark fact that we stand at the precipice of environmental calamity. In this film, it will be demonstrated that Utah's air pollution problem is at its tipping point, and that the citizens of Utah must take action to ensure cleaner air for the future. This critical juncture has served as our inspiration for this beautiful and motivational movie to come to life. Through this labor of love, we believe that we can communicate a message that will help usher in a new level of awareness regarding air quality in Utah, and the world alike.

Please take a moment and watch any of our short air quality related news reels and documentary shorts below to experience some of our previous reporting on this issue, and visit this link for a complete list of our Utah-based air pollution broadcasts.

Thank you!

Synopsis of Utah's Deadly Air Pollution at the State Capitol

This polished documentary short demonstrates a real solution for air pollution within the greater Salt Lake City air shed.  Amazing Electric Vehicle Conversions Done From Home (Mom and Pop Tinkerers)

Heated Air Pollution Rally on Capitol Hill

Salt Lake City School Children Speak Out in Protest on Air Pollution at the State Capitol

Chemically Induced Asthma is a Very Real Thing

The Economics of Air Pollution

Mother Speaks Regarding Her Childs Severe Asthma at the Rio Tinto/Kennecott Lawsuit Press Conference

Risks and challenges

When we first started production on Breathless in Zion back in 2009, raising funds was the major issue because the US economy had just taken a crash-and-burn nosedive and let's face it, independent documentaries weren't at the top of investor totem pole at the time. Our partnership with EnviroNews Utah helped us to get through those tough times and continue to run cameras and cover this baffling environmental saga.

We've rolled hundreds of hours of tape and gathered a swath of raw interview and press conference footage, and now covering the escalating drama surrounding several key industry-based lawsuits is of top priority. There is always the chance that some of these pivotal dramas could generate instrumental, make-or-break scenarios concerning the future of Utah's air-shed. As these unprecedented legal events come to a head, we will watch and evaluate the potential impact on our film and the overall story.

Between EnviroFlix, and our partners at EnviroNews Utah we bring years of expertise in broadcast journalism and film production and we are confident that we can tackle any and all obstacles that may stand in our way to put forth this vital message in the heart of Utah's 2013-2014 inversion season.

We have overcome many obstacles and challenges to make it this far with this massive undertaking, but in that time frame we have broadcast over 20 documentary shorts and news reels in tandem with EnviroNews Utah to further educate and assist the people of Utah and beyond, and we are confident that we will be able to bring this air pollution epitaph to life on schedule.

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