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Xeno Galaxies - Space Trader, Sandbox, FPS & RPG (Canceled) project video thumbnail
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Try the Demo now ! In spaceships and on foot: trade, mine, build and survive. Space Trader , FPS, sandbox and RPG with dynamic events

Try the Demo now ! In spaceships and on foot: trade, mine, build and survive. Space Trader , FPS, sandbox and RPG with dynamic events Read More
pledged of $45,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 22, 2014.

About this project

The game development continues !

This Kickstarter did not reach its goal, I decided to cancel it in the last hours, so if I ever do another Kickstarter it won't appear in the search results and cause confusion.

The plan is now to develop the alpha and later sell it as early access. You can get details on update 7 . There will be more free demo / prealpha / playtests.

You can suggest ideas and vote for game features on gameloop

And very important, vote and favorite on Steam Greenlight !

Vote on Steam Greenlight
Vote on Steam Greenlight

Xeno Galaxies is an explosive mixture of three game genres: First Person Shooter, Space trader and Sandbox. All this in a dynamic universe, with scripted events and random encounters.

Demo#2 (July 11)  Windows Download  

In the demo you can:

  • Roam space, jump from planets to planets to ship and hidden gas giant harvester, manual or auto pilot.
  • Fight insectoids in caves near a player made outpost on a planet surface.
  • Meet a space mutant aboard a ship  - guns required ;)
  • Get shredded by turrets in a station .
  • Build / share / download blueprints ( ships, stations, factories) from the game. With active doors and switches.  
  • Try any blueprint in FPS mode
Demo activities
Demo activities

It's the full pre-alpha experience as of today - there is a lot more to do to reach full alpha, like the trading and ship power consumption systems. Getting funded would help a lot, to stay full time on it and hire some help!

Get the details in update #5

A Mac demo can be found here but it doesn't have all the content (due to last minutes bugs on Mac - this will be solved later) 

Press Articles:

Role Play Elements - Not a full fledged RPG but not a brainless shooter either. There is equipment and inventory management and the ability to accept missions from terminals. Complete missions your own way - blast your way through or use subtlety and finesse by hacking doors, turrets and force-fields.

Old School First Person Shooting - Fight various alien and human factions in their ships, stations and outposts, and wild creatures on the planets. Expect intense action, with a destruction system that makes use of the sandbox / block nature of the environment.

Dynamic Space Content - The game continuously spawns dynamic planets, gas giants, asteroid fields, space stations and ships of various sizes, mixing custom content made by the gamedev team with procedural and player made content. 

You will encounter dynamic events. A ship floating in deep space with all lights off, an outpost infested with insectoids, a station missing its water chip, a strange monolith on a moon ...

Dynamic planetary content -  You can land on the various planets, molten, ice, desert, jungle... Some planets are populated with wild creatures and outposts. The procedural terrain is smooth but dynamic, you can mine, make holes with explosives, lay blocks one by one or deploy a whole outpost using the power of nano technologies.

Design and build  -  You can design space stations, ships, automatic mining facilities and outposts with in game advanced design tools. To actually build or deploy the blueprints, you need nanobots and raw materials - from your own stock or purchased from a station.

Active Ship Components -  If you want your ship to fly, you need life support, engines, thrust rockets, navigation console, hyperdrive and shields, wired together with power sources. You can add active doors and elevators of variable size and textures. Weapons may prove useful too ;)

Single player action with shared blueprints - You can share your designs with all the other players, via the in game blueprint store. Each time your design is used by the game itself or by another player, you earn galactic credits. The credits are purely in-game, no real value, no free-to-play micro-transactions.

Dynamic market and trading - The trade system simulates other ships buying and selling resources. This means prices fluctuate between trade posts. You can trade using your own ship's cargo and try to play the market, but there is more : you can allow your own factories and floating gas harvesters to sell the surplus automatically, making you rich - until pirates or aliens attack...

Every block is a tradable resource with a local price and a nano assembly recipe
Every block is a tradable resource with a local price and a nano assembly recipe - official site and forums (redesign in progress) - official Youtube channel - shortcut to Steam Greenlight

Soon : Wiki with all the ship components and details.

And yes, there are some arachnids to kill in Xeno Galaxies ;)

No free-to-play schemes: You won't see anything unfair in the rewards like special ships or starting credits: this is a game where you can build your own ships and earn credits with your building, trading and fighting skills!

Alpha access: Alpha will be delivered in iterations. The first one will let you build, fly your own small ship, dock on stations and get into some first person action. Landing on planets will come next.

Beta access: Beta will have all the features. It will start when all the game features are ready to play and polished.

Game soundtrack: Space ambient and combat themes from Steve Finney at arteria3d, who nicely allowed us to release the soundtrack.

Your Name in the Game: If you select this reward, we will add your name of choice* to the dynamic quest database. All players will have a chance to see your name in the mission logs, holodisks and non playing characters. Just tell us if you prefer to appear as a hero, a villain, or maybe ... a hero who shot first ?

* of course there are naming rules!  

Holodisk: Hidden in the game are many secret locations. You will receive a redeem code for use at an ingame terminal, which will deliver the holodisk. it's a gift and a risk:It will cost you valuable fuel to investigate these locations and you do not know what awaits there, It could be treasures, advanced artifacts, or some surly xeno beasts.  

The best builders and most active community members will get some too - part of the no free-to-play scheme policy ;)

The Collector Ship:

This ship was built in-game with an early version of Xeno Galaxies, entirely with voxels including the interiors (yoke, chair, engine and respawn chamber).

For the game, we decided to abandon this design: It looked like a cool idea but it was a hell to manage in code, making construction a tedious process, and very bad for long term game performances. But it makes a great collector item !

High detail 3d print with interiors - 7cm  / 2.75 inches
High detail 3d print with interiors - 7cm / 2.75 inches

45K is the minimum amount required to complete the single player development and getting to the beta phase.

60K : Player made ground Vehicles, a variation of the ship system. 

90K : 3 playable alien races with their own unique styles and technologies.

150K : Cooperative small scale multiplayer (*) self hosted, with co-op building, shooting and multi-tenant ships. 

(*) The core game code has been designed for multi-player from the ground up. Even when playing as single player there is a server component. But doing a multiplayer with RPG elements, even small scale and cooperative only, is still a lot of work. Roughly, it's 3 times harder to design, test and debug.

Enomi (Simon) : Main programmer and game designer. Has 15 years as professional freelance software programmer for various industries - including 2 years in the game industry. Owner of Neovariance, Canadian incorporated company. Now Working full time on Xeno Galaxies.

Squib (Brendon) : Community member promoted to an official builder -and game design adviser.

Dyox  (Thomas) : Terrain engine specialist - Original author of the hybrid voxel engine extensively used (and severely customized)  in all parts of the game Terrain Engine. Hired freelance programmer - you can see his work in few other games.

Imerso (Vander) :  Author of the Etherea planet engine - expert in floating origin transforms and quadtrees - One more hired gun - and friend ;)

And then there is the whole unity3D community and it's incredible asset store, a very useful resource for game developers.

One year ago the game looked like this.

Since then I (Enomi) have worked a lot to completely overhaul game design and style and essentially redesign and re-write all of the game code - all while having a day job and 2 kids!  

Instead of coding everything myself, I made the business decision to pay for some outside help from some other highly skilled professionals for specialized code, in addition to commercial textures, animated models and soundtrack. 

Since end of May 2014 I have now moved to working on Xeno Galaxies full time, notably to be able to prepare this Kickstarter campaign!

Risks and challenges

The #1 risk is feature creep. That's when you become too enthusiastic and keep adding features to the game or project, always delaying the release.

The solution for that are to:
1 - Release early, release often. Lots of alpha and beta builds.
2- Stay focused on the first goal: Releasing a quality single player game.

The set of features is already huge, and as you can share blueprints with other players via the in game store, that's a hint of multiplayer already.

So If the multiplayer extended goal is reached, something I would love to happen, I will hire more help while I will personally ensure the single player release gets done.

The good news is I know a few skilled professionals who can help in achieving this.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter



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    Pledge $5 or more About $5 USD

    BACKER BADGE - Backer official forums badge.
    One small step for you, one ... small step for Xeno Galaxies.

    Estimated delivery
    3 backers
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    Pledge $15 or more About $14 USD

    BETA ACCESS - All rewards above + get the finished Game for Mac / PC / Linux and access the full featured single player Beta version (Beta release estimated Oct 2014)

    Estimated delivery
    111 backers
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    Pledge $25 or more About $23 USD

    ALPHA ACCESS & HOLODISK - All rewards above + Alpha access + one in Game Holodisk giving coordinates of a point of interest - artifact, derelict ship, forgotten outpost ...

    Estimated delivery
    72 backers
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    Pledge $35 or more About $32 USD

    ELITE BACKER - All rewards above (including alpha, beta, full game) + Your name in the credits, 2 more Holodisks and download of the game soundtrack.

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    38 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $45 or more About $41 USD

    YOUR NAME IN THE GAME - All rewards above + the name of your choice* will be included in the mission system. All players will have a chance to see your name in the mission logs, holodisks and NPC.

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 39 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $95 or more About $87 USD

    QUEST AUTHOR - All rewards above + Send us your idea of a simple dynamic quest. We will make it happen, and your name will be featured in your quest. (technical constraints may require simplifying things, and custom quest delivery time is not defined, Aug 2014 is for Alpha access)

    Estimated delivery
    Limited 0 backers
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    Pledge $160 or more About $147 USD

    COLLECTOR SHIP MODEL - All rewards above (including NAME IN THE GAME) + high detail 3D print of the special collector ship with International Shipping Included.

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    5 backers

Funding period

- (33 days)