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Postcards from a master criminal have arrived on your doorstep. Hidden within are clues that can lead to his capture, and more...
Postcards from a master criminal have arrived on your doorstep. Hidden within are clues that can lead to his capture, and more...
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The Enigma Emporium Presents: Wish You Were Here



Wish You Were Here is a uniquely-aesthetic puzzle experience. You are the detective, and these 5 carefully-crafted postcards contain every answer that you're seeking. 

Use your knowledge of codes and ciphers, your ability to research and cross-reference, and your creativity and outside-the-box thinking to solve the myriad puzzles and mysteries contained in the cards. 

The Enigma Emporium was founded by puzzlers for puzzlers. We've taken everything that we've learned from decades of experience with puzzles, games, mystery boxes, and escape rooms and have made something new and unique that we hope you'll love. 

Case closed. You caught the blackmailer in the act and, pending trial, it looked like he'd be going away for 5-7. You came back to the office because you'd forgotten some paperwork, but there was an envelope dangling from your office's mail slot. Odd, since the day's mail came hours ago before you'd even left the office. That meant either special delivery or (you checked the envelope for a postage mark) a hand-delivery. 

Before opening it, you performed your customary checks: Return address? None. Envelope? Heavy parchment. Expensive. Foreign? Handwriting? Tense, strained, and masculine. 

Your knife blade clicks sharply open in otherwise silent office and you slip it carefully under the seal, wary of marring anything you might need later. Out into your hand tumble 5 postcards, all from different sources, each stamped months apart. They're strange, foreign, confusing... until you spot one that seems to make some sense. "Hello, detective," it begins. You flip it over, momentarily, reading the large letters on the front. "Wish you were here." 

Your lips purse together softly, thoughtfully, as you sink into your chair without realizing it. "You'll not know my name, but I know you," you continue to read while your other hand reaches blindly for the paper and pen you always keep in the side drawer...

 Wish You Were Here is different from many other such puzzles in a few key ways. First, everything you need from us you will receive all at once. There are no subscriptions, no mailers, no waiting around for more information before you can finish solving the puzzles. 

You also won't need to damage or destroy any part of these cards in order to solve them (although photocopying is encouraged if writing on the cards will help you). That way, upon completion you are left with a beautiful set of cards that you can either save as a keepsake or pass on to a friend to see if they can solve the mystery as quickly as you did. 

Research is not only recommended, but will also be necessary to solve many of these puzzles as they are set in the real world and use actual facts from history, geography, science, etc. You won't be expected to know much information off the top of your head (although some familiarity with common puzzle types will help you out) and Google is a useful tool. Similarly, here are a few other tools that might prove useful in these, or other, puzzles. 

Remember, none of these are guaranteed to be useful for solving Wish You Were Here, but they are all useful tools for anyone aspiring to be a great puzzle solver. 

Finally, there will be a 'Clues' section built for each of our puzzles on which you will receive a link to along with your postcards. This will offer two increasingly-specific hints for each puzzle, as well as a solution for each (although you may still have to do some decoding after you learn how).

REMEMBER: You can't unsee a hint. There's no clock ticking here, so take your time. Only get a hint if you absolutely need to, because there's no going back from there and we would hate for you to spoil anything for yourself. 

 So, originally we had no plans to include any manner of stretch goals in this campaign. Not because we were holding out on you, we promise! Really, it was the opposite of that. We wanted to include everything we possibly could from the very start. We didn't want to dangle extra puzzles or component upgrades or anything else that should, by rights, be included already. So we made the whole story, as many puzzles as we needed, and we found the quality of production and materials that we thought was best, and then we pressed "Launch." 

Well, in just 7 hours we funded and, as I write this, we're 4 days in and on our way to 400% percent funded. That's amazing. That's something special. And moreover that gave us financial flexibility to start thinking bigger. We pressed "start" on some projects that we couldn't before, like hiring a coder to work on the digital elements of the game. But, more importantly, as we looked at the steadily climbing pledges, we realized that we had to give you all something else, something special. So we decided that once we cross the $8,000 mark (which may well happen in the next couple days) we are going to add an extra 6th postcard to all of your pledges.

 This postcard will be a follow-up to the already-complete story told by the first five. As such, you will want to set it aside when you receive it and not dig too much into it until you've finished Wish You Were Here. This card will be included in every pledge, both personal and retail. 

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Risks and challenges

We're not taking anything for granted here, but we have specifically chosen our lowest-risk project to begin with. All of our design work is 99% complete, with only a few aesthetic changes left to me made before the campaign ends.

To keep our timeline simple, all materials are being ordered domestically and will take under a week to manufacture and receive, at which point we will begin fulfillment. At the latest, fulfillment should begin by the 2nd-3rd week in November, with all pledges (both individual and retail) being sent out by the start of December.

Now, the unforeseen is called that for a reason, so should anything threaten to lengthen this timeline, you will be the first to know. However, at this point it looks like smooth sailing between now and you having these postcards in your hands.

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