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An existential journey. Discover that your role in this strange world goes beyond just being a player. Read more

Chicago, IL Video Games
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An existential journey. Discover that your role in this strange world goes beyond just being a player.

Chicago, IL Video Games
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En House Studios

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About this project

GLITCH is a psychological and existential journey. The game pokes fun at traditional role playing cliches and has its own take on social commentary. Fight against enemies in strategic, grid-based combat where your new found friends will take on different roles to assist the team. While GLITCH has many role-playing elements, the game also focuses on world exploration and character relationships. 

The story begins as the hero, Gus, becomes aware of you, the player, and is able to talk directly to you. Accompany him on his quest where you will meet new people, venture to strange lands, and uncover the secrets of his world and as well as your own. Behind closed doors lies a GLITCH that will require the combined efforts of you, Gus, and all of your new friends to patch.

Like the song in the trailer? Check out Surrogate! WEBSITE & BANDCAMP


We accept DOGECOIN donations! Unfortunately at this time, we cannot offer rewards through donations. 


Other payment options (including PayPal) will be available after our pledging period!


#{project_title}'s video poster

The world exists against many strange and discordant places. When fragments align, the doors connecting this world to those places open. Things that climb through those doors can drag the world into chaos.

Welcome to Betwixt, a prison held in time. Our hero, Gus, loses himself within its grasp. As the cycle continues, Gus’ memories fade. Gus is left alone in a lifeless village with nothing but his thoughts. His mind withers away…

But suddenly a door opens in his world and something seeps through: the GLITCH.

Peering into the GLITCH, Gus becomes conscious of something beyond his world: You.

Gus realizes that the emergence of the GLITCH threatens the fate of his world. Now that you and Gus are brought together, a new journey begins. 


There are records preserved and lost about the history of Soren. The echoes of ancient events still ring throughout the continent. Civilization once again has come to the brink of conflict as the beings of the land grow restless and mad. However, the sun still rises for Soren.

There are many strange places you will come across in the lands of Soren. A desert filled with valuable energy crystals, a dytopian city with a growing underbelly, a coral forest with knee deep water, and a forest with a deadly curse- these are just a few of the zones you will venture through. You will find that surprises can be found in even the smallest nooks and crannies. From the chimera in Ephina, to the mole people among the clouds in Asen, to the shrimp tribe nestled in the Piedra Mountains, every being in Soren has a tale to tell.



 Check out full version of the art on IMGUR



Hey there, I'm Gus. You probably have already picked up on that by now. Nice to meet you and stuff... cool kick starter huh? So how are you doin- oh, right. This is supposed to be a character bio. My bad. Well wait, I can't really even remember much so I think it's pretty cruel you guys are making me do this in the first place.


Bebo is a strange bird-like creature that has taken a liking to Gus. He does not add much to the group besides his consistent screeches. However, his sharp beak and odd healing powers make him a useful ally in battle.


Nina is the rebellious daughter of Gunden's President. Despite her edgy exterior, she has a kind heart and is always looking to help those less fortunate than her. Wielding a balance of light and dark magic, Nina can cause destruction on the battlefield while also aiding her wounded allies.


Emil is the former president of Gunden. He was in office until he was removed due to his obsession with 'supernatural forces'. He waits in the outskirts of Gunden for when his knowledge may be needed again. For Emil, age is a sign of wisdom and not weakness. Emil uses arcane powers to strike down his foes and nimbus magic to float through battle.


Tex is an outdated personal A/C and heating robot that served Emil. Emil sends Tex off to help Gus on his journey knowing the rustic robot had something more inside of him. Although his programming is now obsolete, something has sparked a change in the way Tex perceives the world. Tex uses heat waves and cold air to attack his enemies and soothe his allies. 


Lilian was once a courtesan, serving rich men for a quick pay. After a brutal murder, she found herself still attached to this world as a ghost. She now copes with the fact that she does not have the one thing she built her life around: her body. Lilian uses her ghost powers and irresistible charm to subdue foes.


Gumbo is a shut in who isolates himself in his house due to social anxiety. While he claims he does not have any useful skills, Gumbo is a master in the kitchen. Despite being a nervous wreck, he decides to embark on a quest for something he once lost. Gumbo uses his culinary skills to sustain his friends and prepare himself for battle. 


Tox lives on as the last of his tribe after Gunden soldiers massacred his people. He found his way into a new city where he works as a body guard for a notorious black-market merchant. He decides to join Gus hoping to protect others in the name of his tribe. Tox uses himself to shield his allies and attacks his foes with deadly spores.  


Seli is the product of an experiment; the goal of the scientists was to fuse a human and a monster. While they succeeded, Seli managed to escape the labs and wandered into the forests. Being half slime, she was able to live and hunt as a feral child. She uses slime powers to shift forms and adapt to any situation. 


Not much is known about this mysterious character but his appearances happen far to often to be coincidental. He speaks in a language that nobody seems to understand. 

Check out full version of the art on IMGUR


GLITCH uses a grid-based combat system. After setting up your team on the stage, you and your enemies will fling spells and break through enemies lines. While some members of your team will be used to shield their allies from oncoming attacks, others will be firing projectiles to hit the enemies back line. Other allies will disrupt the enemy team, knocking them into traps or changing their position on the field. With a wide variety of battle fields and allies, each fight will be its own challenge. 

Ui: Impacting the World

Ui is your wisp-like companion. Opening menus and fighting in battles are just a few of the ways she will be helping you and Gus. Ui is your key to impacting the world of GLITCH. Though she may give you attitude, she will be essential to both you and Gus. 

Connect With Gus

Throughout the game Gus will come to you looking for guidance and advice. Gus will often ask you questions about life, his existence, the weather, the world, his friends, and anything else that comes to his mind. How you respond to his questions and conversations will define the relationship between you two. As you learn more about him, he also learns a bit more about you.

A Race Against Time

As the GLITCH seeps into Gus’ world, time is beginning to run out. If you and Gus do not act fast enough, things in the world will be consumed by the GLITCH. In certain parts of the game, you will also be battling the clock as you race to purge the GLITCH from these zones.

Get Questin'

While the main story of GLITCH will always drive the player to new zones, side quests will take a major role in the game. Each quest has a unique tale to tell. From helping reunite a king with his forbidden male lover, to exploring a different dimension inside of a refrigerator, there will be no shortage of quests to discover.

Get Ready for Battle

Equipment is used to customize each character's stats. Character’s individual stats allow them to fulfill a certain role. Each character will have two primary roles they can fill. You can choose to focus only on one and be more specialized or focus on both roles to be more versatile. Managing each character's role within the party will be crucial to surviving the difficult fights ahead. Each character comes with a unique set of skills so choose your party wisely.

Large-Scale Battles

When it comes time for a battle of epic proportions, your party will divide into smaller groups and engage in a large scale tactical battle. Guide the multiple groups to siege factories, defend castles, and take down huge monsters.

These are just a few mechanics that will be featured in GLITCH. Crafting, monster skills, achievements, augmenting equipment, dungeons, and more will be announced in the future.

The soundtrack of GLITCH will match the game's strange feeling and will make the world seem just a bit more alive. Check out some song concepts & demos:

Gus' Theme (Sydney Botie)

Eternally (Justin Hilton)

Lofilen Woods(Sydney Botie)

 Pizza Party (Sydney Botie)

 Believe (Justin Hilton)



$10,000 Game Funded - GLITCH will be released for Windows/Mac/Linux with an estimated release date sometime around June 2015.

$15,000 Visible Equipment & Development Blog - Equipment will change the appearance of character sprites. Also the development team will post weekly blogs updating you on the progress of the game and also giving some sweet sneak peeks at future content.

$20,000 Additional Zone & In-Game Lore Book -  Explore a whole new zone and embark on new quests. Also discover the history behind the world with an in-game lore book featuring pages and documents scattered around the world.

$30,000 New Playable Characters - While the core party is all here, there are a few members who just did not make the cut. Help them out by getting them into the game!

$45,000 Pet System & Book of Secrets - Get ready to tame beasts and have them battle alongside you. If we get close, we will release more details on the system. Also enjoy an e-book that reveals some secrets about the game that might be a little too far out for some to figure out.

$60,000 Free Expansion - A lost chapter, or an epilogue perhaps? This post-launch content will add just a bit more to the world of GLITCH.

$100,000 3DS, Wii U, & PS Vita Port - While we would really love to port the game to these systems, without sufficient funding it simply is not possible. A dev team can dream...

$150,000 Web Comic Series - With so many interesting locations and character interactions, the team has played with the idea of showing off the world of GLITCH in a web comic series. If funding gets close, we will reveal more details on the possible series.

 $1 OUR GRATITUDE AND LOVE - Every dollar counts, and even the smallest donations can help to fund GLITCH.

$10 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - For supporting the game early on, not only will you get a digital copy of GLITCH but also the soundtrack and e-book are yours. LIMITED TO 100!

$10 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF GLITCH - DRM free digital copy of the full game GLITCH for Windows/Mac/Linux.

$12 DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK - A digital download of GLITCH's soundtrack will be yours. The soundtrack will be in both MP3 and WAV format + all previous rewards.

$15 CONCEPT E-BOOK - An e-book containing concept art, blurbs from the dev team about design choices, and more in PDF format + all previous rewards.

$20 NAME IN CREDITS - Your full name and or your handle will be included in our game's credits. You'll be famous! (well, sort of) + all previous rewards.

$30 MOUSE PAD - An official GLITCH mouse pad with your choice of three different variations. Add ten dollars to ship outside of the United States (sorry Canada!) + all previous rewards.

Click to view the full version!
Click to view the full version!


$50 BETA ACCESS - Be apart of the development process by participating in the closed beta for GLITCH. The beta will go live a few months before launch and will NOT have a non-disclosure agreement meaning you can share screenshots and video with the world. The purpose of the beta is to test for bugs and assess the state of the game. More details about the beta will be shared at a later date + all previous rewards.

$70 POSTER - An official GLITCH poster in you choice of two different colors. The poster is 24" x 36". Thanks to ALYSSA REYES for the poster art + all previous rewards

Click to view the full version!
Click to view the full version!


 $90 SIGNED MOUSE PAD OR POSTER - Choose to have your mouse pad or poster signed by the development team + all previous rewards.

$120 PHYSICAL COPY OF GLITCH - In addition the digital copy, you will be sent a physical copy of GLITCH that will include retro inspired cover art and instruction manual. More details and art will be shown at a later date + all previous rewards. LIMITED TO 100!

$150 IN-GAME N.P.C - An in-game N.P.C will be named and or modeled after you and put into the game. You will also receive a small piece of digital artwork showing off your character and a personal message from the development team + all previous rewards. LIMITED TO 50!

$250 SKYPE SESSION - A ten minute Skype session with the development team where you can ask questions and get a look at more content that was not shown in the kick starter. This session will be available for two months after the kick starter ends + all previous rewards. LIMITED TO 20!

$500 PRODUCER & LAUNCH PARTY - You will be named as a producer in the credits and also have a personal invitation to GLITCH's launch party in Chicago (airfare and board not included). You will also receive exclusive updates on the games development + all previous rewards. LIMITED TO 10!

$1000 EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Get a behind the scenes look at the development of GLITCH and have access to all playable versions of the game starting from the ALPHA. You will also be named as an executive producer in the credits + all previous rewards. LIMITED TO 5!

Why do you need funding? What does the funding go towards? Why crowd funding?

Well, the team has been working part time on putting together the bones of the game and getting the kickstarter together. Even working part time on the game is not something the development team can sustain for an extended amount of time. If we were to continue at this pace, it would be years before the game would be close to a release. With funding, we can work full time on the game. 

The money earned from the kickstarter will go mainly towards sustaining the team while we work. With $10,000 dollars, the team can work full time on the game and then shift over to working part time once the funds run low. With this model, we hope to release the game around June 2015. The funds will also go towards kickstarter fees, paying artists, licensing, taxes, copy writing, shipping and manufacturing rewards, and office supplies the team needs. With additional funds, we spend additonal time on making the game more expansive, interesting, and polished.

The team decided to chose crowd funding because not only does it help give the team exposure and build hype for the game, but it also allows us to set our own rules for developing the game meaning we can produce our game the way we imagine it. It also directly connects the team to the people buying the game, making for a great way to interact with the community.

En House Studios is a small start up game development team based in Chicago. While the team is small, they have laid out a plan to develop and release GLITCH and hope to accomplish their goals with the game. The group met at DePaul University and was brought together by the common interests they shared when it came to gaming. Although the team is young, they are ambitious and hope to succeed with their first project.

Want to see the team in action or playing games? Bring all your questions to our TWITCH stream and see what the dev team is up to.

GLITCH started as an idea I had a few years back. What if a video game character acknowledged the player? That thought is what brought the team to where we are now with the game. Creating art and designing the world for GLITCH has been quite an experience already. Role playing games have always been my go to for gaming. Discovering the world, characters, and quirks of these worlds always seemed to be the best part. 

GLITCH has been greatly inspired by a lot of the games I always coming back to. The Mother/Earthbound series is a great inspiration for me- the quirky world is something that no other game has. I also love other great old school RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and Dragon Quest Monster 2. Today I love games that are not afraid to be themselves like OFF, Persona, and Dark Souls. 

My passion for programming was actually a product of playing video games. Growing up I played games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario. While playing these games I always would wonder, what made them tick? Programming to me is like a puzzle game all in its self and I can never put it down until I finish. The first programming language I learned was html and css. I self taught myself how to program when in these languages when I was 13.

Gaming is another passion of mine and I have spent many more hours than I would like to admit playing them. My inspirations for GLITCH come from some of my favorite games. Just a few of those games are: Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Paper Mario, and Bioshock.

My father originally exposed me to video games at a young age, and I was instantly enthralled in the fantastic new worlds that these games allowed me to explore. Beginning with titles such as Dark Cloud, The Legend of Zelda series, and various Final Fantasy titles. As I grew older I began to play various MMORPG's including World of Warcraft, Rift, and Guild Wars 1 and 2. Through these games, and countless others, I have developed a solid understanding for balance and game play mechanics that I plan to utilize in the development of Glitch. 

Another passion of mine aside from video games is music. I strive to take influences from my favorite bands such as Thrice, Moving Mountains, and The Appleseed Cast as well as composers like Nobuo Uematsu when creating music for this game. I hope that my extensive taste in music and thirst for innovation will allow me to create pieces that will be able to truly compliment the magical experiences players will find within the world of Glitch.

I’ve also been surrounded by different types of music, from Marvin Gaye to Agnes Obel. I like to experiment with as many instruments I can get my hands on. It’s great creating beats and songs through the power of a laptop, but to add real-time instruments to computer-generated sounds, inevitably, makes a unique sound. I aspired to create a different sound for the Glitch soundtrack, finding inspiration in sounds similar to C2C, Broken Bells, and Chet Faker. I’m always down for hearing some music suggestions to broaden my horizon, so feel free to give me a recommendation here and there. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and helped us get this project to where it is today. We could not have done this without you!

SURROGATE - The band's song "Blank Page" was used in our game play trailer. Check out their WEBSITE and BANDCAMP!

SLAVEMACHINE - The amazing art for our kick starter.

BRANDON DANZYGER - For putting together our cinematic trailer. Check out his WEBSITE here.

TOM R. WILSON - The amazing voice in the cinematic trailer. Listen to his other work on his SOUNDCLOUD.

ALYSSA REYES - Maker of the awesome poster design, check out her TUMBLR here!

THE RPG MAKER COMMUNITY - Everyone from the RPG Maker community who helped us get things together.
                   Cuong "Dr. Yami" Nguyen - Ace Engine/Battle Symphony
                   Modern Algebra - Quest Journal
                   Galv - Galv's Parameter Names
                   Raw " Molegato" Miau - Molegato Battle Status/Functions
                   Nelderson - N.A.S.T.Y. Extra Stats

Miscellaneous Credits - Thanks to Aaron, Nikki, Amrita, Luka, Larry, Mallory, Ivan, and our families for helping and supporting us.

Risks and challenges

The team at En House Studios has laid out a plan for developing GLITCH and making sure the game is polished and bug-free upon release. However, unforeseen problems may arise that halt or stop production for a period of time. From personal reasons to injury, there are countless situations that could arise.

With sufficient funding, we hope that we can provide a quality game and ensure that the game is released in a timely and efficient manner. If major delays or events do happen, we will keep you notified and hope for your understanding.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We hope to have GLITCH released sometime around June 2015. This is an estimate, so it may be subject to change.

    Last updated:
  • We hope to have the game either on Steam or Humble Bundle at some point, but if not we will have a website dedicated to the game where you will download it from.

    Last updated:
  • While we are currently testing for what we will be making the final product in, we are currently using RPG Maker VX Ace. With enough funding we hope to write our own engine in C++ or even Java, but options like Unity and Gamemaker are still on the table.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! The game will have full controller support.

    Last updated:


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    Get a full copy of the game upon release and because you helped us early on, the digital soundtrack and e-book are also yours for free

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    DRM- free digital download of the full game upon release

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    Digital download of our soundtrack (MP3 & WAV format) + all previous rewards

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    E-Book (PDF format) containing concept art, blurbs from the dev team about design choices, and more + all previous rewards

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    Your name will appear in the credits of the game, you'll be famous! (well, sort of) + all previous rewards

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    An official GLITCH mouse pad with your choice of three different variations + all previous rewards

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    Be a part of the small, closed beta to test for bugs. It will take place a few months before release. The beta will NOT have a non-disclosure agreement, so you will be free to share and post any of the content + all previous rewards

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    An official GLITCH poster with your choice of orange or green style + all previous rewards

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    Get a signed version of the mousepad or poster from the dev team + all previous rewards

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    In addition to a digital copy, you will receive a physical copy of GLITCH with retro inspired cover art and instruction manual + all previous rewards

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    An in-game N.P.C named and or modeled after you in game, you'll also receive a small piece of digital artwork of your N.P.C + all previous rewards

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    A ten minute Skype session with the dev team where you can ask questions about the game and get a small look at some content we did not show in the kick starter. You may record the session and post/use the video in any way you wish + all previous rewards

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    You will be named as a producer in the credits and you'll have a personal invitation to our launch party in Chicago (airfare and board not included). You will also receive exclusive updates on the games development + all previous rewards

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    Get a behind the scenes look at the development of GLITCH. Also get a sneak peek into the game by getting to play all of our playable versions, starting with a very private ALPHA that will be available soon after the kick starter ends. You will also be named executive producer in the credits. + all previous rewards

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Funding period

- (30 days)