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A Real Robotics platform accessible to beginners and experts. Learn skills in Coding, 3D Printing, Design, Electronics and Robot Math.
A Real Robotics platform accessible to beginners and experts. Learn skills in Coding, 3D Printing, Design, Electronics and Robot Math.
A Real Robotics platform accessible to beginners and experts. Learn skills in Coding, 3D Printing, Design, Electronics and Robot Math.
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    1. EngiMake Creator on

      @Jean Kaneko We have private messaged you.

    2. Jean Kaneko on

      I have not received my refund as well.

    3. EngiMake Creator on

      @Pat Leo we have private messaged you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pat Leo on

      I have checked my bank account and I have not yet receive the refund.

    5. EngiMake Creator on

      @DIGITALLI Thanks for letting us know.

    6. EngiMake Creator on

      @Sylvian42 We have posted the certificate of interest in the financial outlines folder, here is a link…

      This should confirm that we have not made any interest gains on the crowdfunding money.

    7. Missing avatar


      I have got my refunds. Thanks.

    8. EngiMake Creator on

      @JamesWard The schematic for the PCB will be posted in the github account shortly. Thanks for the well wishes.

    9. EngiMake Creator on

      @ruaidhri You are correct that we have not treated shipping as a separate funding source. We did this because each backer we received a single “pledge” of funding from each backer (which is made up of reward+shipping), less fees. A higher pledge amount (including shipping) means a correspondingly higher refund amount.

    10. EngiMake Creator on

      @Sylvian42 Unfortunately our bank account does not receive interest so there are no interest gains we can pass on. You can see this in a certificate of interest which will be posted in the next few days. We didn't mention specifics previously because we wanted to be certain of the figures, rather than providing misinformation. We are sorry we have disappointed you.

    11. EngiMake Creator on

      @Guillaume You can view the IP we developed in the github repository here. It is released under a creative commons open source license, so you are free to do with it what you wish.

    12. EngiMake Creator on

      @Mark we are sorry to let you down, we did not intend for it to end like this. You can see the £6040.18 expenditure breakdown in the dropbox link in the update. We hope you have better results with crowdfunding in the future.

    13. Emlyn Clay on

      I share the view that a Kickstarter campaign is an investment tool where in lieu of equity you get a discount on a pre-production product that is made — if you want certainty then by the products in a shop at full price, and get what the market gives you rather than try and back something new, exciting and different what's already available.

      Your public financial statement is plenty enough for me, the money looks like it has been used frugally. However, I'm a little appalled that Kickstarter themselves haven't refunded any of their costs to you as they took an 8% cut of the proceeds.

      Best of luck in the future, you had a interest idea and from the prototype I saw you've got the skills to execute a design, I hope this setback won't hold you back in future.

    14. Missing avatar

      James Ward on

      Hi sorry to hear about the project. However, I've downloaded the files from Github but there doesn't seem to be a schematic for the PCB. Is one available?
      Good Luck with future ventures.

    15. Missing avatar

      ruaidhri on

      Hi I understand that kickstarter is a gamble on products reaching the end product and totally accept that. However I would prefer if refunds were more transparent. You say that you are refunding over 78% of the money and while this may be true in a sense, it is also misleading. Considering shipping costs were added at the start and not during the survey at the end and the fact that nothing has been shipped then those costs (unused) should be refunded in full. Which drops the percentage somewhat!
      Again I understand that at times projects may not cross the finish line and everyone on kickstarter should by now be aware that it is a gamble (usually small) but a clearer representation of figures would be more appropriate in my opinion

    16. Sylvian42 on

      Omg they didn't give 100% money back... And no tells about this "fees" before the last email... They keep money for about 9 months, and give a part back... What about Bank interest guys ?

      Great job engimake !... You 're awesome !...

    17. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Belanger on

      Kickstarter is kickstarter for a reason, if you guys want to buy risk-free you can go to the store or wait for campaign completion and purchase at retail price. Personally I take no offense in the fact that some money was spent. I think the fact that the money was not used to provide a salary or other compensation to the organizers is fair and that they are acting in an ethical manner.

      Whatever work came out of the project in the form of R&D and plans should be opened to the community, this way the effort and the money were not wasted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      This is the second time I lose money. First on indiegogo with bluefrog robotics Buddy. They collected 700,000 euros two years ago. Money has gone on expensive marketing campaigns. No robot Buddy. Now likely to QuadBot.

    19. EngiMake Creator on

      Hi Sameer, our next update will be on Monday.

    20. Missing avatar

      Sameer Shaik on

      What happened to the weekly update promise? When can I expect my money back in my account?

    21. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Really? You have to have an accountant check the money? Just admit you guys are having giggle fits at stealing our money.

    22. Missing avatar

      ruaidhri on

      When will I receive my refund?

    23. Darren P

      @EngiMake That's good to hear!

    24. EngiMake Creator on

      We haven't released refunds yet; we can't until all money is checked by the accountant. We don't expect it to take much longer but will keep you updated either way.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Nope,no refund here. Lots updates saying that it will be done. I guess typing a sentence every couple of weeks is easier than actually doing it?

    26. Darren P

      Has anyone received their refunds yet?

    27. Edmond Seal

      @creator I do respect you for doing the right thing and sending our money back. You could have done what others have done and just kept our money and took a vacation.

    28. Jill Collinge on

      We just wanted the STL files. As Chris has already said couldn't you just send these out. Thanks. Jill

    29. Missing avatar

      Carl Clement on

      Sorry to hear things haven't worked out. Having seen one of the prototypes at the Google Campus I was impressed with the design and how cute the little guy was. Thank you for being honest and doing the right thing.

    30. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Belanger on

      I think it takes guts to admit you've taken on more than you can chew. I for one would prefer having my money refunded so I can fund a different project instead of ending up with a late, half-assed version of what I signed up for.

      I think you could have come out of this in better shape if you had communicated more with your backers, but if the maths don't work out anymore or if you core project team isn't in good shape, backing out instead of wasting people's money is the right thing to do.

      Good luck.

    31. Chris on

      The reason I backed just the STL files for this awesome robot because it was overpriced to begin with, I am sure you could have shipped something and not tried to make it over complicated. I for one would still like the STL and I think it would be easy enough to provide that part of the pledge as it would be just an email or link to a file download.

      Another thing. Do not give up. Be open as most people on here are used to delays (I have never had anything on time from kickstarter). Fill the pledges you can and refund the rest.

    32. Edmond Seal

      @creator I'm not understanding this at all. You don't even have to assemble a thing, we're doing the work and you still can't get it right. You can definitely send me my money back.

    33. Mark Campbell

      @Nils-Ola Nilson +1

    34. Missing avatar

      Nils-Ola Nilson on

      @creator. This isn't what I would call an update, shape up.
      Tell the backers what and why you have problems with the "direction" of EngiMake. I am sure of that you will get great help all of us. As it is now you are losing both the faith from the backers, and momentum, soon will have a obsolete product that no one will buy.
      I don't like the new design, but it might be ok IF you can tell us why the changes are made.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mike Smart on

      Just adding my voice to the many backers who would like an update on what's going on, and why the design has changed so much from the original?

      Even your website still lists "April 2017" as the shipping date. What's up with that? Are you guys even still around?

      This is the second Kickstarter I've backed, and am totally regretting my decision to fund this. Can I get a refund?

    36. Missing avatar

      jan van hulzen on

      as other commenters have pointed out below the lack of updates in any form is not a good sign. It is also mentioned in this article ( that keeping quiet may kill your ability to get future projects funded. Judging from the redesign posted in your last update i suspect that for some reason or other an unforeseen redesign is in progress maybe due to someone leaving or some hardware limitations surfacing. Maybe it would be an idea to post a comment on what you can deliver rather than what you want to deliver. In my opinion the bot shown in the video is better than some upgraded version which is never delivered.

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      "Expect updates on a weekly basis from now on as we'll keep you notified of any highs and lows!"
      J&J at EngiMake, 31st Jan 2017

      That was 4 and a half months ago, yet here we are with 11 consecutive update free weeks!

      Tanja is 100% right - look after your customers or your business will fail. Never make promises you can't keep. Don't lie to people - people aren't stupid.

      Please consider this a refund request if you don't have an immediate update for us.
      Good luck Gents

    38. Tanja Scheliessnig on

      I think any kickstarter backer knows that bringing a new product to life is cumbersome with unexpected difficulties just around every other corner, however (i am working with startups on a daily basis and am telling them what i am about to tell you now) not communicating with early adopters and your future evangelists who believed in a product before it was even created and even put money on the table for it - that is US - is unacceptable and will kill any business - no matter how nice and sophisticated the product. if you do not start communicating you might as well start working on the refund issue.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      If they are handing out refunds count me IN.

    40. Ian Lewis on

      I think, at this stage, I would like a refund. Please contact me as soon as possible


    41. Missing avatar

      Iain Duncan on

      It is now June and the lack of communication is unacceptable.
      Extremely disappointed and I now regret promoting your project.

    42. Missing avatar

      jan van hulzen on

      Hi, i agree with Mark Campbell. I would appreciate an estimate on when the kits ship. I singed up for this project as a pilot for a school project which should be going live in September. If this deadline can not be met i would like to know so i can make other arrangements and shelve this project for next year.

    43. Lieven VR on

      I'm shocked and very disappointing the leg design has been changed this drastically compared what has been shown/offered in this Kickstarter! Of course you can make variants, to be ordered separately, but the product shown in the links below is not the product I've signed up for. If the shown product will be final one, please consider this as a refund request!

    44. Mark Campbell

      Dear creators, it's now well past time for an update. Please let us know what is happening with this project.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nils-Ola Nilson on

      @Creator. PLEASE, Give us a update, it's long time since the last one.

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      10 weeks since an update... time to tell us what is going on

    47. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Sorry, I meant 2 servos per leg

    48. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Yes, why only 2 servos? The campaign lists 12 servos.

    49. Missing avatar

      WangQi on

      I have not got my QuadBot yet, why? When will I get it ? Can I cancel my pledge?

    50. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      This design is nothing like the one you sold me in your campaign. The legs are entirely different. Can someone explain how this design is better, or even as good as the one you had in your catchy video?

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