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A revolutionary new technology that makes an ordinary home smart. Learn what's happening in your home, and teach it some new tricks!
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CA$ 267,373


Missed our Kickstarter?

Thank you all for supporting Neurio! If you missed our campaign, you can still order Neurio by visiting We can no longer make changes to this page, but we'll continue to post Updates. If you have any questions about Neurio, feel free to contact us at:

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Click here to see our media coverage
Click here to see our media coverage

What is Neurio™?

Imagine if one day the same washing machine you’ve always used started reminding you when you forgot to dry your clothes. Thanks to Neurio, this is now possible!

Neurio is a home intelligence™ technology that makes your ordinary appliances smart and your home more efficient. Using a WiFi power sensor and a cloud service with some smart pattern detection algorithms, Neurio monitors your home’s electricity to figure out what your appliances are up to - without the need to install sensors on every device.

Out of the box, Neurio and its included app,  report useful data for saving money on electrical bills. It’ll tell you in real-time how much power you’re using, reveals insights into problems and usage patterns, and it is smart enough to notify you when you forget to turn something off! And if you have solar panels at home, Neurio can monitor and track your solar generation too.

Thinking about automating your home? Neurio plays well with friends: use SmartThings, IFTTT, or Raspberry Pi. You can set up triggers to send a message when the wash is done, detect when the garage door opens, or turn on the music when you start the hot tub. Neurio has an open API and is maker-friendly.

Ali got a $75 reward check from his utility for saving 44% on his annual electricity use,  thanks to Neurio!
Ali got a $75 reward check from his utility for saving 44% on his annual electricity use, thanks to Neurio!

How is Neurio going to change the world? 

Neurio is a step towards the learning home of the future. More and more appliances are connecting to the net, but we still interact with them one at a time through switches and buttons. With Neurio, appliances can learn about the home, figuring out what other devices are doing and what the user is up to. This added intelligence is how your home learns to adjust to your needs.

I’m a maker / hacker / developer! How open is Neurio? 

Yup! Neurio is an open platform with a public API so you can extend it any way you like. Connect it to web services, or write your own applications. Pull data from our cloud or directly from the sensor, and crunch the numbers yourself in Matlab or Python. What you do with Neurio is up to you!

If you’d rather not write any code, we plan to support services like SmartThings and IFTTT, so you can integrate Neurio with other connected devices.

Meet Neurio

There are four parts to Neurio:  

  • Sensor: a WiFi-enabled power monitor installed in your breaker panel.
  • Cloud: our cloud service to host and process the data, included free-of-charge for our Kickstarter backers.
  • Mobile App: our energy saving app for those wishing to cut down on their bill.
  • Trigger (Optional): an open-source application for makers and hackers who want to take Neurio to the next level. Ignore this if you are not a coder! Provided for Raspberry Pi and Android.

Everything starts with the Neurio Sensor, a whole-home electricity monitor that you install in your breaker panel. The sensor uses Current Transformers (CT’s) to measure the flow of electricity into your home, and transmits the data via WiFi.

Neurio Cloud is the online service that makes Neurio smart. It’s responsible for storing and analyzing your power data, and figuring out things like what your devices are up to and how much energy they use. It can observe events and take action, like detecting when your laundry is done and sending you an SMS. We are integrating Neurio Cloud with other systems including SmartThings and IFTTT, so you can control your connected devices like your Nest thermostat, Philips HUE, and Belkin WeMo.

This video shows the technology working behind Neurio to identify appliances and figure out what’s happening in the house:

Neurio also comes with our favorite energy saving app. The Neurio app helps you break your electricity bill down by appliance, and shows you the true cost of running the AC instead of a ceiling fan. It can even give you real-time access to your power consumption, so you can walk around your house, turn things on and off, and see exactly what they’re costing you. Many users could save hundreds of dollars per year using The Neurio app . 

There are iOS and Android versions of The Neurio app under development, so you can check up on your home while on the move.


(Optional - for makers and hackers) If you are into making things and like to do more with your Neurio, or if you are building yourself The Jetsons Home, Trigger will be your favorite thing about Neurio. Ignore this if you’re not a coder!

Trigger is an open-source application for Raspberry Pi and Android. It enables you to receive a continuous stream of power data directly from the Neurio Sensor. Trigger also comes equipped with pattern matching capability, so you can detect your appliances in real-time. With Trigger, you can detect when your garage door opens and turn up your Nest Thermostat!

Make Cool Things

If you’re not techy, ignore this! Makers, this is your chance to get even more out of Neurio. With Neurio’s open API and support for 3rd-party services, you can build all sorts of things. Here are a couple examples for inspiration:

Hack Your Vacuum  

Jon shows how he added WiFi to his robot vacuum with a Spark Core, and has Neurio command it to only clean when he’s not around.  

Dynamic Thermostat

Let Neurio control your connected thermostat. Select 3 temperatures: home, away, and asleep. Neurio will set the temperature dynamically based on what you’re actually doing, rather than a time-based prediction, so you waste less energy. This system uses Neurio Cloud, and a WiFi-connected thermostat.

Automated Coffee Brewer

Using a standard coffee maker that has been enhanced with a Spark Core and Relay Shield, you can make a WiFi-enabled caffeine machine. Fill the machine the night before, and arm it by pressing the big red button. When Neurio detects that you have woken up in the morning, it will command your coffee maker to get to work. 

Ambient Energy Monitor

Let your Phillips HUE bulbs tell you how much power your home is consuming. To do this, write a script for your Raspberry Pi that takes real-time power data from your Neurio Sensor, converts it into a colour, and sends it to your HUE lights. Try to keep your lights from going red, and you’ll keep your bill in check. Especially useful for areas with time of use electricity pricing. 

Phantom Load Killer

Using an Arduino Uno with Ethernet, a relay shield, and a power bar, you can have Neurio disconnect wasteful appliances when you’re not home. When Neurio detects your return, everything gets powered back up.

Who We Are

Hi! We’re the creators of Neurio! We started Energy Aware from a project at the University of British Columbia.

Technology has changed a lot of the way we live, but we haven’t changed how we interact with our homes all that much in the last century, when homes got wired for electricity. We still plug things in and press buttons and turn knob to control everything. With Neurio, here are three things we aim to do: 

1) Make our lives easier -- We don't want to worry about whether we left the iron or the stove on before leaving our homes. Our appliances should just message us if something is up!

2) Promote sustainable values -- By giving you insight into the way you use energy in your home so that you can minimize waste.

3) Save you money! (Ka-ching!)

Our co-founders, from left to right: Jon, Janice, Colby and Ali
Our co-founders, from left to right: Jon, Janice, Colby and Ali
  • Janice Cheam, Team LeadJanice started Energy Aware and won titles such as Vancouver’s Top 40 under Forty, and BC’s Most Promising Startup Award. She plays piano, is an avid skier, and loves snacks. Follow Janice on Twitter.

  • Jon Hallam, Hardware Lead: Before Energy Aware, Jon spent his time building robot vehicles of all shapes and sizes. After thwarting repeated attempts by his robot army to overthrow humanity, Jon decided to devote his life to green technology instead and develop hardware for Energy Aware. Jon is tall, has 2 cats, loves hikes, and can't tell a lie. Follow Jon on Google+.

  • Dr. Ali Kashani, Software Lead: As the doctor on the Energy Aware Team, Ali refuses to look at our weird foot thing, instead focusing on developing deviously intelligent algorithms. Before joining Energy Aware, Ali worked on a number of robotics projects (including Jon’s robotic army). Loves rock climbing, plays tetris at the fastest speed, and can be found anywhere by his great laugh. Follow Ali on Twitter.

  • Colby Gore, Firmware Lead: Energy Aware’s firmware lead and resident curmudgeon, Colby makes our products behave the way they’re supposed to and play nice with many other products all around the world. A vegetarian who loves remote control helicopters, mined Bitcoins before it was cool, and has some smokin'-awesome facial hair. Follow Colby on LinkedIn.

For the last 8 years, we’ve been working on products for utilities that educate consumers on energy efficiency. We’ve got a great team that has made successful products and knows how to commercialized them. We hope you like what you see here, and that you’ll fund our campaign and tell your friends and family about what we’re doing!


Neurio is the result of years of years of experimenting in our lab. It started when we hacked together a simple prototype to see how much power our office was consuming. That first day, we ran around the office like kids, turning things on and off, and trying to figure out where all the power was going. That made us realize just how useful a sensor like this could be, so we built a version for the utility industry.

Now, we want to take that product and make it available to consumers. To do that, we need to take out the proprietary radio and replace it with WiFi. We’ve already built some prototypes with a WiFi module, as a proof of concept for the Neurio Sensor. 

The first priority after the campaign is to finalize the Neurio Sensor. This requires completing the board layout, building some more prototypes, and passing a safety certification process. We’ve already done this once, so we think everything will run smoothly.

On the firmware side, we are tearing out all of our old proprietary radio code and replacing it with WiFi-enabled code. We are also implementing an API to allow for Neurio Cloud, Neurio Trigger, and your custom applications to access the sensor’s power data. 

On the software side, Neurio Cloud was developed a while back and has been reliably collecting data from our sensors. We also created the web version of Neurio app and a REST API to support it. The Neurio app can already display real-time power consumption and historical graphs, and has smart algorithms to breakdown consumption by appliances. Meanwhile, mobile apps and the Neurio Trigger for RasPi and Android are currently under development. We are also expanding our cloud API to create an open platform, and integrate it with 3rd party partners. 

The final step is manufacturing the Neurio Sensor. We have established component suppliers, all of which, with the exception of the current transformers, can be sourced within North America. 

Manufacturing will be performed in North America, using an existing partner who has manufactured thousands of pieces for us in the past. By manufacturing locally, we can minimize unexpected delays and keep a tight reign on quality. 

Timeline for Delivery

  • 9 weeks: Design and Build Alpha Prototypes
  • 4 weeks: Validate Alpha Prototypes
  • 4 weeks: Build and Validate Beta Prototypes
  • 4 weeks: Safety and Radio Certification Testing
  • 6 weeks: Manufacturing of Final Units

We anticipate shipping Neurio to you in June, 2014.

Use of Funds

Approximately 20% of the funds will go towards commercialization costs such as building prototypes, and having them safety certified. The remainder of the funds cover the cost of procuring the components and manufacturing the product for our backers.

We Need Your Help

We think Neurio is an awesome product with huge potential, but we can’t make it happen without you. The upfront costs of certification and manufacturing are large, unavoidable costs. We need the support of backers like you to help us get past the first financial hurdles of commercialization and make high-quality power data freely available to anyone. 

Once Neurio is funded, we need your help to imagine ways of using that energy data in creative new applications. We hope you’ll join our community of makers and hackers, and use Neurio in your favorite projects to showcase what the future of smart homes looks like. 

Thanks for your support, we couldn’t do this without you!


If you want to support us, you can choose a pledge level from the sidebar on the right. We have pledges starting at $10 for a personal thank-you email or $25 for an awesome 3D-printed Neurio keychain. Starting at $99 for super-early birds, you can get a complete Neurio system including the Sensor, Cloud, Trigger and App. If you have a solar panels, make sure you choose one of our optional Solar Packages to get the extra hardware required for all the solar features. 

All pledge levels include free shipping within the US and Canada. For shipping to other countries, see the FAQ below.

Can’t pledge but still want to help? Spread the word! Maybe a friend or family member would like Neurio? Post a link to our campaign on Facebook or Twitter! Or click the “Comment” tab above and let us know what you like or don’t like about Neurio. We need your feedback to make Neurio the best it can be!

Under the hood

The Sensor

The Sensor has three independent power measurement channels, which can each measure differential voltage and current signals. It uses these signals to calculate real power, real energy, power factor and more for each individual channel. It’s even bi-directional, so if you have a solar array, it can tell the difference between power flowing to and from the grid. Also, since it has three independent channels, it works in apartments with 120/208V power, rather than the common 120/240VAC.

The Sensor takes a new power measurement once a second, and makes it available via a REST API over its WiFi interface. It also offers 1 year of data logging and over-the-air firmware upgrades. If you’re a bit of an energy nerd like we are, you’ll love how much information the Sensor is able to give you about your power consumption.

The Cloud

Sensor measurements are transmitted to Neurio cloud every minute. Our cloud database stores power and energy values and keeps a historic record for further analysis. Neurio Cloud also includes our patent-pending algorithms that identify appliances and behaviors. The minutely data gives us enough insight to estimate the energy usage of major appliances. When the algorithms detect an appliance event (e.g., turning on or off) or a user behavior (e.g., arriving home), they notify Neurio-powered apps or 3rd party web services, such as IFTTT. Neurio Cloud also includes secure and documented REST API to allow free access to your data.

The Trigger (optional)

Neurio Trigger sits inside the local network and communicates with the sensor every second. This way, Trigger can detect smaller appliance events in real-time, and send out messages or initiate commands to other home devices. This type of real-time detection is best performed within the local network due to the bandwidth and latency requirements. 

The App

Our energy monitoring app provides real-time feedback and displays the appliance breakdown to help demystify your energy bills. About 8 or 9 appliances in each house are responsible for over 80% of the energy consumption. Neurio can't see an electric toothbrush or tell specific lights apart, but it can use its machine learning algorithms, mathematical models and appliance libraries to identify major appliances, learn users behavior, and estimate energy consumption.


The Neurio Sensor needs to be installed inside your breaker panel, which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. If you are not qualified, a professional electrician is required to install the product.

The basic steps for installation are:

Note:these steps are only meant to illustrate the time and effort required to install the Sensor. When actually installing the product, follow the instructions included in the Neurio User Manual.

1) Flip the main breaker on your panel, to de-energize it.
2) Remove the cover on your breaker panel.
3) Mount the Neurio Sensor inside the panel using the included screws.
4) There's no cutting or disconnection of wires. Just snap a current transformer around each of the phase lines coming in the top of your panel, and plug them into the Neurio Sensor.
5) Connect the voltage cable to breakers from each phase, and the neutral bus bar.
6) Close up the panel, and turn the main breaker back on.
7) Use the mobile app to connect the Neurio Sensor to your WiFi Network.
8) Use the Neurio web portal to make an account and connect to your Neurio Sensor.

Installing the Solar Package is essentially the same process, with the exception that you’ll connect 4 CT’s to the Neurio Sensor in step 3. The extra 2 CT’s are used to isolate the energy flow from the solar panels into the breaker panel.

We also support 3-phase homes! Please see FAQ.

What’s Included

  • The Neurio Sensor with 2 Current Transformers (CT’s), a voltage cable and mounting hardware. Users who choose the Solar Package will receive 4 CT’s and extra connection hardware.  Users who choose the 3-phase package will receive 3 CTs.
  • Free access to Neurio Cloud and app
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • The Neurio Trigger apps and source code
  • Open-source Neurio Personal Cloud
  • Documented API and sample code for Neurio Sensor
  • Documented API and sample code for accessing Neurio Cloud

Neurio Sensor's Technical Specs

Compatible Voltages:
  • 120/240V 60Hz - Typical North American Home
  • 120/208V 60Hz - Typical North American Apartment
  • 120/208V 60Hz 3-phase WYE - North American Small Business
  • 220-240V 50Hz - Typical voltage outside North America
  • 230/400V 50 Hz 3-phase WYE - Typical 3-phase voltage in Europe
  • Powered from the line, not batteries 
Current Transformers:
  • 200A - Sized to work even in large homes 
Energy Monitoring:
  • 3 independent monitoring channels 
  • Bi-directional - Separately measures net energy flow to/from the grid
  • 1% accurate
  • 1W/1Wh resolution
  • Measures active power, reactive power, energy consumed, energy delivered, voltage, frequency, power factor, and current for each channel
  • Stores up to 1 year of power data 
Wireless Interface:
  • WiFi - 802.11n
  • 18dBm output power
Solar Support:
  • Separate monitoring of generation and consumption using additional CT’s
Physical Specs:
  • 106 mm x 66 mm x 31 mm
Safety Certification:
  • Certified by TUV, a Nationally Recognised Testing Lab (NRTL), allowing installation in any home in the US or Canada .
  • For Europe, CE certification is obtained to allow installation in any home in the EU and EFTA countries. See FAQ for more info.


First off, special thanks to people who are helping us bring Neurio to life: Jordan Husney, Chris Hennig, Mo Afrasiabi, Guo Zhenyu, Robert Virtue, Oren Shklarsky, Amir Valizadeh, and Sam Goldman.

We also thank our friends who have helped us put a great campaign together: Adrian Oruclar, Paul Detjen, Meera Dalal, Yaniv Talmor, Dallas Luther, Zach Supalla, Stephanie Rich, James Hallam, Salim Hassan, Sophia Haque, Robin Yaredic, Ava and Aryan Yazdani, Marla Parker, Taran Grey, Ramin Sahebjavaher, Ashish Mohan, Nicholas Himmelman, Andy Nguyen, Sina Sahami, Paul Cubbon.

We also wish to thank our moms. Just because.


Don't see you question answered here? Check out our forum!

Is shipping included? To what countries? 

Shipping is included within the US and Canada. 

* International Shipping * Add $15 to your pledge, and we will ship internationally. Please make sure Neurio is certified for your country (see FAQ questions below). 

Does Neurio work with 220, 230 or 240v panels? 

Yes it does. Neurio works on panels ranging from 110 to 240v. It’s safety certified for use in the US, Canada and Europe.

What countries is Neurio certified for? 

Neurio is TUV certified (equivalent of UL) for use in Canada and the United States, as well as CE certified to use in the following EU and EFTA countries: 

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Do you support 3-phase homes? 

We heard you! We have added support for 3-phase homes in single Neurio Sensor. Select the 3-Phase Neurio Package reward when you back our project! 

What if my home has more than one breaker panel or meter feed? 

If you have two breaker panels but a single meter, chances are one panel is the master. You will only need a single Neurio Sensor in the master panel. 

If you have multiple breaker panels and none of them act as the master, then we may still be able to support you. Send us an email, and we'll help you figure out what you need.

If in doubt, send us a picture of your panels and we’ll do our best to help.

Who made your video? 

Paul did. He’s an incredible one-man production team, and a real pleasure to work with. Thank you Paul Detjen of PCD Productions.

Risks and challenges

Taking any hardware product from prototype to mass manufacturing is a challenge, but we think we’re up to it -- we even have proof! The team behind Neurio has already shipped thousands of pieces of another product, so we have a pretty good understanding of what it takes. We’ve got local partners -- distributors, manufacturers and safety certification labs -- that have come through for us in the past, and we’re confident that they’ll do the same for Neurio.

RF range can always be a little tricky as it depends on so many things -- the user’s router, sources of interference, and many more. For Neurio we’re doing all we can to ensure that it has the range to get from your breaker panel to your router but some users in large homes may need add a range extender to bridge the gap.

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    SOLAR EARLY ADOPTERS - Get a Neurio Solar Package: a Sensor with solar expansion kit, and everything else in the Neurio Home Package. You also get the app with solar reporting features. *** For 3-phase homes, you’ll need TWO Solar Packages ***

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