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When the G.A.I.A. discovered Aetherial Energy before Her destruction, mankind was changed forever. Find your destiny in the aftermath.
When the G.A.I.A. discovered Aetherial Energy before Her destruction, mankind was changed forever. Find your destiny in the aftermath.
When the G.A.I.A. discovered Aetherial Energy before Her destruction, mankind was changed forever. Find your destiny in the aftermath.
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    1. Phillip McGregor

      Surely there has been some progress ... or has this project simply been abandoned?

    2. Robyn Wilkins on

      So is there any update on books?

    3. Phillip McGregor

      Any progress? The last Update was March!

    4. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      Lou I can do that as soon as my landlords let me back into my apartment. They apparently still need the county building inspectors to approve something before they can finish their renovations and like, un-condemn the place. The date just keeps getting pushed back. Sorry for the delay. It's also what's delaying the fulfillment of the print books. Everything important is on the computers in the apartment/home office. (I'm grateful they weren't destroyed in the flood.)

      FTR I feel fucking terrible about all of this. I never wanted to be that guy.

    5. Missing avatar

      Lou Goncey on

      Listen, I know you have been hit with the Bad Fortune Stick, but is there any way you could send me a link for the pdf. I have lost the original (totally my bad) and would like a copy to red through now __ I know I could just wait until you go to Drivethrurpg, but if you could...

      Lou Goncey

    6. Phillip McGregor

      I understand, and now we have at least some idea of what the situation is ... which is good, though the situation is bad and beyond your control. The point is, at least we now *know* something ... thanks. And I hope things work out.

    7. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      @Phillip: I've been going through some serious life or death shit IRL. I am quite seriously not sure I am going to survive until Christmas. You might feel that's not your problem, and that's your prerogative. But I will make an update concerning the status of the books, such as it is.

    8. Phillip McGregor

      Ten weeks and no update. Really not a good way to ensure good customer relations ... and pretty darn certain to ensure no possibility of repeat business.

    9. Poppa Mordor on

      So.......last real update 2 months ago. Can we get an update?

    10. Phillip McGregor

      OK, the PDFs have been in the wild for a month ... how goes the Print version? Time for an update.

    11. Graham Owens on

      Thanks for the response. It easier for me to create character if I have something to fill out while I do it. Do you plan on release more content for this setting, I'd be happy see some stuff from the stretchgoals we didn't reach. Even if it was just bare bones pdfs.

    12. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      First off, thanks for the purchase! Glad you're enjoying it. Secondly, we've switched SysMal back to Private on DriveThru because it wasn't perfect enough yet (some of the art is not good enough to stand side-by-side with the other art, there are some typos lurking about). We'll be making it available for purchase on DriveThru once these issues are fixed up, and you should be able to update your copy to the latest PDF for free, so be sure to do so. That would also be around the point we'd be coming out with the official character sheet for free on DriveThru and our website and hopefully integrated into the book as well.

      I have a little game design blog at where I should post up the character "worksheet" I've been using since last October as a PDF in the next week or so. It's designed around "showing your work" as far as where you allocated the Edge you received from each Problem/Secret Faction/Sold-Back Clone you built your character with, so I'm not sure it bears any resemblance to the character sheet we'll finally wind up using for actual play.

      - DTO

    13. Graham Owens on

      Picked up Systems Malfunction from Drivethrurpg. I meant to pledge higher during the actual kickstarter but financials were a bit short. Really liking it so far. You guys have really original ideas and I always see a personal touch in your writing. Just wanted to ask: Is there a character sheet? Its not listed in the table of contents.

    14. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      Pardon, actually: um, we had an update on April 25th ( ) and another update on May 31st ( so I see where you're coming from and I'm like "our bad" except for the word another. There have indeed been no updates between May 31st and July 31st (two months) during which time we've been super busy attending DexCon and more importantly working on making sure that Systems Malfunction is an actual book you can have in your hands by GenCon. But considering the two updates in April and May, I don't really see how it's "another" two months w/o updates?

      Anyway, regardless, have some more updates! Or at least one really big one.

    15. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      To quote Akira, "you ain't wrong". You're right pop. Deluge of updates incoming.

    16. Poppa Mordor on

      Me again. 2 more months. No update. Really?

    17. Poppa Mordor on

      2 months since the last update. Any new updates you can give?

    18. Missing avatar

      Rich DeBarba on

      just making sure we haven't missed the survey, or content submission requests.

    19. Robyn Wilkins on

      I'm hoping for some awesome things to unfold and we get deck plans (I love maps, okay?). This has been a great kickstarter and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product once it's done. You guys have done an incredible job so far.

      I was having a conversation with someone and it occurred to me with all the fiction present there are a magnitude of ideas that are out there. I was wondering, what plans you might have (if any) for future expansion or supplement books?

    20. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      WOO HOO! We've unlocked the Aether! We're working on an official update now, but for the moment, thank you so much to all our backers!

    21. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      Hi Graham! I've just posted an update that gives a little more insight into the factions in Systems Malfunction. We hope you like it!

    22. Graham Owens on

      Aetherial Magic stretch goal does sound great. Could we also see some more info about the factions? Like the different cultures of the Great Houses?

    23. Missing avatar

      Evan Smith on

      I really hope the Aetherial Magic stretch goal is reached, I want me some space magic!

    24. Missing avatar

      Thierry Nouza on

      I'd like to see The First Great House Wars as part of Systems Malfunction

    25. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      Thanks for sticking with us, Imaginos! Means a lot to us!

      We're creeping along as far as Stretch Goals go. Looking at Kickstarters in general, here's usually a really big surge in the last couple of days, and I'm desperately hoping that will be the case this time around too. Like, real big. In the mean time, we've got 10 days left and we're grateful for all the support we've got so far and we're doing everything we can think of to spread the word, and hopefully some of our (at this moment) 123 backers are doing the same!

      I don't quite have an update ready, but we've got a few updates planned, so this isn't an "update" per se, it's just like a comment discussing upcoming updates:

      * I've got the mechanics and flavor for the Verkulak Origin roughed out, and we'll have a PDF preview of that ready to go up as an update soon, possibly even today.
      * We owe you guys the next story in the Angels In Jersey City Anthology and the accompanying art. The art is done, and the story should finally get its finishing touches today or tomorrow.
      * Finally, in the near future, well--I actually had six more Stretch Goals in my pocket even out past the Full Color milestone--I wanted to make an update revealing what some of those pipe dreams might have been and seeing if it might be at all possible to have backers informally vote on what to bump up towards much lower dollar amounts (where possible!) whether we hit Full Color in the end or not. There was some far out stuff there and I want backers to at least see what I had planned.

    26. Poppa Mordor on

      Really hoping you manage to hit the full color goal. I know that's a long way off, but the full color Psionics is gorgeous. Going back to what Graham was saying, I sat down and did my budget this week. I ended up cancelling AS&SH2, Shadow Sword and Spell, and Castles & Crusades Backpack. But I kept this one. Really wishing you guys a lot of success and hoping we see some of these stretch goals met.

    27. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      Graham, thanks for the love!

      Yeah, we launched into a very, very busy Kickstarter season: even besides the titles you mentioned, we had some major heavy hitters we were up against from day one. MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY: we're at about 25% of where I wanted to be right now as far as overall funding. But we're grateful to be funded at all and we've got about two weeks left to go, so we're hoping to hit some of those stretch goals and really blow this thing wide open. Thanks for sticking with us along for the ride.

      - DTO

    28. Graham Owens on

      I'm really excited to see this funded. You guys come up with really original games like SPLINTER or Psionics. But i gotta admit this years kickstarter is gonna leave me stretched. I really want to back either Leagues of Cthulhu from Triple Ace or Astonishing Swordsmen of Hyperborea 2e. (the hardcover looks great)

    29. Mike Myler on

      Woooot! Funded! Congratulations! Now start knocking down stretch goals. ^_^

    30. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      @James Samuel - Thanks for the question! The old Systems Malfunction sourcebook was loaded with gear and equipment, but we are in the process of tuning up the rules and making the book more user-friendly and accessible. We are looking at what can be simplified or changed to make sure that the design of the game matches what Systems Malfunction is all about. However, we are also gear nuts here at ETG, so I do not think we will lose much if any of the equipment available in the game. Thanks for asking!

      @Evan Smith We will probably have an update getting into the nitty gritty of what's being changed in the Systems Malfunction standalone RPG - we are currently working with Ron Edwards to help us on that score. I can't reveal more presently, but what we will have is something streamlined that really uses the mechanics to reflect what Systems Malfunction is all about, more so than the previously released Campaign Setting.

    31. James Samuel on

      I have a question regarding the book--how diverse is the equipment section? I'm an equipment nut--I LOVE having pages and pages of gear to pour over when making my character.

    32. Missing avatar

      Evan Smith on

      One question here: In what ways will the already published material (Singularity core and Setting 00) be "updated/expanded"? At this point I own all of the singularity modules in addition to the setting book and core, aside from art and fiction, can you give us a hint at any additions to the material?

    33. End Transmission Games 4-time creator on

      @ Michael Tree: Hi Michael! Thanks for the question and for backing! You definitely get the book and do not have to pay any more than the reward tier and shipping. Hope that answers your question!

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael Tree

      Does the Street Samurai level give a physical copy of the book or a POD discount code? I'm confused by it having both the "close to production cost" comment and a shipping cost.