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EndGame is expanding into the space directly next door! Help us create an awesome cafe for the neighborhood and our gaming community.
EndGame is expanding into the space directly next door! Help us create an awesome cafe for the neighborhood and our gaming community.
628 backers pledged $47,385 to help bring this project to life.

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Welcome, Coloso!


Hey all,

We are wrapping up this three-year long adventure with a new tenant for the Cafe Space.....

Welcome, Coloso Coffee. Our old space will be their new location, and we are SO VERY HAPPY space will still be used as intended. They may be open by October 1st, but it is their space and their schedule.

Here is a little more info on Coloso

How are we doing? Ok. We have paid down some debt, and are getting through this rough patch. Our Holiday Gift Drive efforts have been helping a lot. The City has already been in contact for planning and purchasing...and they are excited to hear you guys have started help so early. Thank you.

We still have a lot more work to do though.

Speaking of which, we are taking games now for our Holiday Board Game Auction. We have all the details over here; please do take a look.

Finally, look for an update on the plaques and Wall in a couple of weeks. We might be making some progress finally.

Thanks again for all your support through this period. We are finally going to be moving past the worst, and climbing the hill back into better shape. You guys are most of what's making that happen.

An Update on all the Things


Hello All! We have a small bit of good news, and some bits of reality to go over with you all so let’s jump right into this!

Some Good news!

The large care and maintenance debt reconciliation we have had ongoing with our landlords has been resolved very much in our favor. The 6 figure number was reduced by half then an order of magnitude, et voila...all solved. It's a big weight off our shoulders. A lot of months long uncertainty wiped away in a single email. So Yay!

Now, the reality of the situation:

We are still in pretty rough shape.

For the past few weeks, we have worked on subleasing the cafe out in state. It would have been tough on us financially, but we felt it was worth not throwing away a ton of money and the time we put into the project to see it at least running again.

The deal fell through yesterday.

It's with a lot of regrets that we are beginning to piece out the equipment for sale. We are working with the landlords to find a new tenant, and that will be that.

The not so good

We owe a fair bit of money on cleanly closing out the cafe and to the lovely folks at Visa and Mastercard. Many of you have asked if we are going to do a fund raiser, a go-fund me, whathaveyou...but that's not who we are. We made these decisions, we wanted to try something new, and we are all adults. That said, we need to get folks paid, so we are going to do this is the most EndGame way we can think of:

1) We are going to have a Holiday Board game Auction on 10/7/17. It will work EXACTLY like our April one, with only one single difference: You will be able to donate a portion of ALL of your auction credit to Oakland's Holiday Toy drive.

2) We will place our Holiday giving tree out early this year. No decorations, no donation box...just the giving tree. What is this Giving Tree? We have had a small tree with Gift Cards on it for a few years. When you buy one, you are donating that amount of money to be spent on gifts through EndGame for Local kids during the holiday season.

By donating early and often to the Holiday Program, you'll be loaning us the money we need to get through this pretty rough patch. We have our product to back it up too.

So, that's what's happening. We aren't out of rough waters yet but are coming up on our best months of the year. The goal is to get to them, then through them. Participating in our auction and or donating to the holiday gift program would be an excellent way to help us get there.

That's the honest both meat and cake update we have to give.

We very much appreciate your support through the past weeks on your condolences for the cafe and have asked what you can do to help. This is it. Full transparency.

If you care to donate to our Holiday Toy drive/Recovery efforts, you can also Pay Pal us directly through

Sad News

Hi all,  

It is with sincere regret that we must inform you the EndGame Cafe will be closing for the last time on Sunday 7/9/17. Before we get into the how's and the why's, let us thank Charles, Rheaven, Will, Roman, Ramona, and Phelan for all the hard work they have done for us. We want to send them off with a bang, so PLEASE stop by one last time this upcoming week, thank them for us, and tip like mad.

What happened? Plain and simple, our plans didn't work as we hoped. We never had the evening adoption we'd hoped for, the neighborhood had a terribly slow convention season our first full year, and in the end, sales just didn't meet whats necessary to keep the cafe open. Our model was super staff heavy, and our sales never caught up to that cost (with a few exceptionally good conventions). Ultimately, our plans were ambitious, and we as owners failed to make them work.

 What is next? To be honest, we aren't quite sure. We hope to keep the Endgame side of the business up and running. At the time of this update, we have a lot of unknowns we are facing, but have contingencies for many of them. We aren't sure what to expect from the landlords on this issue and a couple of others we have been facing from them long term. That is the biggest unknown for Endgame. Projections show we should be 'ok' on the EG side of the house, but projections are just those. We have a lot of high profile, large attendance events coming up, so that will help. 

What about the Wall and the Plaques and the other rewards from the KSer? The wall itself is about a 1.2GB file, slow to work on (even with professional level gear). The artist stopped by to say he was about 80% there. The plaques are finished, and waiting to be hung. If we make it through this, it's all going up. Every single bit of it. Anything that was intended to go into the cafe will be hung on the wall we used to enter through. You helped us do a thing, and we owe you the recognition for doing it. Hideously late, and with the business closed; but it will go up. 

 There have been a lot of ifs in this whole thing, are you guys going to make it? The “ifs" really depend on the owners of the building. They are the random factor at play here. Our debt, our monthly tithe, etc is all very well known. So, if we maintain our lease through this, AND we continue our record sales year, we should be ok. But you can see why we are a little leery of promises at this point. Thank You For everything over not just the past year, but for everything. Your faith, trust, community, and patronage. We will keep you updated as we know more. Until then, please stop by one last time for a lovely cup of Highwire Coffee. We will miss it.

Quick note!


I've received several emails stating folks didn't see themselves on the PDF that was provided for review. 

Please note: This PDF is ONLY for people who SPONSERED a specific section of the store. This IS NOT your Wall Of Heros listing, which EVERYONE who pledged in the KSer will be listed. Again, we are finishing that up. It's in production, but slow. 

So, if you didn't sponsor the Board Game Area, Miniatures Mezzanine, The RPG section or the Cafe have NOTHING to be concerned about :)

Sorry for not making that super duper clear, my bad!

Postponing the Party...BUT...SAMPLES!


Hey all, 

Either thankfully or crappily, we found out the giant PULSE event will start setting up the same weekend we wanted to host our party. They will have the streets around us closed off and will be throwing a bunch of people into the cafe as they prep. We wanted this day to be for US and YOU. Having little access and what could be a madhouse...isn't that. We are making the last minute decision to postpone it with a date TBD. 

Yay. I know.

BUT, I have some progress to share with you: Photos of the Wall plaque mock-ups!

The frames!
The frames!


A single frame
A single frame


A mock-up. Some sections will have multiple hexes of names.
A mock-up. Some sections will have multiple hexes of names.

I also have the PDF I need everyone who pledged to sponsor an area of the store to review. Should you find yourself missing or something just ain't me. It's easy to fix. We are going to call a cut-off date for edits on 5/14/17, so please do have a look.

We are very pleased with how these came out, love the frames, and are eager to have them all hanging. 

The wall is still forming. Our artist who is a busy man hopes to have it to us ASAP for review. I had hoped it would be by now, but we screwed some stuff up he needed to be done right. More on that as soon as w have it.

We will have a new date as soon as we can find a hole in the calendar and updates on the wall as soon as we have them! 

Thank you for your patience, patronage, and support!