You haven't seen the sun for over a year now, but the snow still falls and your clan, what’s left of it, is finally running out of food. But all hope is not lost, there are other clans out there in the winter wasteland, with food stores of their own, and you are a Viking. If you’re going to die, it won’t be huddled up in your hall, wasting away, it will be out there, with axe and shield, fighting for survival and glory.

Ragnaroll is a dice-driven game about surviving and thriving in the Norse apocalypse. The game combines dice combat and variable player powers with resource management. It's a big box thematic game in a slightly smaller box, but easier and quicker to play and learn, with lots of replay value. You’ll control a mighty Viking hero and a band of hungry Viking warriors, fighting with axe and shield to be the last Viking standing or to just survive long enough to fight in the final battle or, if you are brave and daring enough, to accumulate enough glory to win the attentions of the gods.

Please note: our dice will be custom moulded compressed resin dice. Our 3D mockups look a bit flat but you can expect high quality dice with recessed faces, meaning they'll feel great and symbols won't rub off with wear and tear.

Apocalyptic. Ragnaroll is a game about the Norse apocalypse, and has players start off with a limited amount of food that they need to eat and can’t get back. This gives the game a natural end state and forces hard decisions on the players. Do you feed all your Vikings to maintain a strong fighting force, or do you send some of them out in the snow, leaving more food for the future?

Death and glory. The Glory Victory module introduces a new victory condition, allowing players to win the game by accumulating glory. Players will manipulate battles not just to win and steal stores, but so they can get the most glory, often losing battles and warriors to gain the gods’ favour.

Your dog. You’ll get a faithful canine companion as part of your clan. The dog is a player favourite, you don’t have to feed him as he’s happy with table scraps but, if you get super desperate, you can use him as an alternate food source.

Custom dice combat. There’s something very special about cool dice with unique symbols on them. In Ragnaroll, it makes combat quick, brutal and calculator-free. Our dice will be custom moulded with recessed faces, meaning they'll feel great and symbols won't rub off with wear and tear.

Variable Vikings. Variable player powers and abilities will give Ragnaroll lots of replay value, and we’ll be unlocking more heroes as the campaign continues.

Fickle Fate. The Fate deck influences the way each round is played, rewarding certain actions or adding elements, making players adapt to an evolving game state.

High quality art. We’re really happy with the art from the talented Ruk Trumata, which features a kick-ass cast of Vikings guys and gals of different shapes and sizes. (We like to see ladies in games, but think that you should leave a little up to the imagination!)

Truly thematic. Some games have Viking themes and dry gameplay, but Ragnaroll is proud to be a game of cunning heroes, brutal battles and glorious death that makes players feel like legendary (and not at all historically accurate) Vikings.

In Ragnaroll, you will control a mighty Viking hero fighting to survive in the long winter before Ragnaroll, the final dice battle of the Norse apocalypse. At the start of each round, you will separate your warriors into raiders and defenders, then the boldest player will seize the initiative (often literally) to determine the raiding order for the rest of the round.

On your turn, you will choose a player to raid, rolling your raiders against his defenders. A true Viking knows that her fate is already sealed and trusts her luck in battle, but you will be able to manipulate the dice using your hero's battle abilities to tip the battle in your favour, but at the cost of glory. If you win the battle, you will be able to take your opponent’s precious food stores or slay his warriors, but you may find that, depending on the whim of the gods, that you can find even more glory in death and defeat. Of course, you’ll also have to fight off other players’ roaming Vikings who are out for stores and glory, too.

At the end of the round, you will feed your Vikings and this is what all those battles come down to. If you’ve still got stores left and nobody else does, you feed your Vikings and everyone else starves to death, earning you victory. But, survival isn’t all that matters. If more than one player can survive until the end, the final battle of Ragnaroll will occur, and the gods will recognise the mightiest Viking in the battle as the final victor.

Ragnaroll offers plenty of replay value with different hero abilities, each unique and completely over-powered in their own way. Fate cards also alter play each round, rewarding certain actions, forcing players to make tough decisions. Do you defend strongly now to have enough food to feed in future rounds, or do you follow the gods’ bidding and slay as many Vikings as you can for more glory?

For more detail how to play Ragnaroll, check out our draft rule book or the gameplay video below.

Want to see what happens in a game of Ragnaroll? Check out the video below. We run through a full game, and show you how to play as we go.

Review from Smarter Backer by Bane Williams. Bane really enjoyed the game but cautioned that it's not for players who don't like aggressive play. "It’s got strategy, it’s got luck, it’s got push your lack aspect, it’s got a secret information and all of this melds together, for me personally, to create a really fun experience."

"It is pretty much is a game night hero." 10/10.

Review from Undead Viking. Lance's final thoughts start at 18:45. He describes Ragnaroll as a dice game that really stands up and makes you have fun with it, providing the thematic immersion and strategic choice that many dice games lack.


Preview from Board Game Brawl. Nick's final thoughts start at 16:48, he describes Ragnaroll as a unique, innovative, thematic game and with just enough strategic bite. He also does a really great explanation of the game mechanics, so just start at the beginning if you want to learn more about the game.

Preview from ATGN by Lin Htat:

"The main appeal of this game for me is its theme. It doesn’t just feel like a dice game with Viking fluff, it feels thematically Viking. This is a game of acceptable losses where it doesn’t reward you for playing it safe.... It is a game that rewards risky gambits with long odds and it seems fitting for a game about vikings in the post-Ragnarok world.

If either the setting or the idea of a fun dice game with tight mechanics appeal to you, I recommend you don’t let this pass by."

Preview from Game-a-pa-looza

"The sheer thought that’s gone into the game seems phenomenal, from the scaling up of complexity based on the experience of the player, to the compelling theme, “Ragnaroll” is definitely one to put on your to check out list."

Favourite quote of the session: "Who sacrifices their dog, I mean really, you’re a terrible person."

Isaac Shalev, On Board Games: Crowd Funding Edition

"It’s a beautiful game, and a well-featured game, easy to learn, easy to teach, easy to pickup. If I was facing the apocalypse. this is the one game I’d take with me."

As an Australian gamer, I know what it's like to feel forgotten about when it comes to shipping costs, so I've done my best to deliver reasonably priced shipping prices by sourcing international partners in key areas. We'll be shipping out from 3-4 fulfilment centres from around the world to get the game to you. Our EU and US backers can be assured that the game will ship from within their trading zone, and they won't be hit with any surprising custom or duty charges. This costs more time and money to initially set up but we think it's worth it to spread Ragnaroll as far as possible.  

  • Free for Hong Kong, Poland and Germany
  • $2.50 USD for United States of America
  • $7 (4.50 Euro) for Australia and Western EU
  • $13 CAD for Canada
  • Backers in Asia will be charged based on their region, ranging for $3 to $27 AUD
  • $27 AUD The rest of the world! (I might be able to do a slightly better price depending on your region, feel free to message me and check)

All packages of Ragnaroll from Karl up will be tracked so we can hunt down any lost packages. Outlaw packages will be sent untracked (but we'll work out something if it gets lost).

Ragnaroll is a pretty large project and I'll need at least half of the funds received just to place an order with the manufacturer, there's a pretty large upfront cost with Ragnaroll as we need to make some sexy, but expensive, dice moulds. The rest of the costs will go towards getting the games around the world and to you.

What's not on the graph? Art and design expenses. As designer and publisher, these are coming out of my pocket and my life (for graphic design). You'll also note, there's not a healthy slice for profit. In fact, all those slices should be a little bit bigger, as I'll be losing some money on making this game, but that's all part of the plan! We'll only make money once the game hits store shelves and starts selling through. 

We’re scheduling 9 and a bit months to complete the production of Ragnaroll and get it to your door, and we’re confident we can make that happen. The art and design of Ragnaroll is finished as it can be at this stage, as a few things remain up in the air during the campaign. Once the campaign is over, we’ll take a couple of months to finalise all additional art assets, graphic design and unlocked gameplay elements then head into production.

October - November. Art and design finalising. We’ll be finishing off extra art assets unlocked in the Kickstarter and starting on pre-production with the dice. We’ll also be putting the game through it’s final paces with playtesting with any additional content unlocked during the campaign.

December - January. We’ll finalise all assets and head into pre-production. This is mostly just sending off artwork and liasing with our manufacturer to ensure everything is working correctly.

February. A bad thing happens! This is our first mass manufacturing Kickstarter, and we’ve done everything we can to prepare but sometimes delays happen. We’ve added in an extra month for unforeseen obstacles. (It’s also Chinese New Year so there’s a big holiday in China which can mess with schedules).

March - May. Mass-production. After pressing the big green button, we play the waiting game. Depending on our manufacturer’s schedule, this can take as long as 3 months but if we’re lucky it could be closer to 6 weeks.

June. It’s on a boat! The game will head off to our key distribution centres on a big old boat.

July. And finally off to you!

Thanks and Credits

I’d like to extend a special thank you to all our playtesters and those who have played the game in various forms over the past two years, this game couldn’t have been made without you!

Colin Fong made our videos. He’s a great videographer and you should definitely hit him up if you want any video work done, especially if you’re a creative person in Brisbane.

Music for our pitch video is Wake Up by Kai Engel, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Thanks to the Free Music Archive and Kai for making this available.

Our players in the gameplay video are also Brisbane-based game designers putting out great work, Dylan Shearer of Table Tyrant and Vault Games, and Brendan Evans, who has got some super cool secret stuff in development.

Risks and challenges

This is our second Kickstarter project. I launched Hedron as a print-on-demand project last year to help me learn the Kickstarter ropes and get my game design muscles ready for this project. I learnt a lot in that campaign and have learnt even more from fellow Kickstarter creators.

Our stretch goals are already budgeted and planned out, and have been carefully considered to add value to the game rather than just extra development time. This is only our 2nd project and our first to deal with mass manufacturer so we’ll be concentrating on hitting that great big funding goal first, and then we’ll start revealing our planned stretch goals.

As our first project to go the traditional manufacturing route, we’ll be using established manufacturers with proven track records. We won’t be taking any chances with your money or our reputation.

Sadly shipping is one of the most significant costs to our campaign with all those dice adding weight and postage costs. We’ve done our homework and have established partnerships with key fulfilment centres around the globe to ensure that shipping is reliable and without unnecessary cost to our backers.

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