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£19,657 pledged of £40,000 goal
By enComplot
£19,657 pledged of £40,000 goal

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Warlocktober fest!


Dear backers,

Summer is leaving us. Old Father Time unmercifully devours seasons, one by one... though he never seems to digest them, seing he regurgitates each one year after year. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed your mojitos under the palm trees of idyllic beaches — and if you could not, just remember that another summer will come in less than twelve months. And, if you are impatient, there is always another hemisphere.

On our part, we have been just where we were: working in Waldemar the Warlock. Many would say there is a long list of cozier places than the cold, damp, grey and foul-smelling moors of sinister Groldavia, but they have their interest, you can believe us -- the strange interest you would only find in raided tombs, Hannibal Lecter’s fridge or those houses where a savage ritual murder happened and nobody moves in anymore because there is an inscription at the door that reads “will come back”. Groldavia has beauty in its own way, the way of Gilles de Rais, Landru or Elizabeth Báthory...

But we did not just enjoy the yells and caws of the sons of the night at our covens... we have been thinking about important details. After some heavy deliberations and plenty of internal debate committees, we realised maybe “The Weird Story of Waldemar, the Warlock” is not a most commercial title — it is, in fact, a long tongue-twister you could only remember with a set of complex mnemonic rules. Some time ago we decided to shorten it to just Waldemar the Warlock, which is easier to assimilate, but there was still a problem: you do not usually name a tale after its main antagonist unless you are referring to his revenge, anger, malice or weird story (Somebody said Dracula? Oh, well...). Anyway, we decided in favour of giving our adventure game a punchier name, with a bit more of significance, and we thought that “The Season of the Warlock” sounds pretty good. This does not mean the game will be episodic, not at all — it is just like the ring on one’s finger, it has some cultural reference, and fortunately nobody came to it before. What do you think?  

The Weird Story of... meh, “The Season of the Warlock”! It sounds much better!
The Weird Story of... meh, “The Season of the Warlock”! It sounds much better!

After employing a great deal of mental power on all these intense reflections, we recovered and even had some spare time (not really) to get to the Gamescom at Köln, and we were most kindly looked after by Adventure Corner, Adventure-Treff and Adventure Gamers, to whom we would like to extend our gratitude for their support, their time and their attention. We also met some other developers there and looked at their greatly appealing projects. Oh, excuse us, reader? You say that you want to know about any news for this very project of ours and that is why you are reading? Quite understandable, of course. Who would like to listen to us, lonely, helpless, gaunt developers, going over old times? There you go, some in-game screenshots...

Nigel is there, an unclean man right over there and... one moment, who is the tall man with a moustache? He does not look like the one in the demo. Well, yes: just as we said in the last update, the game has changed pretty much during development. The looks of the characters, the interface, lots of other things have been polished and this is the new look of Lord Alistair. But perhaps you would rather see him in movement...

How do you like him? There are still some months ahead for everything to be animated that way, but in the meantime you can alleviate withdrawal symptoms with some just released horrificaly captivating games, such as Fran Bow, Dropsy or Stasis... Those cannot be missing in the collection of no adventure game lover! And be sure to check out the promising Kickstarter campaigns of Nosebound (last hours for support!)The Journey Down, Bertram Fiddle and Memoranda.

Waldemar came back from oblivion!

Dear backers,

More than a year ago, we decided to introduce you to Waldemar the Warlock hoping to find enough funding to make a solid adventure game with humour and horror, a project we put much love into... You loved it back with a helping hand and great support – believe us if we say that it all stays in our memory. Sadly, it has been now a year that our attempt suffered from a series of unfortunate events and the stars foresaw our project would not see the light of day. We all know the stars are best orbiting, shining in the skies and floating in the void, but they still have to improve when it comes to foreseeing: they did not take into account our plan B and we have been focusing on it for the past months... Waldemar is still alive!

When the failed Kickstarter campaign ended we had to face some setbacks – some of our most valuable members left, we had to rearrange the project as to still offer the same quality with far less means. It was greatly encouraging when we were greenlighted in Steam thanks to a great support from the community; we are now able to release the game within a great platform. We also found another source of funding and we have optimized to the limit the resources at our reach, thus we have learned a lot about savings. Did you know some varieties of lichen are edible and greatly nourishing? That human species can photosynthesise? Seriously, it is easier than you might think! Anyways, all of that has been yielding some fruits, but those are germinating at a slower pace than we had liked. But do not panic! The game will be kept intact; it will be exactly what we originally conceived despite all deprivations. Sure, we made some changes. Sure, we remade some things; we touched up some looks and polished some loose ends. But we have done everything with the intent to improve. 

The Castle's kitchen new look. More spacious and well-stocked
The Castle's kitchen new look. More spacious and well-stocked

 What do you say? That is not very much after a twelve-month silence, but wait, there is more! 

The sinister alley that leads to the morgue and Dr. Mordecai's office
The sinister alley that leads to the morgue and Dr. Mordecai's office

Do not forget those are still works in progress. We have not stopped working during these months of (unforgivable) silence, and though the visual style is a bit different the essence is quite the same. No wonder we have made enough progress to confirm that we will be releasing the weird story of Waldemar the Warlock during the last half of this very year, making for just a one-year delay! Not bad for some lichen-eating rookies like us. Further updates will be specifying some more, giving you more details and new and succulent content – this is just an advance, an appetizer. Who better than Nigel to serve it?

Stay in tuned and do not forget to visit our festooned and refurbished web site. And most important, do not forget to leave your comments here or at the Steam Greenlight page!

This is not the end..


Dear Backers and Friends,

We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. This has been a mad roller coaster journey. The months of enthusiastic and hard but enjoyable work and the fascinating creating process, the hope at the start of the campaign, the delight at people playing the demo, enjoying our creation, getting the jokes, solving our puzzles, appreciating the art we put so much love into. 

All the people who believed in WSWTW and backed it, all the people who made suggestions and gave us so much help and support, it has been heartwarming and inspiring. We never imagined there would be so much unconditional support out there, advise and encouragement given freely by the kindness of strangers. 

It has been nerve racking and a little depressing towards the end, and we apologize if at the end we were less present, as our spirits were a little down, but it has also been educational and great fun. And we have met so many so lovely people.

And what is going to happen to WSWTW, you might ask? Will Waldemar and Alistair be brought to life finally or will they just haunt our dreams forever? Well, of course we would not like to let all this work and all you guy's enthusiasm go to waste, so we are looking at options.

We will definitely  keep working on the game on our own. After we have made some more progress with the development, we want to  set up a paypal account where you will be able to preorder the game and other goodies.

So stay tuned  and  we will reach you with new updates and let you know about the latest developments!

 If you are not a backer yet (for example, if you refrained from backing because of the shortage of payment methods)  but are interested in following our progress, please send us your email address to Also if you have any suggestions, or you just want to stay in touch! You can continue to support us on greenlight too!

So THANK YOU again and have a lovely labour day weekend! We leave you with a little spotify playlist compiled for you by Waldemar himself...


Poster progress and minigame for only £3


Hey Backers!

Here is the poster update with some ideas that were discussed in the comments and twitter. Continue to give us ideas of what elements we can include. Any input is welcome and free of charge!

Lord Alistair by Raul Allen
Lord Alistair by Raul Allen

Now we want to include a new add-on, an exclusive pixelart mini-game about Waldemar the Warlock. In this mini-game we show you the last moments of the Warlock in this world; his trial for crimes against  livestock and the final  moments before he is executed by the frienzied crowd...

You can add £3 to your current pledge. This game will be delivered to you a few days after the campaign is successfully finished :)

Here is an example:

Finally, we have four days left to get 60%. It is a difficult task but with the help of all of you, not impossible

New Poster, guest artist


Introducing our poster, courtesy of Raul Allen

This is the poster you will be getting from the £40 pound tier upwards, and it is done by our friend Raul Allen. But it is not finished yet! The part missing is, what is going on in Lord Alistair´s head..? We want you, our kindly backers, to help us with this part! Please write your ideas in the comments, or on our facebook page. While you are at it, you might share our update with your friends on Facebook, twitter and social media.

Lord Alistair by Raul Allen
Lord Alistair by Raul Allen

Raul Allen is a coveted spanish illustrator who has collaborated with many well established media outlets such as Playboy, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Rolling Stone, to name but a few. His dominion of many different techniques (ink, watercolour, graphite, digital..) and his distinctive style and dramatic pallette have made his art very sought after, and his work has also been featured on many covers of literary works and for publishing companies such as Marvel, Images, and many others.

You can see more of his work here:

Raul Allen on Waldemar The Warlock: "This game takes me back to those rainy (or actually some of them sunny) afternoons when me and my brother preferred to stay at home and play adventure games. I can feel how it is inspired by some of our then favourites, like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Loom, Maniac Mansion... The world of The Weird Story.. has that same visual richness and wicked humour that I would gladly spend some more afternoons immersed in. It is full of evocative references and lovingly executed art, and I hope it will sneak into many of this world´s computers and I am proud to contribute my little grain of sand to its imagery."