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Bringing better cups of tea to the streets of London: loose leaf, custom-brewed and served from a 1974 Citroen H van.
Bringing better cups of tea to the streets of London: loose leaf, custom-brewed and served from a 1974 Citroen H van.
372 backers pledged £14,682 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jody Moroz on December 24, 2012

      Tea arrived today and the Jade tips is really rather good.
      This has been a great project to back. Good luck with the business.

    2. Emilie Holmes Creator on December 21, 2012

      I will do my best to film something (albeit amateur-esque) in the New Year... Hope more of you have recieved your parcels now. E

    3. Maple Grove Farm on December 21, 2012

      I am looking forward to getting my package! But more so maybe a video of your first day out and seeing the peoples faces.

    4. Emilie Holmes Creator on December 15, 2012

      So pleased to hear you've received it! Plenty more to get out, but getting there slowly! Follow the van on twitter @goodpropertea to hear about where we are and track progress.. And would love to see pictures of your parcels so I know you've got them safely : ) tweet them my way if you get a chance... E

    5. Cihan on December 15, 2012

      Hi emilie, just wanted to say that I was extremely happy to wake up to my good & proper tea bag coming through the post today. Keep the updates coming, and keep updating your location so maybe I can pop round for a tea one day.

    6. J Claire Dean on November 30, 2012

      Emilie: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm a Brit living in the USA and a proud Kickstarter of the van. I come to the UK fairly often, and occasionally I make it to London. How do I find out if/when/where you are vending on any given day?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Treehorn on November 28, 2012

      Hope to see your van around Greenwich borough, if possible. Keep on brewing!

    8. Samuel Tedjasukmana on November 26, 2012

      The van looks awesome! Hope you get the business up and running very soon! Can't wait for the gourmet tea-tasting

    9. Emilie Holmes Creator on November 13, 2012

      I am often in and around Oxford so will do my best to bring the van there for a week or two!

    10. Missing avatar

      clare gamble on November 11, 2012

      Peter loves your van, almost as much as Paul and Sarah's land rover! Good luck with it all.

    11. Elanor Young on November 8, 2012

      I love this idea so much and really want it to succeed. Tea is a truly wonderful thing, and its about time someone like you got us drinking it properly. I will be looking out for you in London, and might set up a franchise of my own in Oxfordshire! :-)

    12. Colin Edgar on November 6, 2012

      Chai Guevara - well he did do a road trip... [or el Chai]

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Thompson on November 6, 2012

      Congratulations can't wait to see the van up and running - I'm naming it the Char-a-van (OK please yourself...)

    14. Colin Edgar on November 6, 2012

      René - he has a wartime feel after all!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Becks and Murray on November 6, 2012

      Congratulations Emilie! We will be really happy to see the van when it is up and running ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Jessica Myers on November 6, 2012

      So proud of you Emilie! Let me know when you want cakes :) xxx

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom Forsythe on November 6, 2012

      Cyril the Citroen. Surely, he's got to be French...!

    18. Emilie Holmes Creator on November 6, 2012

      Thanks Susan! And all of you. Struggling to contain my excitement but in a very quiet room as luck would have it...

      Celebratory update coming soon, and in the meantime keep those name suggestions coming!

    19. Missing avatar

      Susan franklin Ohara on November 6, 2012

      Congratulation I am so pleased for you x

    20. Colin Edgar on November 6, 2012

      Stealing Alexandra's line of thinking - maybe mobiliTEA for the van?

    21. Colin Edgar on November 6, 2012

      communiTEA - just read Alexandra's comment - a name of the van?!

    22. Colin Edgar on November 6, 2012

      Congratulations Emilie!! I'm insanely jealous by the way - have my own project in preparation. :o)

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Lucas on November 6, 2012

      Congratulations, looking forward to having a cup of tea from your van in the near future!

    24. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Mecklenburg on November 6, 2012

      Congratulation! You made it. Have a really nice cuppa tonight and toast to your communiTEA. :-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Price on November 6, 2012

      Congratulations! Looking forward to hunting your van down in the not too distant future.

    26. Colin Edgar on November 6, 2012

      Looking great - might be a £10k day! Good luck with the project, Emily.

    27. Missing avatar

      Victoria Christie on November 5, 2012

      So nearly there, really excited for you! I doubt I'll see the van, I'm in the suburbs, but I'm holding out hope you will be amazingly successful and expand to deepest darkest Surrey! Of course I'll have to make a special trip to the van just to see my name on it, and will send friends and family along to do the same :-) Good luck x

    28. Missing avatar

      Harry Cobb on November 5, 2012

      Good Luck! Your supporters in Kazakhstan look forward to world domination

    29. Missing avatar

      Susan franklin Ohara on November 5, 2012

      Hi Emily is going well good luck with the funding x

    30. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Mecklenburg on November 4, 2012

      Hi Emily, good luck with the van. I will follow the project closely - so very exciting. It would be bliss to get a proper cup of tea around Canary Wharf...

    31. Dominic Jackman on November 2, 2012

      We at Escape the City love tea. What a great project to fund. Good luck with the crowd funding and look forward to following your story.

    32. Max on November 2, 2012

      So close.....

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul James on November 2, 2012

      Good luck Emilie, looking forward to seeing one in every town and giving those coffee addicts a run for their money.

    34. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Muckle on November 2, 2012

      Good luck with the ProjecT, Emilie ... though 'luck' is 90%+ perspiraTion and 10% inspiraTion...

      Looking forward to the mail order evenTually, for those of us outside London, iniTially.

    35. Oliver Pitt on November 2, 2012

      Will we be able to buy a Good & Proper Tea shirt at some point?

    36. Anthony Marshall on November 1, 2012

      Fantastic idea! Good luck with the funding, looking forward to seeing proper tea vans up and down the country some day!

    37. Neil Clowrey on November 1, 2012

      I'm really taken with this idea, it's brilliant and really glad you've put this forward on Kickstarter. Superb choice of vehicle. Hope there's a good way of finding your location in London on the rare occasions I come down. Would love to see the finished vehicle. Can't wait to try the teas and the brewer, I never realised there was a knack to brewing various teas or that green tea is often ruined. I'll certainly have to read the instruction manual! Look forward to following this project through to conclusion and beyond!

    38. Emilie Holmes Creator on November 1, 2012

      I will have to see how it goes and what is working well - I would like to have a premises ultimately but if the van model works very well then wouldn't say no to a fleet! : )

    39. Simon Knock on November 1, 2012

      Good choice of transport - when this thing takes off (which it bloody well should) will you be buying a fleet of them, or setting up a permanent residence somewhere?

    40. Timothy Bosworth on October 31, 2012

      Good luck Emilie, such a lovely concept. Hope all goes well? Feel free to check out our projects and let us know what you think.



    41. Missing avatar

      Allan Adair on October 31, 2012

      Good luck Emilie!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Treehorn on October 31, 2012

      Luv the van. Classic!

    43. Missing avatar

      Alex Futcher on October 31, 2012

      Good luck Emilie. Tea makes me happy :-)

    44. Thomas Clark on October 31, 2012

      What a fantastic video. Really looking forward to seeing this baby converted and at the EatMeUp! Your'e on course.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kalpesh Patel (deleted) on October 31, 2012

      What a great idea! Good job BBC news mentioned this, I would never have found it! You should push for a reminder article in 20 or so days! Good luck!

    46. Pravin Tailor on October 31, 2012

      Hope you reach your target. Good Luck

    47. Patrik Lythell on October 31, 2012

      You got this down to a tea! Great job and good luck!

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul & Sarah Marchand on October 31, 2012

      Coffee is so last season

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