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Warm up or cool down when you need it most. Founded at MIT, backed by Bose Ventures & Intel Capital.
Warm up or cool down when you need it most. Founded at MIT, backed by Bose Ventures & Intel Capital.
Warm up or cool down when you need it most. Founded at MIT, backed by Bose Ventures & Intel Capital.
2,837 backers pledged $629,856 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dallon Cheah on

      Hi. Do you have a robot doing all the email reply? I’ve send email and reply to your support explaining my Embr wave problem but I received twice the same reply word by word giving me same info that is not related to my problem at all like battery deplete faster in cold weather when I’ve already said I’m in Singapore. Pls help.

    2. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Kian Kirchhof It sounds like your Embr Wave got stuck in upgrade mode. Send us an e-mail at and we'll provide further instruction on how to fix that!

      @Dallon Cheah Hm, that doesn't sound right. Send us an e-mail at and we'll try and figure out what's going on.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dallon Cheah on

      Hi. Battery on my unit seems to discharge very fast. Fully charged it left it on the table and next few days it's totally flat and I did not even turn it on once. Is it supposed to be like that?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kian Kirchhof

      What should i do if my wave just shows a constant purple light and reacts to nothing?

    5. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Ben We're getting ready to release a new firmware update on the Embr Wave app that will allow users to extend sessions from 3-5 minutes to 30 minutes! Keep an eye out for an update on your Embr Wave app.

      @Muhanned E-mail us at to inquire about the return process!

    6. Missing avatar

      Muhanned Ibrahim on


      How could i return the Ember wave please & ask for a refund ?


    7. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Could you allow us to make the embr wave restart continuously till it goes flat or near flat?

      Its annoying that i have to restart another 3-5 minute session each time.


    8. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Fabrizio Centonze Awesome! We've recently found that some of our backers have been overcharged and it seems like you might be one of them. We think we've managed to find a solution though -- could you e-mail us at so we can help you resolve this issue?

      @Norman Abramovitz The plastic film is just to protect your Embr Wave from dirt/dust particles until it gets to you! We recommend removing it as it takes away from the warming/cooling sensation the device provides.

    9. Missing avatar

      Norman Abramovitz on

      Finally getting around to try out my Embr Wave. It is charging at the moment, but there is plastic sleeve protector around it. It seems stuck on, Should I be more forceful trying to remove it or is the plastic sleeve suppose to be there?

    10. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      Just for fun "Habemus papam" . Finally it's at home today but had to pay 69 euro.

    11. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Ron_techstudio - We're so sorry to hear that your bottom cover broke, and we would be dissatisfied too if we were in your shoes. You must have gotten a defective unit that slipped through our quality system, and we would be happy to issue you a warranty replacement. Can you please email

    12. Missing avatar

      ron_techstudio on

      Really dissatisfied with the quality. The plastic trim around the heating/cooling plate broke off while wearing it! Now I can't use it because the electronics are exposed. Terrible quality for $200+

    13. Embr Wave Creator on

      @TremF Thanks! Glad you're enjoying your Embr Wave :-)

      @James Tan No problem! Glad we were able to help!

      @Fabrizio Centonze We're not 100% sure how customs works in Italy, but that could mean you'll have to pick it up from customs in-person! If you haven't received a notification from customs or your local postal service about picking up your Wave, e-mail us at!

    14. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Centonze on

      Good Morning, my Embr wave is at customs (Milan) from 26 march, 2018. Is it ok ?

    15. James Tan

      Appreciate the quick reply!

    16. Missing avatar

      TremF on

      I just happened to check the Google Play store and there was the Ambr Wave app! Installed and updated my Wave's firmware but it's on charge at the moment so can't test. I like how you can check your previous usage. So far so good! Thanks again Embr Wave team! :) BTW I've recommended your product on an IGG page of a similar product that's not got off to a good start.

    17. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Lewis Shaw E-mail us at and we can help you get that sorted out!

      @Justin Walker Your order is on its way to you!

      @James Tan We'll send you a new one with instructions on how to install it!

    18. James Tan

      Anyway I sent you guys an email.

      Not pleased that a component was left out and the Embr Wave just fell off.

      Will need the metal pin to even use it, thanks.

    19. James Tan

      Hello, I think I’m missing the metal pin...

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin walker on

      I see most people have already received their items. I haven't heard anything or got a shipment conformation yet. Any idea when my 2 embr waves will ship?

    21. Missing avatar

      Lewis Shaw on

      Mine arrived today, got it charged up and currently trying it out. It works ok for me, not quite like I expected but it does work. Slightly disappointed about the incorrect customs fee, but hopefully get it sorted with customs.

    22. Embr Wave Creator on

      @TremF We're glad Embr Wave is helping you optimize your temperature experiences! The Android app will be out next week!

      @Juik Lee Our Android app is being released next week!

      @Cylon Goncalves da Silva We're sorry to hear that, Cylon! We're always improving Embr Wave with firmware updates, but if you find that those just aren't working for you, you can always return your Embr Wave per our 30-day return policy!

    23. Missing avatar

      TremF on

      I'm impressed. I've just gone through a few cooling and warming sessions and although they don't seem quite as intense as I'd like it's noticeable and works. Hopefully the Android app will help adjust it just right. Anyway I can't wait to put it to use in proper situations. Thanks again Team Ambr Wave.

    24. Missing avatar

      TremF on

      @Juik Lee As far as I know they haven't released the Android version yet but are taking sign ups for the beta trial -

    25. Missing avatar

      Juik Lee

      I live in Korea but I bought it through an acquaintance of mine. Android. Can't you use the app?

    26. Missing avatar

      TremF on

      Mine arrived today! I'm charging it up then will be giving it a try. Thank you Embr Wave team :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Cylon Goncalves da Silva on

      Got mine yesterday. Great disappointment. Does not deliver on the promises. Sorry, guys. If you are serious, looks like you‘ve got to get back to the drawing board!

      I suppose I should have guessed. Too good to be true.

      Anybody said money back? I‘ll queue up for that.

    28. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Peter Bishop We've been helping backers resolve this issue, e-mail us at so we can help you get refunded!

      @Val Lewis Hey Val, we appreciate the feedback. We understand that Embr Wave doesn't work for everyone and we're sorry it didn't work out for you. Once we receive your Embr Wave, we'll let you know and issue you a refund.

    29. Missing avatar

      Val Lewis on

      Also, had to pay approx $75US to get it out of Customs. A total and complete BUST.

    30. Missing avatar

      Val Lewis on

      Great concept ~ actual item a total and complete FAIL. Arguing with the company to get a return authorization, as-is promised. Don't fool yourselves, it is great in theory, but not so in real life.

    31. Missing avatar

      Koen De Zutter on

      I Just received my embr wave... i pledged 219 $ and had to pay €88 (that is 109$) in customs and VAT (over a higher price than my pledge). That is very disappointing...

    32. Missing avatar

      Peter Bishop on

      Just received my Embr wave...charged duty $78.77 cad on a total amount of $391.06 cad. Not happy at all with this. I paid $219 US which works out to $284 cad, so why is the price so different that I'm charged much more?

    33. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Penni Leiser Thanks for commenting, Penni! We're glad to hear you're finding Embr Wave so helpful!

      @Michael Burgin Hey Michael! We've heard about this issue and we're working as quickly as possible to address it. Could you e-mail us at so we can work something out for you?

    34. Michael Burgin on

      £58 in customs and VAT charges with an over inflated product price in the customs declaration, not happy at all, wish I had not bothered.

    35. Missing avatar

      Penni Leiser on

      Oh my! Just received, charged and in love with my Embr! Just started a hot flash...2 taps for cooling and omg hot flash dissipating in seconds! PS when it first charged I had just driven from Phoenix Arizona (90) to almost 7,000 feet Overgaard Arizona (60). Has cold. Turned up my Embr Yah Dah! very thankful for all of you. Work outside throughout Arizona...cannot wait to try it outdoors. I can see every type of weather in Arizona all in one day
      ..Will keep you posted.

    36. Embr Wave Creator on

      @TemF: thanks for the encouragement, and we're excited to get you your Embr Wave.

      @Larry: We're so sorry about the watch pin issue. Can you please email us at, and we can help you troubleshoot or issue you a warranty replacement?

      @Nancy: Thanks for your initial feedback, and it's natural for the top of the device to warm up after a cooling session. That's how it dissipates the heat from your wrist into the air. When you use cooling, are you making sure the top is exposed to the air? Another suggestion is loosening the band after you finish a cooling session so that it can dissipate the heat without accidentally touching your skin.

    37. Missing avatar

      Larry Casey on

      Tried using today, within 30 minutes strap came off twice! This is not usable !

    38. Missing avatar

      Nancy Vickroy on

      I'm using my Embr and am unsure how much it is doing for me but I am still hopeful. I am confused about 1 thing that it does though. After it completes a cooling session, it frequently turns red and gets warm defeating what I just tried to accomplish. Any ideas why?

    39. Missing avatar

      Larry Casey on

      Just taking out of box caused strap to fall off! Strap is not secure! Without secure attachment, product is useless

    40. Missing avatar

      TremF on

      Thank you Embr Wave!! You guys are fantastic. Dispatching 4 months early! Hopefully DHL won't drag their feet too much. :) I've applied for the Android beta too. It's like Christmas has come super early hehe

    41. Embr Wave Creator on

      @J We did receive your RMA! I'll be shipping you out a replacement unit today!

      @Lui Fong Ching It sounds like your unit might be overheating! This tends to happen if you use it too frequently, although your unit should flash orange if it is overheating. Could you e-mail us at with more details?

      @Devon Vitkovsky Supporting Android 4.0 requires a bit of extra work, but our app team is working on adding it to the development roadmap!

      @Garry Queen We've been hearing about this problem from some of our backers and are working on making sure the customs fees are reduced for future shipments. We think we've got a solution for backers who have already paid the VAT, so e-mail us at and we can work something out for you!

    42. Missing avatar

      Garry Queen

      Firsty, why did you put $300 as the customs value when I only paid $200, it cost me £80 in customs fees to get this.

      Secondly, I had it on for all of 2 minutes and one side of the strap just fell off, I have tried to put it in will it will just fall off again with the absolute minimum of force so would not be wearable making this completely useless

    43. Jared

      Did you receive my RMA?

    44. Missing avatar

      Lui Fong Ching on

      I don't know whether it is malfunction or not. When I use the cool down function, it keeps cool for a while then turn warm, and then cool again. Is it abnormal?When I use warm function it works good.

    45. Missing avatar

      Devon Vitkovsky on

      Wow, that beta came fast! I'll insta --

      Android 5.0? Crud. I can't install it on any of my devices. My most recent is 4.2. Out of curiosity, why does this require 5.0?

    46. Embr Wave Creator on

      @Devon Vitkovsky Thanks for all the detailed feedback, Devon! If you'd like to beta the Android app, we're allowing Android users to sign up right now!:
      We're also working on a firmware update that will help with the issues you're experiencing! Longer sessions, an option to dim the lights, amongst other things are on our to-do list! We're also glad you're enjoying your Embr Wave :-) Do keep us updated about your experiences! We really appreciate the detailed feedback!

      @Chris Hudson @Roald Vandepitte That bites! We're sorry to hear about what happened and we'd like to help! E-mail us at and we'll try to come up with something!

      @Wouter de Valk We're planning on adding that to the next iteration of the user manual! Regarding the double-knock to restart, we just mean that double-knocking immediately after the end of a session might not work and it'd be better to wait a little bit before attempting the double-knock.

    47. Missing avatar

      Devon Vitkovsky on

      Okay! I've been using my Waves for a month or two now. Here's some of the things that've arisen (but keep in mind that I'm on Android, so I'm running un-updated firmware):

      First and foremost: The double-knock feature is extremely unreliable. I've resorted to knocking five times in rapid succession, which /usually/ registers as a single double-knock and only rarely registers as multiple. If I only knock twice, it takes typically 5-15 (no joke!) tries to switch between modes or re-activate the device.

      It doesn't seem to matter how hard I knock, where I knock, what I press against on the other side of the Wave, or what part of my finger (or other object) I use on the Wave. Both of my units exhibit this issue.

      If it's possible, I'd like to get on my knees and /beg/ Embr Labs to allow us to set the default "wave mode" of the devices so that we don't have to double-knock every single time we activate the device. It's really, /really/ getting in the way of me enjoying my Waves, and has actually ended up bruising one of my knuckles pretty badly.


      The cooling and warming effects still work on me, decidedly well, especially if I take regular breaks and don't use the devices literally every single day.

      The effect the temperatures have on my emotions still exists, too.


      The straps still get in the way of the charging port unless I take them out of their happy little loopy-thing. The magnet is so strong that this is difficult. Even when I take the Wave off of my wrist, it's usually easier to bend my hand and fingers funny to try and slide it off than it is to undo the strap.


      I expected this to be a problem before I ever ordered my Wave, but I wanted to be sure you guys didn't sneaky-fix it. You half-did: The Embr Wave needs to be "thermally charged" in order to work well. What I mean is, if I want the device to make me warm, I need to already have the Embr it's self be warm.

      The good news is that, when I want to be cold, it works without the need to even be powered on. Yay, metal! The bad news is, when I'm cold and want to be warm, and really truly need it, I have to put a cold Wave on and suffer through being even colder before it starts gaining any ability to warm me.

      Again, I figured this would be the case, and it only seems to cause a noticeable effect when I want it to warm me up, but if there's ever a future revision of this device, you may want to consider adding a heating element.


      I believe the Wave would be far more comfortable and effective if it was rotated by 90 degrees, so that it makes more contact with my skin. I could be wrong about the comfort, but I'm pretty sure I'm right about effectiveness; with my bony-bony wrists, the Wave barely makes any contact at all with my skin. (This is probably a huge contributor to my earlier complaint about getting "cold bites" even at the least intense setting.)

      The device being flat also causes discomfort at times, though I understand the engineering nightmare it'd be to try and design a one-size-fits-all-curve, or somehow making the device flexible. I'm not sure there's anything that can be done about that.


      If I take a break for a week, minimum-intensity-cold returns to feeling too cold and hurts, and minimum-intensity-warm returns to feeling scalding hot. I believe if the settings could be even less intense, I'd be able to save more battery life by running at a lower setting and not getting used to more intense settings.


      The LEDs are *bright*. I can use a single Wave as a flashlight at night to great effectiveness. This has it's uses, but it causes problems when I use Cold at night and want to sleep; the blue light floods the room and wakes me right up.


      There is a blue mark on one of my Waves. It looks like it's been caused by a ballpoint pen, but I can't remember any time I've placed a Wave near a pen. Chances are it's my fault somehow, but I figure I'll mention it anyway since I truly can't figure out how it got there.


      So there! Obviously there's a fairly large amount of negative things that I've listed, but despite all those, I still plan to use my Waves. I wear them loosely until I need them, and I sometimes tap one against the other to activate the knocking feature in order to save my knuckles. Everything works and does what it's supposed to, and I feel like a firmware update can fix about half of the issues I've brought up.

      All in all, the Waves still serve the purpose I want them to, and they /feel/ like they're well-made, which is important to me.

    48. Chris Hudson

      I'll second @Roald Vandepitte 's comment - in addition to this I was charged additional for local postage which is pretty disappointing! Still, looking forward to trying my Wave out!

    49. Roald Vandepitte on


      Postal service just delivered my Wave, not so happy with the 110$ (89.25 €) import duties.
      @Embr wave , please don't use end-user prices for custom declarations, or at least clearly mention the currency, this would have saved me a lot of money.

    50. Wouter de Valk on


      Happy to see your nicely crafted Wave come in. Two questions:
      1) could you add "how to wear" to your user manual. It was nowhere to be found if the application was to be inside or outside of the wrist.
      2) The knuckle action is said to be effective if the "last session has ended in the last few minutes". Can you be more specific? Another comment seems to contradict this "PRO TIP": "may need rest for 3-5 minutes".

      I was expecting more of a program, now I understand I need to start the heating and cooling manually.



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