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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 23 2013 4:21 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $220,000pledged of $220,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, March 23 2013 4:21 PM UTC +00:00


Posted by Paul & Rudy (Creator)

Dear Backers!!

Good news! We will relaunch the campaign with a lower funding goal. Have a look at the video for more details!

Thanks for all your positive feedback! It makes us confident to relaunch the campaign. And we are going to add some extra features to the EMBRACE+:

- 'Old Grandfather's Clock' watch face (customizable)
- Glowstick mode
- Complete SDK for developers interested to integrate embrace+ into their app! :)
- more to come! including stretch goals

Everybody, please back us again within the first few days of the new campaign so we can reach the 'Popular Projects' category on the Kickstarter main pages! This will be crucial for success of our relaunch.

And keep your comments and feedback coming! It helps us build the coolest mobile fashion accessory ever!

Paul & Rudi

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    1. Cassie on

      @Mayiawo I was wondering the same thing. Can early birds from this campaign still get early backer benefits in the next campaign?

    2. Helen Neilson on

      So when will the project be re-launched on Kickstarter?

    3. Missing avatar

      makenova on

      Hey, so what about backers who got the early bird special in the first campaign, will we still get the $39 price or will be forced to pay $10 more dollars?

    4. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. Shanie Tanya on

      @Paul & Rudy: Yay! That's sounds awesome. I am glad you wasn't thinking of putting a watch face on it! I love the time idea using the colours and vibration. I shall be backing again. :)

    6. Jakester on

      That sounds cool then!!

    7. Cassie on

      Oh good, I'm so glad it's not actually a watch!

    8. Kevin James on

      Not an actual watch face. Things are looking up now

    9. Paul & Rudy 2-time creator on

      @all backers: sorry for the confusion. It is not a watch face as in the traditional sense. It is a feature in the app where you can customize the 'watch face' with blinks and vibration.

      An 'old grandfather clock' as they call it rings an alarm each hour and sometimes half hour. 1 o'clock is 1 ring, 2 o'clock is two rings, and so on. You can customize our clock feature in a similar way but with colors and vibration. it's fun and can be very useful as well! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Veronica Baiamonte on

      The bracelets are elegantly designed and the notification was a simple idea. I'm always missing calls even when my phone is in my pocket. I wasn't looking for a watch and I probaly won't back if this feature is added.

    11. Kevin James on

      The developers posted a comment on the main comment board of the project, in regards to the watch face that is not a watch face. ???

    12. Helen Neilson on

      Don't spoil a good idea by making it too complicated. No watch. Concentrate on getting the existing design into production and make sure the quality is good then you can look at future developments.

    13. Onery on

      I have to say it was a little odd that you looked offscreen when addressing us...

      Nevertheless, noted. Keep us updated too!


    14. Missing avatar

      Amy OConnor on

      You guys have such a unique idea and an amazing design for the Embrace+. i personally will like the new glow stick stick function. But with that being said If this becomes a watch so many of the original backers won't come back. We don't need another watch that what we have our phone for. Please don't ruin your already brilliant idea.

    15. Jaice Joy Skaria on

      I would like to have that black band with a nice transparent strip in the centre

    16. Missing avatar

      Alizar Ageng on

      Just keep the design as bracelet, don't improve it becoming watch.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Austin on

      I'm afraid I agree with the majority of the other comments-- I've got plenty of watches, thanks. I loved the simplicity of Embrace+, don't let it succumb to feature bloat.

    19. Jakester on

      First of all, thank you for your video update. It's appreciated. (^_^)
      Second, I agree with everyone else. I really hope there isn't a "watch" component. Maybe your new funding partner is pushing you to add the watch. But honestly your original design IS a winner. With nearly $83,000 pledged, I think that shows that you guys were on the right track. Plus I know you can see how passionate all the supports are of your Embrace+. Anyway, trust your original design. Clearly you both are talented designers. I hope you keep in contact with us more on the next campaign. (^_^)

    20. Chase

      Agree with everyone - keep it simple - no watch. Already have a watch and a phone - don't need a third source of time reading. Please keep tithe original way - don't really mind the dropping of the third shape, but just make it a durable, notification bracelet! Thanks, any idea when the new campaign will launch?

    21. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Holmes on

      I'll add my voice to "not interested in a watch" comments. I have watches - don't need another one. This concept was simple and, yes, single purpose but exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully, we'll see a prototype or at least a rendering of what that would look like at relaunch but if it is anything like the one linked below? No way. How about inroducing the variation that was floated by one of the backers, a black band with a strip that lights up? There were other great ideas but I don't recall one of them being a watch face. I'll wait to see how this shapes up before backing again, that's for sure.

    22. Shanie Tanya on

      I also agree with many others who have commented on here, if there is a watch it totally destroys the point of this product and makes it compete with the Pebble and MetaWatch. It doesn't need a watch - it was fine how it was and was unique how it was. It's meant to be just a LED notification band. Nice and simple without any interface. Your phone that's connected to it is the interface. Also those who already wear a watch will make them not bother with this now, as wearing two watches looks a bit silly. :\

      Don't think by adding a watch will get your more backers, it will just make this not as special and ruin the whole concept of it. :(

    23. Kevin James on

      Hopefully they listen or the next campaign will be a bust as well. No watch!!!!! Just simple band that lights up. Then again the company that partnered with them might of wanted it this way.

    24. Missing avatar

      Desither on

      If this project goes from a light weight bracelet to a watch, my husband and I will not be backing again. We were hoping for an item that could be worn while swimming, working out, and generally when ever we didn't want our phones in our faces, that had a simple visual notification. If we had wanted the extra stuff, we would have backed pebble. The beauty in this design was that it was simple.

    25. Lavell on

      I assume it will look something like this
      If so I don't want it

    26. Missing avatar

      Gal Cohen on

      The watch thing is pointless IMO. That's what pebble etc are for. I like this because its just a band.

    27. Mac - Game Rustlers

      No to the watch. Yes to the bracelet. Then again, you're asking people who backed the bracelet, that didn't attract enough backers. So maybe a middle ground that attracts both? Make the watch insertable?

    28. Missing avatar

      Isabelle Anderson-Gregoire on

      You're getting rid of the bracelet that I wanted? Plus limiting to two sizes? I'm sorry, but I'm not going to back this again, I really wanted the Beryl.

    29. Julieann Chassey on

      I will not re-back if it becomes a sorry guys but I have a smart watch I loved just the bracelet idea. So please don't turn it into a watch.

    30. Fio on

      I'm confused, wasn't this supposed to be a bracelet, not a smartwatch? I thought that was the whole point of this thing, to have a notification system that is NOT a watch.

    31. Brandy on

      How soon will the new project be launched?

    32. Kevin James on

      I really hope the watch face is left out and this stays a bracelet.

    33. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Really hope the product stays the same in terms of looks. Please no don't make this into a watch!

    34. Brandy on

      Oh no! Not a watch face!

    35. Missing avatar

      Giampaolo Frello on

      I'm also back the idea I don't need a surrogate of a smart watch but a bracelet as it was intended to be.keepit ssimple and will back you again

    36. Jason DiOrio on

      I wouldn't be adverse to something like the Bluetooth watch-like screens that's controllable from the device, but I'm mostly interested in the bracelet.

    37. Andy Simmons on

      Count me as one more who has zero interest in a version of Embrace+ with a watch face. I already own a Pebble, and the entire reason I backed Embrace+ was because it was a different device that could serve a different purpose.

      If you turn Embrace+ into a watch -- or really, anything other than the bracelet as it was originally presented -- I won't be backing the new campaign.

    38. Missing avatar

      Akinola Emmanuel on

      I actually wouldn't be opposed to a watch face if it doesn't add very much to the size of the finished product. Considering that you're already planning on using the Embrace+ to get notification on what's going on with your phone without having to actually look at your phone, why not be able to also tell the time? Adding a watch face won't put the Embrace+ into the smart watch category because you still won't be able to perform functions from it. I can still see it as a simple and stylish notification system. Finally, it might replace the need to wear a watch if it's attractive enough.

    39. Cassie on

      I also agree with Evan and Trista. There are plenty of smart watches available, I loved the simplicity of the Embrace+ and I won't back again if a watch face is incorporated.

    40. Missing avatar

      Trista G. on

      I agree with @Evan. Personally, the thing I loved about the Embrace+ design was that it seemed much more durable than the smart watches already out there. (Whenever I wear watches, I tend to scratch up the face.) I was planning on wearing the Embrace+ when I am working concert security, and this was how I "advertised" it to my co-workers.
      Would backers be able to back the original Embrace+ model? or is the watch face version going to be the only one available to backers?

    41. Elizabeth M Lewis on

      Don't forget to let us know when you relaunch!

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    43. Lavell on

      Unfortunate that you have to relaunch but so excited for you guys getting backing from outside companies

    44. Missing avatar

      Alexander Dykstra on

      When he said, "going from nine to four molds," I thought at first that he said, "going for ninety-four dollars," and freaked out for a second.

    45. Dan Wyman on

      Alright, so once this one ends I'll have to pledge again?
      I might even pledge to two this time...

    46. Deddo Hitokage on

      I support you !

      I'm still wishing you to get more than $1M pledges ;)

    47. Craig Dunn

      By the way, glad to see you're going to relaunch with more modest numbers in mind. This is often the downfall of projects that would otherwise get overfunded if they just set their goal lower. People want to be part of a successful campaign, so if you set a lower number you could actually overachieve what you were shooting for in this original attempt. After backing 250+ projects, I've seen this time and again. might move the prompter more towards the camera so its not obvious you are reading off an iPad or cue cards...this way you'll be looking INTO the camera. :-)

    48. Craig Dunn

      @Andrew - if the campaign does not reach its funding goal, NOBODY gets charged. When you originally pledge, you are only authorizing a future payment. They make a quick check to see if the card CAN be used, but never pull any funds until after the end of the campaign...again, IF the campaign exceeds its minimum funding goal.

    49. Andrew Colacci on

      Stupid question but if you're relaunching what happens to the money the previous backers donated?

    50. David Koch on

      This is very smart! Well done guys! I look forward to the new project!