EMBRACE+, smart notification bracelet for iPhone and Android

by Paul & Rudy

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    1. Tyler Ramsay on

      Awesome! Can't wait. Any news on the possibility of having wireless charging?

    2. Shanie Tanya on

      Loving the update and ideas! Any idea on what colour the Limited Edtion one will be? I don't want it pink or anything silly! (black sounds nice!)

    3. Missing avatar

      Charles McMahon on

      Was wondering if that green is also for 49 dollar backers ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles McMahon on

      Can we get pictures of all the kinds like opal topaz ect ?

    5. Dru Cacciottolo on

      Hi im a developer and would like to receive the SDK and API integration. Who can i contact?

    6. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Will the SDK docs include a decription of the over-the-air Bluetooth protocols beingg used?