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Lost beneath the waves for untold millennia, the Sunken Temple has been seen again. Inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft.
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New Addon: Make a Sailor

Posted by EmbersDS (Creator)

We've done it! Voyage of the Sea Darter will be part of Sunken Temple! 

As I already mentioned, this addon is written, and I'll begin my playtest tonight, the first of several. If you want to watch, follow me on Twitter (@embersds) as I'll post an update or two throughout the night. 

New Addon: Sailors

With the unlocking of Voyage of the Sea Darter there is a chance for those of you who want to leave a more lasting mark on Sunken Temple to do so. 

Sea Darter boasts a crew of about 20 sailors. Several of them will have minor roles in the adventure, and the more and diverse personalities that they have, the better. So, if you'd like to take a swing at creating a sailor that will appear in this finished aventure, just add $20 to your pledge. We can work together to create an NPC writeup that looks something like these: 

Now, maybe you want to have a more prominent impact both on the project funding and the characters in the adventure. If you'd like to nab one of these slots, add $50 to your pledge and message me, so I know which one you want and make sure we don't have everyone adding the same ones. For each of these that someone claims, I'll also commission extra artwork for the character.

The limited roles include: 

  • Captain
  • First Mate
  • Navigator
  • Mutinous Sailor (I'm not saying there's a mutiny but just in case) 

That's all for today. I'm traveling this week, so I'll be in and out, but I will get this stuff added to our project page in the next couple days. 


Y'all are awesome! 


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    1. Kevin Mack on

      Backed for $60 and sent a note for a limited role slot

    2. Egg Embry

      If you ever write Celltar Drumthunder: The Musical, I promise you'll sell a copy. At least one. At least... :-P

    3. EmbersDS Creator on

      Egg, I figured I'd snare you with Celltar. =)

    4. Egg Embry

      You had me at "Celltar Drumthunder". Just take my money! :-)
      Pledge increased.

    5. EmbersDS Creator on


    6. André Roy

      Added my 20$

      I have a couple ideas for sailors that might be perfect for this ship.