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Catacombs Conquest is a *standalone*, family friendly tabletop game where you play cards and flick wooden discs.
Catacombs Conquest is a standalone,  tabletop game where you play cards and flick wooden discs.
Catacombs Conquest is a standalone,  tabletop game where you play cards and flick wooden discs.
905 backers pledged CA$ 34,303 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Maz 2 days ago

      Didn’t realize I was on the conquest one, this app is hard for me to use :/

    2. Missing avatar

      Maz 2 days ago

      I got 3 boxes of my pledge
      Haven’t opened up the actual games to make sure all the prices are there but I do notice that:
      While I purchased for 3 of everything (including each resurrection pack) but Catacombs 3E And Cavern of Soloth (got two of those)
      I only got 1 teleport card for Roosan, is there a way to get at least 2 more because in the resurrection packs I should have a total of 3 chickens and only have one teleport.
      Second, I didn’t receive the upgrade deck for the original Catacombs, is that coming later? When should I look forward to my Wyverns games as I purchased 3 and haven’t gotten any tracking for them yet?

    3. Elzra Games 3-time creator 4 days ago

      @ Ethan Doherty - they add more cards to the base decks.

    4. Ethan Doherty on November 11

      Is there any info on how the add ons play? Maybe I missed it in an update or comment

    5. Ryan C
      on October 28

      Would be great if we can add Resurrection packs in the pledge manager. =)

    6. Gustavo on October 17

      But yes, they are ;) Got it too

    7. Bryan Gerding
      on October 16

      er, sorry, wrong Catacombs KS :D

    8. Bryan Gerding
      on October 16

      Just got a shipping notices from BNW DISTRIBUTION in Germany. Is that you guys?

    9. Elzra Games 3-time creator on September 25

      @ Simon Taylor - no, just the items that relate to the Conquest title specifically. The Resurrection Packs are available on our online store (

    10. Simon Taylor on September 25

      Just wondering, will other catacombs products be available in the PM? In particular the resurrection packs?

    11. John VanDenBerg on September 7

      @ Elzra Games - I just received notification from Canada Post, so my questions have been answered. Thanks!

    12. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 31

      @ Checksam - the Pledge Manager has not opened yet. You will receive a link to it in an email and you will be taken to the Catacombs Conquest project's page on the Pledge Manager's site.

    13. Missing avatar

      Checksam on August 31

      Hi! This is my first Kickstarter Project that I have pledged. I would like to order Add-on cardset too. But I don't understand the Pledge manager. How do I use pledge manager and where I can find it?

    14. John VanDenBerg on August 30

      @Elzra Games - If my card was charged for the MASSIVE BUNDLE preorder on 8/23, does that mean it has shipped? Which carrier to USA? Tracking number? Thanks!

    15. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 23

      @ Manus - thank you for the feedback about the Monster Pit manual.

    16. Manus on August 23

      Read the rules for monster pit. Incredibly clear, almost too clear in some places! For example, I'm not sure if it's necessary to use a whole page (page 7) to determine who is the monster player at the beginning. I feel the whole page could be condensed to 'randomly select s player to be the Monster Controller'. This could fit in at the end of page 6, possibly in place of page 6's last paragraph (again, not sure if this is needed).

      There doesn't seem to be any explanation as to what the symbols on the backs of the cards are. One would presume that the skulls publicise to other player how powerful your cards are, but a sentence would be nice.

      Would love to hear your thoughts on where the strategy lies in the game - on the face of it, it seems fun but similarly light to Conquest.

    17. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 23

      @ Gordon Chia - Unfortunately, we cannot double side the reference card as we want all of the cards in the deck to use the same card backs.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gordon Chia on August 23

      Nice seeing the reference card. If it is a regular card size it does look a big congested tho. Maybe turn sequence on one side while shot types on the other side of the card?

    19. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 13

      @ Alex DeRosa - yes, limited copies of Catacombs and the new Wyverns expansion at the IGA (IndieGameAlliance) booth. Catacombs & Castles will *not* be for sale as our valued backers must get their copies first.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex DeRosa on August 13

      Hey @Elzra Games will you be selling anything at Gen Con? if so for how much? I have a friend going and he asked me to put in requests for him to buy stuff in the next couple days, thanks!

    21. Manus on August 13

      Excellent! Wish I could be there

    22. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 12

      We are confirmed exhibiting at SHUX 2017 -

    23. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 11

      @ Brandyn Treat - after we have fulfilled the Castles backers, so sometime later this month. We can charge your card now, if you like. Just contact us at

    24. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 11

      @ John - our project uses a Pledge Manager - addresses will be requested when we open it.

    25. Dave McKee on August 10

      @john we'll be asked in the pledge manager.

    26. John
      on August 10

      Hi how can I change my address, or have we even been asked yet?

    27. Missing avatar

      Brandyn Treat on August 9

      Do we have an ETA of when the pre-order bundles will ship? Curious for impatient and financial reasons, since it will charge when it ships. Thanks for all your work, I'm very excited to be immersed in the Catacombs world!

    28. Missing avatar

      Gordon Chia on August 8

      @Lance as far as I know it's an additional 42 card set on top of the 56 already in the base game.

    29. Lance on August 8

      what is this "beyond the event horizon addon" you are speaking of? :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Gordon Chia on August 8

      Also after trying Castles, I would say I prefer the wall system in 3e over the clip version in Castles. Would you consider having the interlocking version of 3e being used in Conquest?

    31. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 8

      @ Gordon Chia - I will look into that suggestion. Thanks.

    32. Missing avatar

      Gordon Chia on August 8

      Thanks for the update @Elzra as for the color blind issue may I suggest utilising contrast in terms of shade. For example Castles team as light yellow + dark green while Skull has light purple and dark blue etc. So each team has both a light and dark disc for easy recognition alongside the team emblem.

    33. Tanner Louderback on August 6

      @Edward the Turn Tokens are double-sided and correspond with the color of the discs. When you finish your turn you flip the token to show the color of the disc that will be used on your next turn.

    34. Edward J on August 6

      A belated "hip hip hooray!" for another successful campaign.

      One small question I was thinking about, and couldn't remember if it was addressed in the rulebook: is there a way to track which piece you should be shooting next? Like a small token that you flip over after each shot?

      I doubt it will be a problem - but if there isn't something in the box then I'll probably print out a little circular track and move a small pawn along so that we don't lose track.

    35. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ Manus - regarding your first turn observation, I haven't found it particularly effective. Most of the time you will have a two or three shot sequence card in your hand that will enable you to push an Obstacle out of the way.

    36. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ Alex DeRosa - thanks Alex, I will provide more detail about the add-on cards in a future update.

    37. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ Manus - yes long nights, but definitely worth it as I enjoy working on these projects with their backer/customer focus. There are so many different and sometimes challenging problems to solve. I took a relaxing walk in the forest this afternoon, so that helped me relax post campaign.

    38. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ Gustavo - thank you, Gustavo :). I'm keeping the RPG in mind :).

    39. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ Dave (More human than human) - thanks Dave, I really appreciate that.

    40. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ J Pierce - happy birthday J Pierce!

    41. Manus on August 5

      Quick thought about first turn strategy. Would you not almost always play your card, then look to see which disc your opponent will use next, and entirely block them into the corner with the obstacle that is nearest them? And then they do the same to you, as your next disc will also be the one that is so far unused and in the corner!

    42. Gustavo on August 5

      A new quest completed. Congratulations elzra. We'll be waiting for the RPG news :)

    43. Manus on August 5

      Happy bday J!

    44. J Pierce on August 5

      Happy Birthday to me and to Catacombs Conquest!

    45. Manus on August 5

      Congrats @Elzra! Once again a lovely campaign to be a part of, still really impressed with how you respond to every single person and are as honest and transparent as possible. The add-on sounds great, look forward to adding it on as and when it's available. Get some well deserved rest! I imagine a lot of long nights managing both this and Castles.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex DeRosa on August 5

      Just read about the add-ons! Really excited. Can't believe the card total would be 42, thats awesome! Thanks for the great work!

    47. Dave McKee on August 5

      Congrats @elzra. I'm impressed with your love for this gsme and responsiveness to backers. I'll definitely be back for future projects. Well done.

    48. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      @ Juster - thank you for the kind words. We will provide instructions for adding the add-on in a future update.

    49. Ivanper on August 5

      Wow! amazing the feedback between creators and backers. I've been following this campaign from the dark because my english is not that good, but in the future i will be more active :)

      Sorry but it is not clear to me :S How should i do to unlock the add-on content?

    50. Elzra Games 3-time creator on August 5

      I will issue a proper thank you update to you all - for now I'm going to get some rest. Thank you again, everyone.

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