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An Animated "Classic Gameplay" Digital Trading Card Game; Free to Play, All Cards Earnable in-game, on iPhone, Android, Mac & PC.
An Animated "Classic Gameplay" Digital Trading Card Game; Free to Play, All Cards Earnable in-game, on iPhone, Android, Mac & PC.
390 backers pledged $17,899 to help bring this project to life.

Two Goals Smashed on the Same Day & Sleepers of Avarrach Revealed!

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You backers never cease to amaze us! 

Destroying the two goals in one day, well done to all those who've put efforts (or made/increased pledges) towards making that happen. There's a lot of posts so quickly on the forum, Luke will have a fun time moderating that, and I will have a hard time answering stuff there, so kindly post game related questions for me on the Kickstarter page, if our new Super Fans on the forum can't answer you. 

Here's the big reveal, the new faction (name chosen democratically on the forum): Sleepers of Avarrach

Lore – On the world of Avarrach, cybernetic modifications were the norm, its citizens enhancing their bodies with nano technology. However, sleeping within their nanobot technology was a dangerous flaw: a backdoor which could rewrite any any nearby nanobot into a copy of itself. One day, centuries ago, a nanobot virus was unleashed upon the world: one that would take over the host’s body, killing it, then aggressively spread to each nearby nanobot. The world of Avarrach turned into a nightmare. Within three days, 90% of the world turned into unthinking husks, the human host dead, but animated by the nanobot technologies embedded in their body. The survivors, those without augmentations, fought as best they could, but soon were overwhelmed. The nanobots took over their bodies and they too joined the undead horde. 

The virus animated each body to seek out and feed on any living thing, and for years, the zombies went on a rampage, devouring all living things they could find, until eventually the planet was completely devoid of life. With nothing left to feed on, the undead stopped moving, sleeping, the virus waiting for new living to devour. There they laid for hundreds of years, unmoving. When the rifts opened to the Old World, the Sleepers of Ararrach slowly woke from their deep sleep, smelling new life to feed on. 

As only the Sleepers closest to the rifts have awoken, few understand the true danger. However, in time the whole planet will awaken, and every world will face an incredible threat. 

Mechanics - The Sleepers of Avarrach are relentless, and ultimately unstoppable. While a single zombie is of little threat, over time more and more zombies arrive, overwhelming the enemy. Killing a Sleeper of Avarrach is often only a temporary respite, as they are the best faction at using their graveyard, bringing many cards back from the dead, over and over until the enemy is overwhelmed. Furthermore, many of the Sleepers are infectious: when they kill an enemy character, that character gets turned into an undead, and the Sleepers gain control of it. To defeat the Sleepers, enemy players must manage keeping the undead under check, while simultaneously advancing their own plan swiftly enough to win before they are overwhelmed. 

The first card (and Card of the Day), which is also the Prize for making 150 backers, is none other than Patient Zero, the first to become infected oh so long ago (quite a tough dude to have lasted this long without redying...)

Another reveal and reward is the 7k Prize Battlefield Scavenger, as with Patient Zero, every "Count" and "Duke" gets a bonus one of these and every "Prince" and up gets a full set of 4. Note he is the first one to come through, and the rest won't start showing up through the portals likely until Beta begins...

The new rewards are set at 9.5k and 220 Backers and the silhouettes are below... 

9.5k Prize.

220 Backers Prize.

Backer of the day is Emanuel for going to excruciating lengths to provide a nice spoiler list of all cards revealed in vids so far. :P His link is here: 

Be Awesome, 

Elphie "Agent" Coyle & the Lightmare Team.
Love to connect on Facebook personally, make sure you message me saying you're a backer so I know you're not a random. ;)


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    1. Lightmare Studios Creator on November 20, 2012

      @Dustin, quoted you on yesterday's Facebook post. ;)

    2. Lightmare Studios Creator on November 20, 2012

      @Carlos, yes we're looking at FB goals, but I wanted to see our FB Ad campaign peter out so I know what's actually being caused by the backers vs what we're paying cash to see...

    3. Dustin Carpenter on November 20, 2012

      Ok, I couldn't help myself anymore. Finally broke down and upped my pledge from Count to Duke. This game is just looking too amazing.

    4. Carlos - "Koey" on November 20, 2012

      Ooh the orange looks awesome.

      RIta looks awesome. Must get to 9.5k
      Is it just me or is Genesis Industry for # backers
      and Verore for cash amount.

      Also Elphie 10k would make a nice 200% goal maybe you can make that a special stretch. I am sure people would love at least 1 dawn guard as stretch.
      Why no facebook likes we have almost 300 likes there :P

    5. Emanuel on November 20, 2012

      I really didn´t think that i would become an backer of the day =D
      i thought that you would have had Elivs or someone more talkative before me ^^

    6. Luke Cross on November 20, 2012

      Dont listen to em Elphie! Patient Zero is sexy! FOR THE HORD... ZzzzZZzzZZzzzz

    7. Montablac on November 20, 2012

      yes,yes, cybernetic zombies are all well and good,but when are we going to see more FLAME DAWN?!?