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Uncover lost secrets of the gods with expanded rules for Worshippers, Relics and Territory. Lots of new options for your game!
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    1. Eloy Lasanta 20-time creator

      All really good ideas. Some of them are definites (Troll, Sphinx), some of them are new ideas (Couatl, Created life forms), and a few of them are already in Part-Time Gods in one form or another (Gorgons are Medusa, Jikininki are kinda of undead-ish, Manananggal are vampire-ish, Ningyo are basically Sirens but from another culture). It's always been the goal of Part-Time Gods to be multi-cultural with our monsters and we will continue that into the next 2 books!

    2. Sawyer Rankin on

      I agree with Bri and Victor, though I'd like to see less common asian mythos (Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Filipino, etc) and perhaps African and the Indigenous peoples of many nations, such as the Chon-Chon, Bunyip, Wendigo, Titanoboa, Baykok, and Ictinike.

    3. Victor Serrano

      Mayan, Aztec, Incan etc mythologies outsiders would be really cool I agree with Bri!

    4. Missing avatar


      I'd like to see a few Outsiders from other areas/mythologies like the bunyip or couatl.

    5. Victor Serrano

      Hmm, I would like to see a Sphinx, Manticore and Centaurs!

    6. Missing avatar

      Frank Rafaelsen on

      I would prefer outsiders with a solid basis in mythology. It is after all a game about myths and legends. And I would prefer outsiders that can pass for humans since I like to keep the monsters in my urban fantasy games hidden from normal people. This can be done through shape shifting, illusions, the ability to never be caught on camera, or like my trolls that turns into giant boulders in daylight etc. Some info on how they fit in with modern society would also be good.

      Some candidates
      - The Medusa
      - Harpies
      - Sirens
      - Trolls
      - The little people
      - Several versions/power levels of elves, dwarves etc.
      - Immortal humans
      - The undead in all its forms. The mindless undead has its place, but perhaps more interesting are the intelligent forms. Ghouls, relentless dead (to use a witchcraft term), einherjer, vampires (more myth, less Bram Stoker), liches, mummies and so on.

    7. Andy Fundinger

      I'd like to see a semi-animate outsider, like the classic mimic. Of course to threaten gods it would have to work in one of two ways:
      * Assume the role of an object from the god's mortal life. Attack him or her there during an otherwise normal interaction.
      * Assume the role of an object from the god's domain but immune to the god's divine powers and acting maliciously. It may even have the same domain as the god while actively hunting the god.

    8. Sawyer Rankin on

      I'd like to see more non-typical monsters like the norse Alraune, the greek Peryton, and even some things not thought of as Outsiders (little grey men/aliens, men in black, cryptids).

    9. Tyler Allen on

      Trolls, we used them in our campaign mainly the kind found in Norse myth.

    10. Missing avatar

      mike bowie on

      In one of my games, I used the killer robot from "Cabin in the Woods" (a big, spider-like machine with four fast pneumatic legs, two small pincer-arms, and a long buzzsaw-tiped limb). It was a "modern art instalment," crafted by a Source-maddened artist. I wanted to introduce the idea of Frankenstein-style Minions, that began as inanimate objects but were given a spark of Source by insane creators.