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Love bicycles and eating well? Anna Brones has a cookbook for you. Classy gluten-free meals to fuel your ride without breaking the bank

The rules for living well, if you can call them that, are simple and a pleasure to follow. Eat local and mostly plants. Ride your bike, even on rainy days. Say yes to dinner invitations. Always bring your signature dessert. Invite people on picnics. Bike in the sunshine. Follow a morning ride with a strong French press. - The Culinary Cyclist

About the Culinary Cyclist

The Culinary Cyclist: A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life is Anna Brones' love song to the dual pleasures of eating well and getting around by bicycle. 

Brones draws on her Swedish heritage, her years in the vegetable-tarian paradise of Portland, Oregon, and her current residence in hedonistic Paris to provide what is in the end more than a cookbook: It's a guide to good living.

The 92 page book is packed with clear, simple recipes that include such delights as baked eggs in avocados (perhaps the ideal breakfast food) and a classic, creamy chocolate cake that happens to be made without gluten. 

Other sections include planning guides for key life activities like shopping by bicycle, making your own bags to use for produce and bulk goods, hosting a successful dinner party, and setting off for an impromptu picnic without breaking your champagne glasses in your bike pannier.

Most recipes in the book are gluten-free, many are vegan, and all are 100% delicious. The book is suitable for beginning cooks as well as those looking to branch out. 

Illustrations by talented food blogger and illustrator Johanna Kindvall bring charm and clarity to the essays and recipes. 

This is a book that will be as much a pleasure to hold as to use. Join us in concocting a simpler, healthier, and more delicious life. 


The main reward is a copy of the book itself; we've sweetened the pot with some more beautiful work by the author and illustrator. 

Illustrator Johanna Kindvall creates beautiful art prints that are an inspiring homage to the foods she loves to cook with. Backers who select this reward can choose one of these three prints, featuring herbs, mushrooms, or root vegetables:

When she isn't writing, author Anna Brones painstakingly cuts gorgeous earrings like these out of upcycled bike inner tubes. Yours may look like these, or another unique design:

These coffee cups handcrafted by Laura Cooke Ceramics in Asheville, North Carolina. Each one is unique; they all bear illustrations from the book by Johanna Kindvall. Here's an example: 

Video credits

Narration by Anna Brones * Illustrations by Johanna Kindvall * Music is “Bicycle Waltz” by Goodbye Kumiko * Cinematography and editing by Jenny Nichols

Extra credits

All our books are printed in the USA, independently published and distributed by a woman-owned micro-business, funded via Kickstarter, and possible thanks to you. 

Parting thoughts

A bike ride can take you around the block or across the country. A meal can do the same. Put the two together? Now that’s a formula for living well. - Anna Brones, The Culinary Cyclist

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The book is written, illustrated, and ready to print. The only thing we need to proceed is to know that you are as excited to get your hands on it as we are to produce it. After that, factors like flood, fire, and print errors could delay the project, but it'll still get out there.

The day the project is fully funded, we can hit "send" and get the printer working. We can only do it if we reach our goal, though. Thanks for being part of this!


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