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Taking the Lane is a zine by and about women in bicycling. Issue #3 takes on 143 years of yet-to-be-tweeted bicycling exploits.

Issue #3 of Taking the Lane is nearly ready to go to print!

I'm aiming to have it printed by the first week in April. Once again, I'm asking you, the world, to help make it happen.

Once you've pledged your support for this project, you'll soon be reading the work of talented writers about:

- A tantalizing glimpse into the world of women bicycle racers 100 years ago. Replete with colorful characters, helpful men, and exposed ankles

- The classic, true-life fable of the hero who doesn't realize it—she's just going to work

- A battle hymn of the bicycle vs the terminal diagnosis, as chronicled many years and miles later

- A freewheeling activist maps the connections between bicycling, dance, zen, and project management strategies. She wants the next generation to know that it's going to be better than you think

This issue will be orange and blue, 28 pages, and the same sweet pocket size. Readers of past issues have described enjoying them variously on the bus, on an all-women's bike camping trip, and immediately upon delivery without pausing or blinking.

I'm doubling the print run on this issue to 1,000. It turns out that 500 copies, though they fill up an impressively large box, don't last a year. Issue #1 will be out of print soon, so I've limited the number of copies available in the rewards.

Thanks so much for reading, and supporting, and busting out of dusty old gender roles, and loving bikes. Y'all inspire me.


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    Two copies of Taking the Lane #3.

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    A full run of what exists. Taking the Lane #1, #2, and #3.

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    Subscribe! Your three-issue subscription starts with #3 and will include #4 and #5 when they come out later in 2011.

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    Subscription plus. A one year Taking the Lane subscription starting with tell me what you're into and I'll send you a selection of other people's zines that I think you'll like.

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    2011 extravaganza. #1-3 mailed to you now... and #4 and #5 as they come out.

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    Coffee with your zines? A bag of fairly traded, women-grown, craft-roasted coffee by bicycle-based Portland company Trailhead Coffee Roasters. Includes a one year subscription to Taking the Lane starting with #3.

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    Super subscription. I'll mail you Taking the Lane #1 through #3 plus a copy of everything I publish in print in 2011 or 2012. This reward could be either a deal for me or a steal for you, depending on how things go. Take a chance!

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