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The fifth volume of feminist bike zine Taking the Lane. Inspiring essays and stories about our bikes & our bodies.
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Elly Blue

42 backers pledged $806 to help bring this project to life.

The next big thing

Whew. Thanks so much to all of you who contributed ... this project was fully funded in less than 24 hours. Nineteen days to go! Which means there might be a bit of cash kicking around after all zine expenses are paid for.

Since I woke up this morning, I've been scheming up cool projects to fund with any surplus. My existing list of dreams includes:

- Adding pages to Our Bodies, Our Bikes (this might be a necessity, as there is so much good material), and maybe having two colors on the inside and a larger page format.

- Commissioning a run of custom Taking the Lane cycling caps from Little Package. My vision for these is detailed and vivid. I just need to buy the fabric and pay Caroline.

- Producing a zine of bike infrastructure record-style reviews like these. Last night, Kate Berube said she'd want to work together on making it happen. It's exciting.

What's your vote? Costs vary widely, but I'll set a new goal accordingly. Whee!

Thanks again. You all made my day.



    1. Creator chris mccraw on November 9, 2011

      i like all of these ideas but i love the record-review idea! seems like the cap idea could sustain itself (ie i'd pay her price plus 10% or something up front).