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Swipe, without ever having to take your card out.
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Steven Elliot

2,813 backers pledged $64,069 to help bring this project to life.

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Greetings Kickstarters!

Hope you all have been well and enjoying 2015! We've been super busy here at Dash Wallets preparing for this day. 

Just wanted to let you that we have just launched our latest project- Dash 4.0!

The early birds start at just $12! We spent the last year redesigning the wallet using more durable materials. Thanks again for all your support! We're extremely confident that you'll love this wallet just as much as we do. And you'll get them before Christmas!

Thank you so much for supporting us over 3 years ago and being there from the start. We  at Dash Wallets can't thank you enough. We hope to see you in future projects as we will be there to support you whenever you need us. Stay awesome guys.

Respectfully Yours,

Steven Elliot

Latest Project $400K & Ending Soon!

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Hope you all have been doing well. As some of you may know, I've been working on a Kickstarter project recently. We are closing in on the last days of our Havok Timepieces campaign. As one of the lead designers for the watch, I'm very excited to see these come to life at such a large scale. It is the most backed for non-smart watches on Kickstarter.

The team has been working around the clock and even travelling to the manufacturer to make sure the campaign runs like clockwork. (pun-intended)

It’s been an amazing campaign with funding of $395,000 already. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend that you take literally 30 seconds and see it.

The minimal design and quality construction has been quite a success within the watch community here on Kickstarter.

We have upgraded the watch with some awesome STRETCH GOALS and also included 2 new minimalist styles.

Check it out!

Thank you all so much for your support in the past and we hope to see you again in the future!

Respectfully yours,

Steven Elliot

Dash 3.0 Update!


Hi Backers!

Thanks again Dash backers! Its crazy how a project that started in 2012 can come so far and become a company. We recently sold out of the 1.0 and 2.0 wallets because of the high demand. (No worries, they are restocking soon.) Tens of thousands of people now use a wallet that you kickstarters helped to create. That. Is. Amazing. I know to a lot of you its just a simple wallet, but to me, its much more than that. The project started as just something fun to do, but it's taught me so much and given me a great experience doing something I love. Thank you for that.

Anyways, just wanted to give you a quick update on where we are at with the new project on Kickstarter! We reached our goal pretty early and have been getting some solid funding and added a stretch goal. Check out all the new stuff on the Kickstarter Page!

Everything is going as scheduled and could even be ahead of schedule when the project ends if manufacturing goes well. Also, check out our latest drop test!

DASH 3.0 Kickstarter is live for 2 more weeks!

Stay awesome.



Dash Wallets - Founder

Dash's Latest Project: Update 12!


Hello Original Dash Backers!

It has been an incredible journey since the first Dash Wallet launched over a year ago. I'd like to you all for supporting the Dash project. It really means a lot that you were a part of making this possible. I am very grateful for that.

Today, I am very excited to bring to you all the newest Dash Wallet project!

It is a completely redesigned wallet focused for everyday use. It features a one-piece design that has both horizontal and vertical slots. We are now using a refined saffiano leather for lighter durability and a rugged vegetable tanned leather for the leather enthusiasts. We also took the time to make a pretty cool stop-motion video so check that out too!

The new project:

Thanks again for supporting this little wallet company.

As always, stay awesome.

Our latest project
Our latest project


Steven Elliot

What I've Been Doing

Hello Team Dash!

Moving forward, with whatever I do, you guys will always be the backers that supported me on my very first project. My original backers; the ones that gave me advice and stuck it out through ups and downs. I haven't forgotten about my first project and wanted to thank you guys for helping me towards entrepreneurship. It all started here.

Recently, I've started a new project. Take a look if your wrist needs a new accessory. If you took a few minutes to just check it out, I, as well as thousands of others, would really appreciate it.

Global Ties Campaign:



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