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Swipe, without ever having to take your card out.
Swipe, without ever having to take your card out.
Swipe, without ever having to take your card out.
2,813 backers pledged $64,069 to help bring this project to life.

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Halfway There!


As many of you know, we recently launched our sixth Kickstarter project, The Access Bifold.


We took a step out of our comfort zone, and designed a wallet that stayed true to our minimal beginnings while providing ample space for all of your wallet need.


It’s been our faithful backers that have brought us this. You’ve all been the fire that has propelled us to create new products, giving us the opportunity to be back on Kickstarter, doing what we love.



Today, we hit the halfway mark in our campaign, and it would mean the world to us if you could give the project a quick look.


Thank you, and see you on the other side.


Dash Wallets



It was over 4 years ago when we launched the first Dash Wallets Campaign. Thank you all for supporting our very first project on Kickstarter. 

Since then, we have launched 5 successful Dash campaigns raising over $500,000! We’ve created several ultra minimalist wallets, and even a travel wallet. Now we’re creating something brand new. 


It is finally here. The Dash Minimalist Access Bifold. 


Dash Wallets has designed this bifold wallet to offer extremely easy access to your cards and cash, while maintaining a super slim profile.


As you supported us with our very first project, you are some of the very first to be notified of our launch. The early birds are just for you guys, but also very limited.

Thank you all so much for being our backers. We could not have done it without you guys. We listened to ALL of the feedback on the previous campaigns and incorporated it into this new design. 


We're extremely excited to have you all on board again and hope to see you at the new Dash Access Bifold Kickstarter.

Respectfully Yours, 

Steven Elliot & Dash Wallets


Hello Backers!

As most of you know, we finished our 5th Dash campaign a few months back with over $150,000 in funding! We finished shipping the 500 units out last month and they are now available on our website:

Thanks again for all your support in our previous campaigns! We appreciate you all for helping us to create cool products and for giving us the opportunity to do what we love. As a small thank you, we’re giving a 20% code in case you’re interested in another wallet!


You can use it on a new wallet for yourself, or for that one friend with the huge wallet. We hope to see you in future projects as we will be there to support you whenever you need us.

Also, our friends over at Havok are finishing up their latest watch collection with only 3 days left! The Quarter Century Watch is designed to be the best watch possible for under $100.


With premium parts and quality craftsmanship, it will surely last 25 years and more.


Respectfully Yours,

Steven Elliot

Dash 4.0 Over $150,000 and Ending Soon!

Hello Kickstarters!

Just wanted to let you that Dash 4.0 is ending in a couple of days. We also reached our $100,000 stretch goal! 

We spent the last year redesigning the wallet using more durable materials. Thanks again for all your support! We're extremely confident that you'll love this wallet just as much as we do. And you'll get them before Christmas!


Thank you so much for supporting us over 3 years ago and being there from the start. We at Dash Wallets can't thank you enough. We hope to see you in future projects as we will be there to support you whenever you need us. Stay awesome guys.

Respectfully Yours,

Steven Elliot


MAGKEY: Magnetic Smart Key Holder

Finally, a solution for jingling keys! Our friends over at MAGKEY just launched their flagship campaign. MAGKEYS are magnets designed specifically to keep your keys clean, quiet & organized. Checkout their page now - they still have early bird rewards available!