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America, 2018. Unable to pay the $10 trillion it owes to China, the U.S. comes up with a plan: it gives China the state of California.
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Posted by Ellie Lee (Creator)

Thanks to you, not only did we hit our initial goal, we raised enough for an additional third episode. You are amazing!!! We’re still pinching ourselves. We are completely blown away by your incredible outpouring of encouragement & support.

And thanks entirely to you, we have already started pre-production, and will start animating in July.

In June, we’ll hold the drawing for the two winners who will become cartoon characters in our show. Stay tuned for that announcement…

For our $400, $1500 & $5000 reward Backers: as we polish our scripts in the coming weeks, we will be in touch with each of you to discuss your character appearances. So cool!

We’d like to thank each of you soon on our website. If you have opted for a reward, we will send you a survey asking how you would like to be thanked & where you would like your rewards shipped. Unfortunately, since Kickstarter only allows us to send one survey & since it will take us many months to create the animated episodes, digital artwork, DVDs and limited edition prints, we understand that your mailing address may change during that time. Please be sure to give us your email address on the survey, so we can confirm your mailing address once these physical & digital rewards are ready to ship later this year.

For additional updates & hilarity, please join us here:

Thank you again for making this whole journey possible. In the immortal words of Mr. Chen, “I will destroy the internet!!!” No wait. Wrong quote. We meant, “Welcome to the great land of Chinafornia!”

We are deeply humbled and grateful for your support!

Huge thanks,

Ellie, Peter & Diana


PS: We’ve received messages from folks who missed the campaign, who are still interested in being a part of Chinafornia. For new visitors: you can still help fund episodes in our first season, and become a Backer through PayPal. Be sure to tell us in the “notes” section which reward you’d like to claim for your pledge:

Pledge via PayPal

As you may know, for these early episodes, we’re volunteering our time, to stretch every dollar as far as possible, to create as much animation as we can. Thank you as always for your consideration & support!


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