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A book of my essays on Product Management, including ten new essays. The essays will be categorized into connecting themes.
A book of my essays on Product Management, including ten new essays. The essays will be categorized into connecting themes.
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I've written journals online since 2002 (RIP OpenDiary). Despite that, I never thought of myself as a writer. Even when I worked at Kickstarter, I thought of myself as "a person who helps creativity happen," instead of "a creative person." 

As I worked on projects to help inspire others to create, I felt shame from not being able to do it myself. I've explored a lot of outlets for my creativity, trying to find something that works for me, including oil painting, drawing, and art books. The one that has stuck is writing. 

Over time my writing moved from the diary format into more polished essays. In the last five years, I've written essays on Product Management. I've made all of these essays available online for free, including an entire 14 week seminar class

Some of my more popular essays:

With this project, I want to pull all of my writing together into a single place. In addition to collecting my already public essays, I'm going to:

  • Write new essays - If you back the book, you'll be able to suggest a topic in the fulfillment survey. I won't promise that I'll cover all of them, but I'll write at least 10 new pieces for this book (that everyone who has the book will get to see first!)
  • Re-edit & update old essays - I'll go back through each essay and make refinements where I've received feedback.
  • Link essays together - Everything will be organized into logical sections, whether you're trying to get into Product Management, level up in Product Management, or learn a specific skill.

If the project reaches more than $5000, I'll also record myself reading the essays and send that to each backer as an audio book.

When I saw Kickstarter's call for "All-In-One" projects in March, I knew this was the time to do this project. It was the right set of constraints for me to get it done.

  • 1 week. This project will only run for a week, so if you want to support my writing and get new stuff, please back it now.
  • 1st time creator. Finally! The entire time I worked at Kickstarter, I wanted to run a project. 
  • 1-Hit Wonder. Only one reward tier. By backing the project you get a copy of the e-book and a chance to request a topic. 
  • 1s & 0s. As much as I'd like to see myself in print, removing shipping logistics means you get more essays.

The delivery of the book will happen in July of this year. If you've enjoyed or benefitted from my writing before, I'd appreciate your support in making this happen.

Risks and challenges

I don't see any particular challenges with this project.

If for any reason I would be delayed, I'll let you know. I picked July because that's a pace of less than one essay per week, which I have been able to do in the past (especially when I have some of the topics in mind).

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