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Love, murder, fathers, daughters and foxes. Regalia is a collection of short stories by Eisner-nominated graphic novelist Eliza Frye.

Oh, hello!  Thanks for checking out my project.  Regalia is a collection of nine short stories, my best personal work from the past four years.  Some of the stories have been previously published and some are brand new.  They are all love letters:

  • "The Lady's Murder" - a mystery unraveling the untimely death of the infamous Miss Marie Madeleine (Eisner nominated)

  • "Horse and Rider" - a surreal Western love tale at the Cinderella Motel

  • "Lucky House" - a father, a daughter, a snake, and a white tiger

  • "I Can See Your Underpants" - featuring ladies’ unmentionables and inappropriate breakfasting

  • "Footsteps" - a story about edges of all variety

  • "Regalia" - you wouldn't want a 900 year-old fox on your back porch either

  • "Paul" - a journey off the edge of a cliff

  • "Gods:Monsters" - originally published in the “Peaches & Cream” edition of Flaunt magazine

  • "Eternity" - originally published by me at Kinkos using a copy card I, um, found in the parking lot

"Frye has a powerful style. I had an immediate, almost visceral reaction to the images." -- Derik A. Badman, COMIXTALK

"I really want this... but I'm afraid of what my pastor will say."  -- Wizard World Chicago Attendee

The finished book will be about 200 pages long in full color.  Each one will be hand stamped and come with a hand screen printed bookplate.  I decided to print in China because it’s about 50% cheaper than anywhere else, though it will take roughly three months for the books to arrive.  My production budget comes out to about $6000 total.  That’s covering printing, shipping, and an ISBN and bar code for 2000 books.  Any over-funding will go toward making the book the most delicious it can be! 

Update: The books will definitely be in hardcover!  Original sketch bookmarks for everyone! 

Most of the stories are on my website:

Thank you so much for your support.  It is my privilege and pleasure to share my art with you.

♥ Eliza

Connect with me!  Find me on Twitter @elizafrye or friend me on Facebook.

PS. International backers, please +$5 for shipping.  Thanks!

PPS.  I've gotten some questions about the paintings.  The $100 paintings will be in gouache on a 9"x12" wood panel.  The $250 ones will be on 18"x24" wood panels.  I will paint anything you like, but if you don't have a subject preference I will use my vivid imagination!  Some examples:


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