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Decide the fate of a city in a game of love, intrigue and empire from the creators of Fallen London.
1,013 backers pledged $45,503 to help bring this project to life.

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Reward update and news about our next game!

Posted by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat (Creator)
We've shipped all the physical rewards! They were dispatched at the end of October, so if they haven't arrived yet please be assured they are well on their way.

Just in case, though - if you haven't got your parcel by the end of November, please contact and we'll investigate.

And we have exciting news to share! Because you made this Kickstarter such an amazing success, we're doing it again. Our new project, Below, is a dungeon-delving RPG built, like The Silver Tree, on our StoryNexus platform. It draws from the sources that inspired the grand tradition of dungeons in gaming, and combines the old-school delights of exploration, looting treasure and subterranean peril with our trademark contemporary approach to storytelling. 

You don't need to take our word for it. Click here to see the Kickstarter page, check out the trailer, and play the prototype of Below. We hope you'll love it as much as we do.

Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree now available to Kickstarter backers!

Posted by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat (Creator)

It's happened! Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree is now available to our wonderful kickstarter backers. You should have received an email giving you details on how to play and claim your in-game rewards. If you haven't, please drop us an email at and we'll help you out.

We'd like to thank you for your contribution, and dearly hope you enjoy the game! We'd love to hear your thoughts on our community forums. And if Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree inspires you to make your own StoryNexus game, you can do so here.

Enjoy your time in Karakorum, friends. The Khan's Court awaits!

Chat Transcript and Wallpapers

Posted by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat (Creator)

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Backer Chat Details!

Posted by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat (Creator)

Delicious news: Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree will be available to play next week! In celebration we will be holding the online chat between you - our delightful backers - and characters from The Silver Tree and Fallen London on Monday the 22nd of October at 8pm GMT - that’s 9pm in London (thanks to the ever-confusing British Summer Time) and 4pm in New York.

We’ll be using Twitter to host the chat - the special guests are a forward-thinking lot, and all have Twitter accounts. The characters taking part in the chat will be: 

Mr Pages (@Mr_Pages): one of the Masters of Fallen London, and the city’s curator of all things literary. It will be moderating (refereeing?) the exchange between... 

The Gracious Widow (@GraciousWidow): Some (braver folk than I) would call her the Smuggler-Queen of Spite. She has lived for centuries, thanks to her special peach brandy, and was present at Karakorum during the events of the Silver Tree. 

Mr Wines (@Mr_Wines): another Master of Fallen London, and one who remembers Karakorum fondly. It has a particular interest in exotic drinks, and has long craved the secret of the Widow’s brandy. 

You can find them using their Twitter handles, above, or by clicking on this link to a specially-crafted Twitter list and choosing "subscribe": 

The guests are keen to answer your questions - during the chat, just address any questions to @Mr_Pages who will gladly direct them to the others. 

 If you can’t be online during the debate, you can still take part! Just send any questions you have for any of the participants to @Mr_Pages via Twitter beforehand, or by email to and Mr Pages will ask as many of them as it can. After the debate we’ll make a transcript of the exchange available for all backers. 

In other news: if you pledged at a level that entails a physical reward, like the art prints or the Opportunity Deck, you should have received a survey from us through Kickstarter asking for your mailing address. If you haven't received this survey, drop us a line at, and let us know! 

We'll be back soon with more news!


Posted by Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Sorry we've been so quiet lately - we've been working hard getting Tales of Fallen London: The Silver Tree ready, and we're very, very close now. The game is in the final stages, and we can't wait to get it into your hands!

We'll be in touch with everyone regarding their pledge rewards shortly. In the meantime, we've attached some of the images from the Opportunity Deck and the Silver Tree expansion to this update as a little teaser...

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