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Bring award-winning Philip K Dick movie Radio Free Albemuth to a theatre near you!
Bring award-winning Philip K Dick movie Radio Free Albemuth to a theatre near you!
827 backers pledged $92,267 to help bring this project to life.

39 Steps um, I mean 39 Hours...

Dear Best Backers in this reality and the next... 

We are not stopping to celebrate just yet.  Everything beyond our goal will help us release the film as wide as possible.

An extra $2,500 enables us to arrange screenings in four cities.

An additional $5,000 allows us to take out ads in The NY Times, Village Voice, Indiewire, LA Weekly, and LA Times.

An additional $10,000 enables us to add a publicist for an additional 5-10 cities.

We are so glad you are on board and hope we can continue our Kickstarter success to the very end.

Team Radio Free Albemuth

p.s. This photo from the Radio Free Albemuth set exemplifies what we're feeling.

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    1. Elizabeth Karr Creator on

      Ray - Thank you for suggestions! And thank you everybody for a job well done!

    2. Ray Cornwall

      Elizabeth- The Landmark theatre chains in Philly is probably your best bet for the right theatre.
      You also might consider Asbury Park's Showroom Cinema- a smaller market, but a very indy-friendly market. Home of the Garden State Film Festival and the only punk rock bowling alley I've ever seen...

    3. Levi Coltrane on

      Congratulations! <3

    4. Elizabeth Karr Creator on

      Hi, Donald. Philadelphia is a great town and we're really hoping to have a regular week-long theatrical run there! A lot depends on how the movie works in NY and LA. But highly confident there will be at the very least a one-day screening in Philly! Any suggestions on what theatres to target? - all best, John Alan Simon writer/director RFA

    5. Missing avatar

      Donald A Riggs on

      Is Philadelphia one of the 15 cities RFA is appearing in?--Don Riggs,

    6. Missing avatar

      Ludovico Sassarini on

      Wonderful! Well done!

    7. Missing avatar

      TSB2 on

      Congratulations! I look forward to seeing Radio Free Albemuth "in a theater near me".