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Timelapse+ : Powerful, flexible, extendable, yet easy-to-use intervalometer for timelapse photography and more
Timelapse+ : Powerful, flexible, extendable, yet easy-to-use intervalometer for timelapse photography and more -- now with automatic bulb ramping, variable interval, and keyframe motion control
Timelapse+ : Powerful, flexible, extendable, yet easy-to-use intervalometer for timelapse photography and more -- now with automatic bulb ramping, variable interval, and keyframe motion control
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Schedule & Backer Portal - Important!

Schedule Update

Well, here I am again with another delay!  I still can't say the schedule's locked down.  I was hoping to receive the boards for the next prototype today, but it looks like it will be Monday again.  Last Monday I assembled the most recent prototype (seen on the right in the photo below) and it was almost perfect.  Unfortunately almost doesn't quite cut it when I'm preparing to make 1400 of them...  So I'm back again to making another prototype.  This will be the third since I thought I had it all figured out.  With each one it's something like 5 steps forward and one step backward.  This new one just needs one fix, though -- a pull-up resistor.  So, I'm very hopeful I've got it, but then again, that's nothing new, so I'll be careful what I say. :)  I guess entrepreneurs are known for optimism.  One thing I can promise, though, is that I'll keep you informed all along the way.

Backer Portal - Important Notes


Surveys are closed:  I forgot to mention this earlier, but it's important to know that the backer portal now replaces the kickstarter surveys.  This means that if you haven't yet completed the survey; don't -- use the backer portal instead.  This way I don't have to deal with merging new survey data with the database and risk errors.  So the kickstarter surveys are now closed.

Confirmation required:  The backer portal will be my source for printing the shipping labels and packing the right things with your order, and since it's been so long since the kickstarter project, I'd like everyone to confirm their address before I ship.  If there are no changes to be made, just click the box saying you've reviewed everything and then click "Save".

Payments: Note that if you make changes that require additional payment, you'll need to click "Save" before the system will update the payment link.  Also, the backer portal won't register the payment until it is approved by Amazon, which usually is immediately, but occasionally can take as long as 24 hours.  So if you don't see it update, don't pay again -- wait until it either updates or you get a message from Amazon saying it failed.  If you think you've overpaid, let me know and I'll be happy to send you a refund. 

Two Devices:  If you pledged for the reward with two Timelapse+ devices, you have the option to get a different adaptor cable for each one (two cables are included).  I recently updated the code to make this more clear in the backer portal.

Stats: So far, we've had over 500 people update their info (thanks!) and almost 40 upgrades to Bluetooth -- this leaves only 3 more available as of this posting!  Since a couple bugs at the beginning, the backer portal has been running smoothly.  Let me know if you have any trouble.

Other Development

Well, despite the delays, I'm must say I'm very happy with the product overall, and development is going well.  All the prototype iterations are letting me test everything very thoroughly.

One exciting new feature is that I made a small improvement to the firmware that allows it to have internal millisecond resolution for the timing.  I think this will be important for bulb ramping, which I will be implementing as soon as the hardware is sent to production.

In the picture you see the latest two prototypes with the newest on the right.  The rubber bands around the screen are just to hold the battery on to make it more easy for me to handle and test.

Again, I'll keep you updated.  I'm very sorry about the delays, but I'd be much more sorry about a bug in the final product, so this is the best that can be done.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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    1. Michael Snyder on June 25, 2012

      As a professional web application developer, I can tell you that a third revision after you think you have it figured out is nothing to sweat. Your communication through the project has been fantastic, and you're doing a great job. We appreciate you not wanting to launch a half-bakes product just to meet an estimated shipping date.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jaemie Manners on June 24, 2012

      dont stress mate. make it perfect, and we'll all be proud of it...

    3. James Jackson on June 23, 2012

      I agree 100% no worries waiting on a great product.

    4. Peter Brophy on June 22, 2012

      Great job Elijah. The only above the fact that I can't wait for its arrival, is that its of high quality. Take the time you need mate - no apologies needed.

    5. Missing avatar

      Carl Thomas on June 22, 2012

      Its very reassuring to hear that your focus is on getting it right before getting out the door.
      You have my full support to take as long as you need.

    6. Ronald Yara on June 22, 2012

      It is often the case that problems mask other problems and fixing one just reveals another so test, test, test. When you think you have it, run the complete set of tests, again. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rachel Steele on June 22, 2012

      I prefer quality over shipping something before it's ready. Thanks for the update!

    8. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on June 22, 2012

      @Seshan: Unless there's issues with the case or FCC approval, it should be 4 weeks from when I first commit it to production. So at this point we're tentatively looking at late July.

    9. Seshan on June 22, 2012

      So once you submit the final board, how long do you think it would be until shipping?

    10. R on June 22, 2012

      and -> an ;)

    11. R on June 22, 2012

      Don't worry, take the time it takes so we can enjoy this device for a long time to come, you're doing and awesome job! :D

    12. Danny Brown on June 22, 2012

      Looks amazing! Although I am excited to receive the device, I am happy that you are taking your time to make this genius invention function correctly.