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Timelapse+ : Powerful, flexible, extendable, yet easy-to-use intervalometer for timelapse photography and more -- now with automatic bulb ramping, variable interval, and keyframe motion control
Timelapse+ : Powerful, flexible, extendable, yet easy-to-use intervalometer for timelapse photography and more -- now with automatic bulb ramping, variable interval, and keyframe motion control
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Compatibility Update

Posted by Elijah Parker (Creator)

Adaptor Cable Support

For the most recent, please see:

IR Support


  • EOS Digital Rebel XT, XTi, XSi, T1i, T2i, T3i, 60D, 7D & 5D Mark II


  • K110D, K100D, K10D, *ist DL, K20D, K200D, KM, K2000, K-x, K-r, K7, *ist DS, *ist D, *istDS2, *istDL2
  • S, S4, S4i, S5i, S5n, S6, S7, 430, 450, 550, 750z, S50, S40, SV, 330, A10, A20, A30


  • GX-1L, GX-1S, GX-10, GX-20


  • D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D70S, D80, D90, D3000, D5000
  • Coolpix 8400, 8800. Pronea S, Nuvis S, Lite Touch 110s, and 130 ED


  • E1, E3, E10, E20, E30, E300, E330, E400, E410, E420, E500, E510, E520, E620, E2100, & E2500
  • Stylus 800, Stylus 500, Stylus 410, Stylus 400, & Stylus 300


  • DiMAGE S304, DiMAGE S404, DiMAGE S414, DiMAGE F100 & DiMAGE F300


  • Alpha A230, A330, A380, A700, A900, NEX-5


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    1. Matthew Baty on

      NEX-5 also mean NEX-5n works?

    2. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Dan -- sorry, the Canon ELPH cameras are not supported, and unfortunately they don't even have IR ports. Thanks for your interest!

    3. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Jonathan -- yes, the A77 is supported by IR

    4. Dan Pritchett

      Canon Powershot Elph 300HS?

    5. Jonathan Kwa on

      How about the SONY A77 for IR Support. Should'nt it work as well!?

    6. R on

      I was wondering, if we want more than 1 cable to be able to use it with different cameras,
      how much should we add ($) and how should we specify it?

    7. Andy Bryant on

      Thanks for the update on the Panasonic front. Your solution sounds like a good one.

    8. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Sorry I missed it, the 600D is supported. I just updated the list. Thanks for letting me know!

    9. Missing avatar

      Francois-jean de Brienne on

      Hi Elijah,

      I've noticed that my camera Canon T3i (600D) is not listed as supported with the adaptor cable. Is that so?

    10. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Archer, I looked into it more and the shared USB connection is what concerned me before, but it looks as though it should actually work with the same cable as the E520, which I know is supported. This remote release implies it works (since it mentions both the E520 and the E-P3):…'re right -- it appears as though the µ4/3 Olympus cameras are supported after all! And yes, I expect the IR to also work as long as it has a receiver.

    11. Archer Sully on

      On the subject of µ4/3's (Olympus E-P3, etc...) this discussion indicates that intervalometer support is possible:

      I suspect that IR should be no problem, Olympus has been pretty consistent with IR codes, but I don't know about wired. Could you please look into this?


    12. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      And yeah, about the Panasonic camera -- I looked and saw that they had remote shutter releases, told someone it would work, and then looked at it more closely and saw it's a four-conductor plug. So I did more research, had a moment of panic, and then came up with a solution:

      The jack on the Timelapse+ will have four conductors, and the resistors will be built into the main circuit. Normal cameras use the shield, tip and first ring. The Panasonics use the shield and the second ring. So the resistors will be connected to the second ring and all that will be needed for Panasonic cameras is a straight-through four-conductor 2.5mm-2.5mm cable, which is not very difficult to find. With this design, nothing will even need changing in the Timelapse+ settings for switching between cameras. The Timelapse+ will also be able to sense which cable is connected since the second ring will be shorted to ground on the normal cables (this way it can know to keep the tip and second ring floating when the Panasonics are connected in case there's any current on them from the camera).

      So yeah, they're difficult, but I expect them to work just fine with this design. Thanks!

    13. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Yes, the A77 uses the same cable as the other Sonys.

      And yes, the Nikon D5100 uses the same cable as the D5000

      And the Nikon D3s is also the same as the D3

      I just updated the list. Thanks!

    14. Chad on

      We need support for Nikon D3s!

    15. Andy Bryant on

      I don't think the Panasonic cameras will work from a simple switch. The camera needs to see different resistances for half-press & full-press

    16. Marcin Mizgalski on

      Hi Eliijah, what about Nikon 5100?

    17. Missing avatar

      jeezus on

      How about cable support for Sony A77?

    18. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Yes, it works -- it's the same as the Rebel XTi (the American market name)

    19. Roy Avital on

      Hey Elijah,
      Can you please check compatibility for Canon 400D?
      It does have a remote shutter release - though i would appreciate conformation.

    20. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Yes, the D200 works! As for the D800, I would assume so unless the remote release cable is different.


    21. Michal Zdunek on

      Nice Elijah ! well done, awesome work... I just hope that it will work with my future D800 :-)
      thank you for creating such awesome device !

    22. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Rolf, I just updated the Sony support (looked at which models are supported by the standard shutter release). Unfortunately, I only have an "L"-shaped connector (all the other adapters are straight, it's only the Sony/Minolta one...)

    23. Missing avatar

      Dustin Maretz on

      What about my old Nikon D200?

    24. Rolf Berger on

      My shutter release for a Sony α200 also works with an α850 (but has clearance issues due to the flap being on the other side and the plug being "L" shaped. If your Sony α cable has a straight-in plug with no "L" shape then it will be more universally compatible with Sony's various α models.

    25. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      And as for the Red Scarlet, I really have no idea. I wasn't able to find anything specific, so I'm thinking no. If someone wanted to donate one to me I could see what I could do... :) j/k

    26. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      About the D300S -- I check and yes, it is the same. I'm not sure why some "S" models were listed and others not, but it's true that they appear to be the same. I gathered a lot of the models from the compatibility lists for the remote shutter releases.

      Doug, yes -- it does support the Olympus E510

    27. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Oh, and additional adaptor cables will be available for $5 each when purchased with the Timelapse+. One adaptor cable is already included on the basic price.

    28. Elijah Parker 2-time creator on

      Thanks -- I added the Canon 1D mk IV and the Nikon D2X (Nice cameras!)

      And unfortunately I don't believe it will work with the Olympus micro 4/3 cameras.

    29. Missing avatar

      R on

      Any chance it would work with Nikon D2X? It uses the same remote cable as D3.

    30. Nick Kiest on

      What about the olympus m4/3 cameras, such as the EP-3? They use a special mini usb remote.
      Also, I own several types of cameras, with different adapters. What would it cost for extra adapters?

    31. Jim Barrett on

      Canon 1D IV. !!!!!! If you'll add it to your list!

    32. Bummerfiend on

      Will be using it on both a D7000 and a D80. How much extra for the second cable? Thanks!

    33. Tim & Annika on

      Please add the RED "Scarlet" camera to the
      Comparability list if possible.

    34. Missing avatar

      Doug Sublette on

      I think all the Olympis E510 uses the same cable as the other E-series, but I have an E510.

    35. Missing avatar

      alexfeinman on

      I don't see Nikon D300S on the compatibility list. Normally, I would assume D300 covers it, but you have explicitly listed several S models