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Two Film Scores in Jakmèl, Haiti: FSN & the Ciné Institute's video poster

This Fall, Found Sound Nation will conduct a film-scoring workshop with young Haitian filmmakers at the Cine Institute in Jakmèl. Read more

Jacmel, Haiti Music
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This project was successfully funded on July 16, 2011.

This Fall, Found Sound Nation will conduct a film-scoring workshop with young Haitian filmmakers at the Cine Institute in Jakmèl.

Jacmel, Haiti Music
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Thanks for visiting our Kickstarter page!

We're Found Sound Nation, a team of composers and music producers who work with youth and communities in creating original music projects.  We are honored to have been invited by the Ciné institute, a remarkable film school based in Jakmèl, Haiti, to run an audio production and film-scoring workshop for some of Haiti's most promising young filmmakers and composers.

Since the earthquake last year, much work has been done to rebuild Haiti's infrastructure, and huge challenges remain. We believe that alongside this work, investing in the creative sector is essential, as it will help stimulate public discourse and grow local media industries. Ciné's mission is both artistic and economic: Using the power of cinema, integrated educational programming, technical training and media production support, Ciné Institute educates and empowers Haitian youth who seek the creative, technical and business skills necessary to grow local media industries that can provide jobs and spur economic growth needed to improve their lives and the lives of others.


They say that audio is half of a film.  From music to sound effects, it changes the way we interpret images and the way we feel about what we see.  The Ciné Institute, now in its seventh year, has focused primarily on video side of the equation, and Ciné’s directors have asked us to run an intensive two-week workshop focusing on audio. The Found Sound Nation team will assist Ciné students in creating scores and soundtracks for two original Haitian short films slated to play at two major film festivals this fall.

We'll work with Ciné students as they collaborate with local musicians, gather environmental sounds, and creatively combine audio material with their video content. The workshop will include hands-on instruction on the technical and aesthetic considerations of audio production and composing for film, and will include a series of masterclasses via Skype with established composers in Los Angeles, Paris, and New York. By the end of this process Cine students and local musicians will have developed the skills they need to independently create a professional quality score for their first feature film later this year.

Please watch our video as the images and footage in the movie above explain the project  better than words.  For more information about our organizations please visit the Found Sound Nation website and the Ciné Institute website.  Thank you.


The $3000 will go towards: Audio gear we will use during the workshop and then leave with Ciné, travel to Haiti, transportation within Haiti, housing and meals while at Ciné (power and food and very expensive in Haiti right now). It does not include artist fees or payments to the Found Sound Nation team or Ciné Institute faculty.


Ciné Institute provides Haitian youth with film education and edutainment, technical training, and media related micro enterprise opportunities. We integrate educational film screenings into classrooms of public schools, train aspiring filmmakers in all aspects of production, and develop and produce films of all kinds in partnership with our students and graduates. The Institute also promotes excellence in Haitian cinema domestically and abroad and holds weekly entertainment screenings of films from around the world at its theater.

Based in Jakmèl, on Haiti's southern coast, Ciné Institute began as a film festival. Held for three years, Festival Film Jakmèl showed hundreds of international films free of charge to tens of thousands of Haitians.


Bang On A Can’s Found Sound Nation is a team of professional composers, producers, and performers who use the microphone as a central tool in creating unique projects that bridge geographical, genre, and generation gaps. Working with people from the Bronx to India, from schools to prisons, from young to old, and partnering with local youth, social organizations, music festivals, and artists across disciplines, Found Sound Nation shapes musical projects that foster healthy, creatively intelligent social and environmental relationships.

Found Sound Nation is a project of Bang on a Can, a leading contemporary music organization based in New York.  Formed in 1987 by composers Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe, Bang on a Can is dedicated to commissioning, performing, creating, presenting and recording contemporary music. With an ear for the new, the unknown and the unconventional, Bang on a Can strives to expose exciting and innovative music as broadly and accessibly as possible to new audiences worldwide. And through its Summer Festival, Bang on a Can hopes to bring this energy and passion for innovation to a younger generation of composers and players.

Please contact us at if you have any questions, or would like to get involved!


Chris, Elena, Jennifer, Jeremy & the whole FSN Crew


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