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Athena is known for being the goddess of war, but she was also the goddess of peace, the protector and the guardian of the city. She didn’t like battles, and on the contrary, she was delighted when she was able to stop a fight. This is why she asked to the gods of the four elements: Poseidon, god of seas and waters, Gaia, goddess of earth, Aether, god of air, and Hephaestus, god of fire ; to build a prestigious city-state: EPHYRAN! Each deity would be represented by its element and the aim would be to bring all the mythological creatures representative of the elements to live together! The deities got quickly down to work: a Blue Lagoon for the sea creatures, a Sacred Land for the earth creatures, a Forbidden Forest for the flying creatures and a Fire Mountain for the fire creatures… 

It seems Athena couldn’t meet the challenge and today, the city-state has totally disappeared. Totally? It is heard that the present-day town of Corinth is a vestige of the city-state and that is was actually built on EPHYRAN ruins… 

The proof is that the city symbol is nothing but a winged stallion: Pegasus! 


Number of players: from 2 to 4 players
Game duration: about 30 minutes
Age: from 8

Each player takes the role of one of the gods and has to build the city-state of Ephyran as prestigious as possible.. The city-state must be composed of the 4 gods’ territories (each territory being divided into 4 areas): Poseidon’s lagoon (blue), Gaia’s lands (brown), Aether’s forest (green) and Hephaestus’s mountain (red).

To get the highest prestige, you will have to vary the mythological creatures that will live in your city, and add magical tokens offered by the gods. You can also try to get some of the areas which already come with these tokens... 






Others countries

  • If we reach 50 backers of the country, we can also translate the rules and make it available in PDF ...
  • If we reach 100 backers of the country, we will add the language to the rule booklet ...
  • If someone propose to translate for free, we will add immediatly the language in PDF ...



  --> Thanks to Philip Van Regemorter for the dutch translation




 --> Thanks to Andrea Dusi for the italian translation

Set up

Each player receives (or chooses) the card of the god he represents and places it in front of him. Each player receives a Dionysus card (leave the others apart) and draws four more cards in the pile. The first player puts the Athena token in front of him. Place the « magical tokens » face down near the playing area. Each card is divided in two.

On each part of the card there is either an area of a Territory or a Support. You will need to make the right choices to know which half-card you play and which one you sacrifice! 

Half-card Territory 

 A game round

On each round, the players can choose between one of the following actions:

 - Add a Territory to their city (if possible) displaying them according to the territory type next to its god (only one copy of each territory is allowed in a city!).
- Play a Support card.- Change a (non-covered) territory of their city by discarding it and replacing it immediately by another one.
- Discard a card. To end their round, the players take a new card on the top of the pile or of the discard pile.

The Supports

There are three of them : 

- Athena’s Support: allows you to make a special action in order to help the god building his city. 

- Ares’s Support: allows you to make a special action in order to slow down or to disturb the other gods during the construction of their city.

- The other Supports: allows you to make your game round better by changing your way of taking cards. 

The defence cards "Athena’s shield" and "Hecate" have various effects. With them, you can protect yourself or stop the effects of a special action (the red icons in the top left corner remind you which Supports can be blocked). But you can also use them to lock or unlock a Territory (See next paragraph). 

CAUTION: Once played, the Support cards (and the cards concerned by the special action) are put onto a second discard pile. You cannot take a card from this pile.

Lock/Unlock a Territory

Once he is satisfied with the composition of one of his territories, the player can decide during his game round to lock a part of his city. To do so, he puts the Support card “Athena’s shield” after his territory areas. From then on, if not unlocked, anything nor anybody can modify this territory! 

Only “Hecate” can unlock a Territory. During his game round, any player can decide to play this card to break the protection implemented. The “Athena’s shield” and “Hecate” cards are then put in the Support cards discard pile. 

The magical tokens

Some of the supports can make you win or steal an additional magical token to increase the prestige of your city.

- When you win it, you take a “magical token” face down. Once you have seen its value, you have to immediately put it (face down) on an area of the territory. Both elements are now linked until the end of the game. Thus, if a Territory is destroyed or stolen, it will be with the magical token it comes with.

- The player who steals the territory with a magical token on can look at its value before putting it (face down) back on his own city. 


Zeus’s thunderbolt brings 3 prestige points, Poseidon’s trident 2 points and Athena’s owl 1 point. Be careful, Ares’s helmet makes you lose 1 prestige point to your city! 

The Dionysus card

 The end of the game

The game ends when the pile is empty (without thinking about the discard) or when a player puts the 16th card of his city-state. Then the turn ends so that the players play the same number of cards, then it’s time to count the prestige points.


First, reveal the magical tokens of your city. Then, count the prestige points according to the Territory, strating with your God’s territory: 

- Each different mythological creature makes 1 prestige point. CREATURES BONUS: 4 different creatures (Dionysus excluded) bring 1 additional prestige point (that is to say 5 points for the territory).

- Prestige points are added to each magical token on or added on your Territory.

- The prestige points of the territory are doubled. (for example: if I have 5 points of the Poseidon lagoon and that I play Poseidon, I get 10 points)

- CITY BONUS: The first player to finish its city wins 3 additional prestige points. If other players also finish in the same turn, they win 1 additional prestige point.

The winner is the player who succeeds in building the most prestigious city of EPHYRAN for Athena.






4 new gods for a new game mode exclusively for 4 players: build your city as a team. Zeus and Hera vs Apollon and Artemis!

You can also use these new gods to play in classic mode without the bonus that doubles the points of the territory of his god (water for Poseidon, fire for Hephaestus ...). It will therefore be necessary to take care of ALL the territories!







This card is personal, belongs to the owner of the game and allows its possessor, 1 time in the game, to pick up the card of their choice from the discard pile of supports' cards !!!

Final step :

 Ares power card + 4 "vulture's tokens" !!! 

 Visual non-contractual


 Update on Saturday 8th July at 4.00 pm

Follow and also share the BGG page of the game to accelerate the unlocking of the Hermes card ... And do not forget to share ...

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--> Goal : 500 likes on our Facebook Page and BGG page

 It's done !!! Hermès unlocked !!!



If you want more than one pledge (either to make a great present or to lower the shipping cost by grouping you with your friends), note that you can add as many pledge as you want with reduce shipping cost! 

- For Monaco : you have to add 18 €
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And of course all of them come each with all the applicable stretch-goals! 


If you want this Add-on, you just have to add 4 € to your pledge...There is no more shipping ! 


One more copie of Hecate : Add 1 € to your pledge !!!


New destinations for Shipping :

  • China, Hong Kong, Taïwan and Macao : 
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  • Canada : 
          --> 12 € (first pledge) + 6 € (Additionnal pledge)

Liste des boutiques partenaires : 

En retirant votre jeu dans l'une de nos boutiques partenaires, vous ne payez pas de Frais de port. (Sélectionner MONACO comme pays de livraison). L'équivalent des frais de port que vous économisez (5 €) seront reversés à la boutique par l'intermédiaire de notre distributeur ATALIA.


  • JSST jeux - NICE (06000)
  • La perle r@re - AIX-EN-PROVENCE (13100)
  • Sortilèges - LA ROCHELLE (17000)
  • IKA IPAKA - ROYAN (17200)
  • Le temps d'un jeu - LANGUEUX (22360)
  • La Casa'Jeux - ALES (30100)
  • Jeux du monde - TOULOUSE (31000)
  • Entre-deux-jeux - LANGON (33210)
  • Lud'm - MONTPELLIER (34000)
  • Terres de jeux - RENNES (35000)
  • Sortilèges - SAINT-MALO (35400)
  • Sortilèges - TOURS (37000)
  • La Taverne du Gobelin Farci - SAINT-ETIENNE (42100)
  • Sortilèges - NANTES (44000)
  • Sur la Route du Jeu - SAINT-PAZANNE (44) 
  • Sortilèges - ANGERS (49100)
  • Passion du jeu - CHOLET (49300)
  • La Caverne du Gobelin - NANCY (54)
  • Sortilèges - VANNES (56000)
  • La Caverne du Gobelin - METZ (57)
  • Le Village du Jeu - BAILLEUL (59)
  • Rocambole - LILLE (59)
  • Sortilèges - PERPIGNAN (66000)
  • Philibert - STRASBOURG (67000)
  • Trollune - LYON (69007)
  • La Boite à Jeux - LE MANS (72000)
  • La Guilde des joueurs - LE MANS (72000)
  • Robin des Jeux - PARIS 11ème (75011)
  • Le Décalé (Café Ludique) - LE HAVRE (76)
  • Sortilèges - ROUEN (76000)
  • Sortilèges - NIORT (79000)
  • Librairie Martelle - AMIENS (80000)
  • Sortilèges - LA ROCHE sur YON (85000)
  • Gorakou - LIMOGES (87000)
  • Sortilèges - LIMOGES (87000)
  • Lutins Malins - EPINAL (88)
  • Les ludovores - PALAISEAU (91120)
  • Les Jouets d'Emma - NOISY LE GRAND (93160)


  • Case départ - LOUVAIN LA NEUVE (B-1348)
  • Jocari - LIEGE (B-4000)
  • Megaland sprl - TOURNAI (B-7500)
  • Jeux de NIM - ENGHIEN (B-7850)

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The illustrations are signed by Olivier FAGNERE (, a french artist. You can see below some of his work : 

          Graphic research for the Centaur - Designed by Olivier Fagnere

          Graphic research for the Hapies - Designed by Olivier Fagnere

Risks and challenges

Ephyran has already been play-tested and he has almost been designed so we can produce the game very quickly after the Kickstarter campaign.

We have all solutions for print and fulfilment of the game.

We estimate a February 2018 delivery date. This corresponds to the time we believe will be necessary to prepare the game for manufacturing, produce it and ship it to you. It also includes a safety margin too in case we come across any unforeseen circumstances. It is in our best interests to get the game to our backers as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to ensure that there are no delays, however, it may be that a situation arises that is out of our control, such as issues with shipping, customs or problems at the factory. Should anything cause this date to change we will of course keep you updated.

If, for any reason, we are unable to produce the game we will provide a full refund to all our backers.

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