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Keep all your CD/DVD images on your isostick, it's like a CD/DVD carrier and drive for your keychain!
419 backers pledged $66,607 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Retail launch! Sticker update.

Posted by Elegant Invention (Creator)

The isostick goes up for retail sale TODAY at 16:00 EST (13:00 PDT) -- that's about 30 minutes from when I post this update. Hit for the details!

Thanks again to everyone who backed this project. While it has been stressful at times, it has been an absolute joy to work on and simply amazing to see it come to fruition, and it would not be possible without all of you!! I look forward to working on isostick far into the future, so long as it continues to be a useful tool to technicians and geeks everywhere!

For those who are patiently awaiting your stickers: production had me super busy this past month, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! The stickers are all here ready to go, I will try my best to get them out next week.

Final shipments, firmware update, notes.

Posted by Elegant Invention (Creator)

All isosticks should now be shipped out! Woohoo! Please let me know if you haven't received a shipping notification and I will take care of it right away. 

UPDATE: This does not include those only receiving stickers (no isostick) -- those will ship soon!

A new (beta) firmware was released 2 days ago, it should fix the crashing some of you have been experiencing. Also, there's a thread on the forums dedicated to new firmware announcements, you can find it here:

Last but not least, it has come to my attention that some of the microSD sockets can be a bit loose. This sometimes requires the card be reseated after spending some time in a pocket or backpack, for example. In extreme cases, the card may not lock in the socket at all.
This seems to be a quality issue with the socket. I'm sorting this out for future production, but in the mean time please be aware that the card may require reseating on occasion.

If your socket won't hold the card in, or you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact me at: support at isostick dot com -- a case will automatically be opened and I'll take care of it right away :)

More shipments!

Posted by Elegant Invention (Creator)

More isosticks shipped, the shipment notifications are being sent as I write this. There's still ONE MORE shipment to go before everyone gets theirs, so don't worry if you haven't received an email yet.

Also a quick note, there seems to be some bugs in the r1570 firmware that weren't caught earlier (see: and ). I'm working on fixing those issues as I finish up the last shipment.
Until then, my instructions have changed for those about to receive isosticks: you should follow the first-time use instructions, then perform the firmware update. Please keep in mind that you can always install any firmware revision you want at any time, and a failed update will not brick the isostick.

As before, feel free to post on the forums or contact if you have any problems!

Using your isostick

Posted by Elegant Invention (Creator)

Whether you've got your isostick or I'm still in the process of mailing it out, here's some info you should check out:

First, you should update to the latest firmware:
Then go ahead and check out this how-to:

I'm still working on and all of this will be available there soon. I do apologize for things being disorganized at the moment, but my priority for now is getting isosticks out to everyone.

Please keep in mind that there may still be bugs. If you have any trouble, please do check the forums at and if you still can't find an answer, shoot me an email at

Thanks again for all your patience!!

First shipment!

Posted by Elegant Invention (Creator)

The first 140 or so isosticks have shipped. The rest should go out by Friday.
If your isostick shipped, you will have an email from with the details.

Please note that it takes a while before the shipment shows up in USPS's tracking system.