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Keep all your CD/DVD images on your isostick, it's like a CD/DVD carrier and drive for your keychain!
Keep all your CD/DVD images on your isostick, it's like a CD/DVD carrier and drive for your keychain!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mihail on

      I have got my ISOStick. Big thanks! Its great!

    2. Gregory Kane on

      "Packed a bunch of isosticks, dropping them off in the morning. :)"

      I hope mine is in that bunch! No worries either way, soooooo excited :)

    3. Johnson Lam

      Thanks I got my ISOstick, but the crash at first really scare me, have to read the FAQ, solve the problem by build the structure inside of the memory card manually.

    4. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      I've sent yourself an email on my forwarder possibly losing the isostick; despite having delivered status in tracking.

    5. William C Crawford on

      Ah, I see the watermark-like "paid" on it now. It was confusing because the total due says the full amount.

      Thanks for clearing that up.

    6. Troy McDougald on

      cool, I just got my email! thanks!!

    7. Elegant Invention Creator on

      Yep, still mailing!

    8. Troy McDougald on

      Hi. Are you still in the process of mailing them out? I still haven't received an email (or an isostick!).

    9. Elegant Invention Creator on

      @William C Crawford: It should have been marked as "PAID", if it wasn't, you can disregard it. Several people requested invoices for record-keeping purposes, so I included paid invoices with every isostick.

    10. William C Crawford on

      Mine came with an invoice that said I owe the full amount for it. I assume that's a mistake?

    11. Slingshot John on

      Its here!!! woohoo!

    12. Elegant Invention Creator on

      @nvilas: Indeed an invoice will be included. I can't make any promises regarding lower invoice pricing though.

    13. Missing avatar

      nvilas on

      Will there be an invoice included with the isostick?
      I Germany we need at least a pro forma invoice in order to pass the customs - the lower the price on the invoice, the lower are the customs fees ;-).

    14. rummages on

      Excellent, thank you very much....

    15. Elegant Invention Creator on

      In the next month or two a storefront will be setup at where you can buy more.

    16. rummages on

      Is there any possibility to purchase extra iso sticks? I have some associates that are interested.

    17. Gregory Kane on

      Yay, a couple of weeks till I get my two :D:D

    18. Doug Hardman on

      So it looks like we will actually get these before the 1-y anniversary after all? I funded $575 on July 29th.

    19. Elegant Invention Creator on

      Tony, the rest should start shipping next week. Just fixing a few bugs before I get them all assembled and packed up :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      I have not received my iOS stick. When will you ship it?

    21. Gregory Kane on

      OMG!!!! I just clued in right now while going through this install every boot.... NO disk spin up delay, instant access with no need for spinnig :D:D:D WOOOOT

    22. Gregory Kane on

      I couldn't wait and just burned the last copy of Windows XP I'll ever burn... NOT because I'm stopping using it mind you ;-) Can't wait till the beta is done and mine ships!

      Can the other beta backers tease me and tell me how awesome it actually is to have in your hands?! I'm beyond excited!

    23. Matthew Walker on

      Mine has been delivered as well, and initial testing is very positive. It works perfectly in all tests so far. And the stickers are great. Trying to decide where to put them. :)

    24. Mikey on

      Just got mine from the mail box minutes ago (beta pledge). Looks great, love the stickers. Now time to start testing.

    25. Matthew Walker on

      ZOMG! A survey! Hurray!

    26. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      i initially wanted to have the purchase sent to my forwarder in USA, but i can't wait to have it. As such; is it possible for me to top my purchase with shipping to Singapore?

    27. Nicolas Joyal on

      take your time as the product will be even better and love the case design

    28. Missing avatar

      John Christini on

      Hi there. It must be time for another update. I am sure others are as keen as I am to hear how it is progressing and whether the 'hiccup' is now a past issue.

    29. Elegant Invention Creator on

      Hard at work on the enclosure and the demo video. There have been a lot of delays and I do apologize. An update will be coming soon explaining what has been going on and where we're at. No worries though, just a hiccup in the process :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Scott Knipfing on

      Any updates? Status? Expected delivery?

    31. Elegant Invention Creator on

      Good point! I'm not sure if I can get the cost low enough for giveaways like that, does anyone happen to know the typical pricing for that sort of thing?
      I am definitely willing to talk if anyone wants their logo on a batch of isosticks--it would be several months before I can do any real work on that though, so just an idea for now :)

    32. Jared Young on

      @Gregory: You need to go to the right conferences, they do. Best part is that some are rewritable!

      Now if some IT related software firms were to give the isostick out as a prize I would love them forever, even if it only had enough room for their software and 1 other, it would be a great starter and most techs could hack in a larger card quickly.

    33. Gregory Kane on

      I just wish companies would start giving out USB keys like they used to give out CD's and Floppys :p

    34. Gregory Kane on

      That's an AMAZING point Jared. This really is, without intent, a really green product. I figure this was more created to stop time/hassel, but that is a GREAT byproduct of this!

    35. Jared Young on

      I could have totally used this yesterday! I would have looked liek a champ to the client. Oh well, still got the job done and wasted some CDs.

      This should totally be marketed as the green alternative to thousands of disposable CDs everywhere, used once and then ignored or tossed out. We are reducing landfill waste and consumption waste by buying this device.

    36. Gregory Kane on

      ..... One pledger short..... :D

    37. Gregory Kane on


    38. Missing avatar

      Richard NL on

      Congratulations on the successful funding round! Looking forward to coming developments :)

    39. Elegant Invention Creator on

      You can edit a config file or run our included software to choose which iso to load into the drive. The image in the drive (and the config file) will always be the most recently used one.
      For example, if you change it via software, the config file will reflect this. Same if you change it by booting into isosel, and so on.

    40. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      One Query - how will Isosel work with all my images once i am inside the OS. Which image takes precedence?

    41. Missing avatar

      Faris Chebib on

      Canadian backer here. I know that $135 is a wee bit for a USB stick, but I think this software/hardware would really be useful for my work. I'm looking forward to my stickers!

      PS If you can start getting the MSRP down I would definitely love to help you dive into the Canadian tech markets. I envision that this tool could be indispensable for IT staff and computer shops.

    42. Elegant Invention Creator on

      We're aiming for removable MicroSD when we move into production :)

    43. Vitali Bõkov on

      Thank you for your answer, i`m on my work lunch time, so can`t read it now, but i will read your blog post later.

      And the second question - is there any possibility that you can make those MicroSD cards changeable? Because it would be a big plus, I could care as much data as i need and don`t need. :D

    44. Elegant Invention Creator on

      Thanks for the pledge!
      With the current design they cannot go faster, it is a limitation of the CPU we are using and the use of MicroSD cards. Most flash drives use very specialized processors which only pass data back and forth, isostick must do much more processing.
      If you want some technical details, I talk about this a little bit in my blog post here:…
      Eric Agan

    45. Vitali Bõkov on

      Is it possible to make them faster? I know flash drives can have speed up to 30MB/s approximately.


    46. Mark D. Montgomery II on

      Can't wait to get mine! I really hope you guys successfully break into retail with these so I can get more for myself and point my technician friends to them!

    47. Gregory Kane on

      I just wanted to post on here my thanks! You have been BEYOND proactive in terms of feedback even though I know you are very hard at work developing this new toy for all of us to enjoy!

      I'm very glad things are working out for this project! For BOTH our sake!

      Keep up the hard work, and keep the updates coming! I know it may seem trival but even posting things like "picked the colour for the enclosure" will keep all of us very excited! :p

      But again, I still am amazed at the time spent with feedback! It makes me feel very confident this level of feedback will continue once the device is actually in my hands!

      Thanks again and keep up the great work :)

    48. Elegant Invention Creator on

      We'll certainly try! Thanks for the feedback!

    49. Missing avatar

      Nils Becker on

      I really like your project and I am looking forward to buy an IsoStick when they are available at a good price.
      I had many situations, when I was repairing computers for friends and family, where I would have loved a tiny usbstick from which I can boot some Isos.
      Unfortunalty even the 125 bucks for the 8GB version are pretty expensive if you are using this tool just for "fun" and not for professional purpose.

      I hope you will be able to lower the retail price a bit ;)

    50. Elegant Invention Creator on

      Thanks! We do have an email announcement list here:…
      You can also follow the RSS feed for the blog at… or follow us on twitter, we're @elegantinvent

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