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Fund an art show about you! One pledge, four works of art, each produced with your data.
Fund an art show about you! One pledge, four works of art, each produced with your data.
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Electric Objects: The $5 Commission



The history of art commissions is the history of wealthy people paying artists to make something about wealthy people, or big institutions paying artists to make something about everybody else.

In 2015, we think that there’s a different way to do this — one in which anyone can contribute to a commission, to make art about everyone who contributes to it.

So this Kickstarter is the collective commission, not just to fund the work, but to become part of it. 

One pledge gets you four works of art, each produced with your data. 

In June, the artists will release four new works of art generated by this campaign's backers. This art show will be made available on the Internet, on Electric Objects' EO1, and at a real world event. 

200% of the funds will go directly to the artists. *

Because Electric Objects believes in supporting the creation of new art, we will match every dollar that's pledged to this campaign.

*up to $2,000. (We need to save some of our budget to fund other art projects @ Electric Objects.)

Addie's work explores the tension between expression and technology. She seeks to blend conceptual work with traditional forms of hacking and sculpture. 

Addie has shown at bitforms gallery, House of Electronic Arts Basel, and PARMER

Casey writes software to explore conditional systems as art. Through defining emergent networks and layered instructions, he has defined a unique area of visual experience that builds upon concrete art, conceptual art, experimental animation, and drawing.

Casey has shown at bitforms gallery, [DAM]Berlin, Rhizome

James applies computational photography towards portraiture and storytelling. Through installations and films he addresses the emotional response to science fiction technologies as they become reality. By sharing his code and processes openly, he enables others to express themselves using the techniques he develops.

James has shown at Ars Electronica, Sundance New Frontier, and XOXO Festival

Lauren's work explores the structures and systems of social interactions, identity, and self-representation, and the potential for technology to mediate, manipulate, and evolve these interactions. She is fascinated by the slightly uncomfortable moments when patterns are shifted, expectations are broken, and participants become aware of the system. 

Lauren has shown at NODE Festival, Eyebeam, and Ars Electronica.

Your pledge will produce four amazing, mind-blowing, never-before-seen projects. 

Share a common sky in real time

You provide your city/town with state or province.

A dynamic and collective portrait of everyone

You upload a selfie or a self-portrait photograph.

Every day is someone's birthday, and you deserve a present

You share your birthday plus an image of something you always wanted but could never have.

A continuous performance based on your likes, check-ins and tweets

You share your public Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare profiles.

Because most of us have never commissioned art before, and it's a wonderful thing to do. There's a prevailing notion that commissioning art is a game for the wealthy, that it's out of reach for the rest of us, that the Art Market is something we can read about on the front page of the New York Times, but that we can't participate in. 

We think that's silly.



Last but not least, a very special thanks to our friends who helped make this campaign possible!

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There are no risks this will be awesome.

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    Pledge $5 or more About $5

    Fund an art show about you! Art featured in the show will be generated using data from your answers to the backer survey.

    Pledge at this level to receive an access code to the online show in June.

    The first 100 Backers get an invite to the IRL show in New York City!

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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000

    Redistribute your wealth! One lucky backer will have their wealth redistributed to a group of 20-30 of our favorite artists, with no strings attached.

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