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Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art's video poster

A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home. Read more

New York, NY Hardware
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This project was successfully funded on August 7, 2014.

A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.

New York, NY Hardware
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EO1 Beta Arrives at Ace Hotel New York


We're happy to announce that EO1 Beta will make its first public debut at the Ace Hotel New York on March 5th, and you're invited!

For the month of March, Electric Objects is taking over the gallery space in the lobby of the Ace Hotel New York to show off EO1 Beta with some of the first original digital art created specifically for the EO platform.

The show includes work by some of our favorite artists like David DeSandro, Dina Kelberman, and Rick Silva

If you're in town, please join us for the opening reception on March 5th at 6pm. RSVP now because space is limited!

Jake and Zoë

EO1 Beta Rollout Begins!


Hello backers! We’re back in NYC after a week with our assembly factory in Mexico, and I’m happy to report that we’ve started rolling out EO1 Beta to our first batch of Beta backers!

The First EO1 Beta

Ramping Up Assembly

EO1 is made up of over 50 individual components — some custom, some “off-the-shelf” — and after months of development and planning, on Monday of this week every component had finally arrived at our integrator's facility in Mexico. In other words, we finally had everything we need to build the first EO1 Beta.

On Tuesday we crossed the border by car and drove down to the facility that would be responsible for assembling EO1 Beta. Together with the factory owner and her core team of engineers, Bill, our Director of Hardware, assembled the first unit. He talked through each step, pausing to indicate the more challenging areas of assembly, and where test procedures should take place.

Meanwhile, Kyri, our VP of Engineering, spent time with the software engineers, building a system that would ultimately allow them to load our custom operating system onto EO1 Beta at a rate of hundreds per week.

The goal here is simple: build a repeatable and scalable process for assembling, testing, and shipping EO1 Beta to our Beta backers.

Unboxing The First EO1 Beta

Just this morning, our very first EO1 arrived at the office of our very first Beta backer. The team stopped by to study the first unboxing and setup experience.

Unboxing with John Bortwick, EO1 Beta Backer #1
Unboxing with John Bortwick, EO1 Beta Backer #1

In the coming weeks, the remaining Beta backers will receive EO1 Beta. We'll keep you up to date on our progress as we continue to roll out batches of Beta units. Beta backers can expect to receive tracking information as their EO1 Beta ships.

Thanks as always for your feedback, support, and patience! Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions at


Building the EO Platform


Our goal for Electric Objects, as a platform, is to enable a sustainable ecosystem that connects artists and developers with their fans, and that supports the creation of new work. That means fostering a culture and a community where collecting art and supporting art making in a digital environment feels natural.

Last Saturday, we invited a handful of friends and artists to Electric Objects HQ in Manhattan. We talked hardware and software development, and debuted some early designs for our first exhibition and sale of original artwork. Most of the attendees are actively developing for the EO Platform, so it was a great opportunity to gather feedback on their experience so far, and their hopes for the future.

The brunch kicked off with Kyri Sarantakos, our VP of Engineering, who provided a fantastic overview of our hardware and software platform — our custom computer and custom Android operating system. He and Lisa Neigut (a recent addition to the engineering team!) have spent the last few months wrestling Android into submission, and we’re starting to see orders of magnitude performance improvements in GIF and web-based artworks. He gave a glimpse into our progress to date, and shared our roadmap between now and when we ship to thousands of Kickstarter backers in May.

Luke Chamberlin, our lead designer, and I then turned the group’s attention to some early designs for our store, where artists will exhibit and sell their work. We’re launching our first group show in February, for our 100 Beta backers, and this was a perfect moment to capture feedback from some of the artists participating. 

Feedback was wide-ranging, but some common themes and questions emerged. How can a work of art be seen as an opportunity for connection between fans and artists? How do you craft a story around a work of art — using design, images and text — that promotes that connection? We walked away with more questions than answers, but also a sense that we're heading in the right direction.

It was a super rewarding afternoon, and we want to thank all of the artists, developers, and friends that came by to offer their feedback and advice. 

We’ll be back with an update on our Beta shipments soon!


p.s. If you're an artist or developer, and interested in experimenting with the EO platform, send us your ideas to

Countdown to EO1 Beta


Hello Backers!

Happy new year! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. We continue to make great progress towards EO1 production, and we remain on track to ship in May. Here's a quick update on Bill's visit to China, the arrival of our first set of samples in NYC, and our plans for the coming weeks!

Bill’s Trip To China

EO1 is made up of over 50 distinct components. Some are large (the display panel) and some are small (an 1/8" screw). Some components we designed ourselves (our main plastic housing) and some are “off the shelf” (our WiFi and Bluetooth antenna). 

The “off the shelf” components are sourced and purchased, and the custom components are developed in partnership with contract manufacturers (CMs). Our CM partners and vendors are spread out all over the world — from New Jersey to Arizona, Korea and China.

Some of our most critical components, including the main plastic housing and metals, will be manufactured in Shenzen, China, where Bill spent the first week of 2015.

Bill’s visit coincided with the production of the first round of samples. His job was to review and provide feedback on these sample parts, so that the CM could make any necessary changes to the mold or manufacturing process to improve their quality.

There are always small tweaks to be made, but our hope was that any changes would be minimal, since any major re-working would threaten to impact our delivery schedule. At the end of a long week, and after 26 hours of travel, we were happy to hear some excellent news: the samples looked good!

The tool that produced our first set of samples for the main plastic housing is above. If you look closely, you’ll notice the shape of the back of EO1.

The Samples Arrive in NYC

And just this morning, the second set of plastics samples arrived to our offices in NYC.

We continue to be impressed by the work from our plastics and metals CM. They’ve incorporated Bill’s feedback from the last round of samples, and the plastics look gorgeous. They’re 10% glass, with a “soft touch finish” that gives them a really hefty, meaningful look and feel. 

This afternoon, Bill is going to assemble the very first, almost finished, EO1!

So What’s Next?

In the next few weeks, we’ll begin shipping EO1 Beta to our Beta backers. This is truly a Beta, in the sense that we’re testing our production, assembly, and fulfillment processes as much as the product itself.

With that in mind, here’s the plan for the next few weeks: 

  • Custom boards (the computers) for EO1 Beta begin to arrive at our integration facility in Arizona on January 21st
  • Plastics, metals, and packaging for EO1 Beta begin to arrive at our integration facility in Arizona on January 23rd
  • Bill, Jacob, Kyri and I fly out to Arizona to work closely with our board CM and integrator CM
  • Kyri and Jacob work with our integrators to design a system for uploading the latest version of our Operating System, and for serializing each device (so we know which computer belongs to which finished unit belongs to which customer)
  • We assemble the first set of EO1 Beta units alongside our integrator, and document the process so that they can do it without us when we leave
  • We package, print labels, affix labels, and ship the first 100 units to our Beta backers!

Beta backers: we'll be in touch shortly with delivery details!

Thanks for reading, and for your patience and support. As always, get in touch with any questions (or virtual fist bumps) at 


See You in 2015!


Just a quick note from your friends at Electric Objects, wishing you a happy holiday season and New Year!

In 2014: 

We launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $800,000, with the help of 2,246 backers from 43 countries.

We partnered with the New York Public Library, to help breathe new life into their fantastic collection of historical maps and atlases. 

We grew from 1 person to a team of 9 talented engineers, designers, and curators.

We partnered with over 30 amazing artists, who are producing original works of art for your home. 

We wrote 18 Kickstarter updates, walking you through our production timeline, sharing a bit about our manufacturing process, and talking with MIT Media Lab's Kevin Slavin about art, time, and the Internet.

We were named to Time Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2014


As we begin planning for 2015 and beyond, it has been helpful for us to return to our founding principles, the original intent behind the project: to build a device that lives up to the enormous creative potential of the Internet, that provides for a more contemplative computing experience.

In 2015, Electric Objects will bring art from the Internet into thousands of homes all over the world. 

Thanks for helping us make that happen.

See you in 2015!

Jake + Team