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A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
Electric Objects delivers a world of digital art into your home.
Electric Objects delivers a world of digital art into your home.
2,246 backers pledged $787,612 to help bring this project to life.

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More Art. New Price.


We’re delighted to announce that starting today you can buy EO1, and bring 10,000+ works of art into your home, for just $299.

Access to the world’s great art shouldn’t be limited to the lucky few who can afford to attend art fairs where price point start at about $1,000. At Electric Objects, our mission is to use today’s technology to bring the world’s greatest art into every home.

An important part of this mission is a commitment to creating an accessible and affordable experience. With that in mind, and after months of supply chain and manufacturing improvements, we’re pleased to offer the same great product that thousands have come to love, at a new low price of $299.

Have questions or feedback? Email us at We'd love to hear from you. 

- The Electric Objects Team

You’re Invited to the Electric Objects Showroom Opening Reception


This December we’re bringing to New York City the first incarnation of theElectric Objects Showroom, a space in the heart of Soho dedicated to showcasing new works from an amazing group of artists. The Electric Objects Showroom will include collections from artists like Björk, Ai Weiwei, Zach Gage, YACHT, Sabrina Ratte, and lots of others.

Electric Objects Showroom Opening Reception:
Friday, December 11, 2015
6:30 - 9:00PM
72 Spring St. 


It will be a great opportunity to check out new works of digital art, experience the EO1 for yourself, and — should you be so inclined — bring some digital art home. Visitors to the Showroom will also get exclusive access to a limited edition handmade wooden frame for EO1.

And while you’re hanging out downtown, be sure to check out Electric Objects at the New Museum Store, where EO1 will be installed in the window display through the New Year.

Introducing Electric Objects 2.0



Today we’re pleased to introduce Electric Objects 2.0, the first major update to our iOS and Android applications. This release includes a ton of speed and design improvements, but the biggest and most important change is that you can now follow other people in the Electric Objects community, and see the art that they’re displaying in their homes right now. Read more about the thinking behind the release on our blog.

These past few months, most of our product developments efforts have been behind the scenes, and thanks to the hard work of Kyri, Greg, Lisa and Rob, the Electric Objects experience is about 5x faster than it was at launch.

This is our first major feature release, and the first of two big changes that we have planned for the holiday season. We'll be back soon with more new features to share! 

We hope you enjoy it. Hit us up any time with thoughts, suggestions, or just say to hi at


Team Electric Objects

p.s. If you'd rather not let other people follow you, you can set your account to Private in Settings.

Kickstarter Shipping Complete


Hi Everyone!

We couldn't be happier to report that the very last EO1s for Kickstarter backers are out the door and on their way!

As thousands of EO1s come online all over the world, it has been thrilling to hear all of your stories and feedback.

This feels like an important milestone for Electric Objects. We came to you with a dream for a new way to experience computing, one that lived up to the enormous creative potential of the web. You took a real chance on us, put real money on the line, and helped support us in countless other tangible and intangible ways.

This past year we brought together a team of people who care deeply about the project, and partnered with artists and organizations who believe that art and computing can make our lives richer.

It's an emotional moment for the team here at Electric Objects. In some ways it feels like the end, but in more ways it feels like just the beginning. The beginning of a long slow journey to fill our homes, our walls, and the world with digital art.

<3 Team Electric Objects

Jake, Zoë, Bill, Luke, Greg, Lisa, Rob, Kyri, Alex and Emily.

p.s. Everyone should have received a shipment notification by now. If you haven't a) you will get it very soon or b) you still owe us your shipping address. Email us at with any questions.

Introducing Art Club


Electric Objects began as an experiment in computing, a screen dedicated to displaying art from the Internet in the home. We asked: can we build a computer that doesn’t demand our attention? Can we build an operating system whose software doesn’t crave every iota of our brain-space? Can we build an experience that fits the most precious and personal space in our lives, a space that we define in order to better define ourselves.

It was late 2013 that we first wrote down these questions (though we were by no means the first to do so), and a little over a year ago that we made public the product we had built in attempt to answer them. And it was thanks to you all that we were able to bring that product into the world.

One by Rick Silva, from Oregon Oriented Ontology

The last year has been nothing short of remarkable. Electric Objects was met with a fervor, for the product yes, but also for the movement that it seemed to represent: the idea that we aren’t done discovering what computers can add to our lives, that we’ve only just scratched the surface of what computing can offer, that we can build machines that fit the human environment.

But Electric Objects has never really been all about hardware. It’s a community of like-minded artists, organizations, and art fans coming together in celebration of Internet culture. Those of us who believe there’s another way to enjoy the Internet, one worthy of the walls in our home.

Today, with the release of Art Club, we’re making that clear.

Learn more about Art Club, and check out the collections here!

And for those interested in the latest shipment update, check out Tuesday's update here.